Fat Bomb, Nut Butter

SuperFat is a certified keto and paleo line of macadamia and almond based convenient on-the-go nut butter pouches with 5 different dairy-free flavors. My favorite flavor is Cacao Coconut – lightly sweet, perfectly salted, and so chocolatey!

With 22g Plant-based fats, 3g Net Carbs, 2g Sugars (no added sugar), 5g Protein, 6g Fiber

I chow down on SuperFat when we’re sailing, pack them in my trail bag, and on long flights for easy fat on the go.

Each pouch contains 50% MORE than other nut butter pouches with healthy plant fats found in SuperFat support sustained levels of energy, cognition and mental clarity. Macadamia nuts are found in all flavors and are scientifically proven to help speed up fat metabolism.

Savings: LEANNE for 15% off