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Healthful Pursuit FAQ

The answers to many of your keto questions are listed below. I’ve separated them out into the following groupings. Click the groupings below to be taken directly to the section.


Is keto right for me?

Well, if what you’re currently doing isn’t working, why not give it a go? It’s certainly worked for me and many others. Now, I’m not your healthcare provider, so I can’t speak from a medical standpoint. But I’ve put together a helpful resource that’ll assist you in deciding whether or not keto is right for you. Additionally, you can avail yourself of this lovely video where I address a few of the most common keto questions newbies have tossed around over the years.

How do I get started eating keto?

Here’s a video that should help you get started on your keto path. Additionally, both Fat Fueled and The Keto Beginning are excellent resources to get you off the ground. By purchasing either of these programs, you’ll be given access to our exclusive Facebook group where you’ll receive direct support, resources, and inspiration from myself and over 5,000 members in our growing community!

What do I eat on keto?

You’re in luck. I’ve compiled in-depth breakdowns of exactly what I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks (with helpful pictures included). I also have examples of what I eat on carb-up days and what I eat on Intermittent Fasting days.

What’s the difference between a low-carb diet and keto diet?

Low-carb diets are just, well, low-carb. A simple low-carb diet makes no distinction as to how much protein or fat you should take in to supplement your lack of carbs. On the other hand, a ketogenic diet is not only low-carb, but high-fat. While there’s no set rule, it’s generally suggested to keep your carb intake between 5-10%, your protein intake between 15-30%, and your fat intake between 60-75%.


I’m vegan or vegetarian?

Keto is a fantastic option for plant-based living! The information and guidance offered in my keto books and programs can work for just about anyone. The meal plans and recipes provided do contain meat, but they’re simply templates. You have my blessing to add or subtract whatever is necessary to make them your own. Check out my video about thriving as a vegan or vegetarian on keto.

I have food allergies?

Rest assured, all of my programs are 100% gluten-free and dairy-free. Chapter 6 of my in-depth Fat Fueled guidebook is chock full of information on allergies, restrictions, and preferences, and contains solid suggestions for thriving on keto while staying away from various foods (e.g., nuts, eggs, FODMAPs, nightshades, avocados, meat, and more!). If you’re interested in the Balanced Keto Meal Plan subscription, have no fear – it comes with a food sensitivity guide offering up fine ideas for making your meal plan nut-free, egg-free, low-FODMAP, and nightshade-free.

I’m pregnant/breastfeeding?

I have two awesome resources for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers: a video I made on pregnancy and keto, and a podcast episode covering pregnancy and keto.

I’m perimenopausal or postmenopausal?

Treat yourself to an entire podcast episode dedicated to thriving on keto through and after menopause.

I have PCOS?

I’m so glad you asked! Here’s a podcast episode covering PCOS and keto!

I have amenorrhea?

You betcha – I can personally attest to it! Learn how eating keto helped me overcome my 8-year (yes, 8 long years) battle with amenorrhea. You can also listen to an awesome podcast episode that breaks down battling amenorrhea.

I have hormone imbalances?

Chapter 14 of my in-depth Fat Fueled guidebook is all about fertility and hormones, where I offer plenty of tips for correcting hormone imbalances. Additionally, here is a podcast episode on balancing hormones.

I have thyroid imbalances?

Chapter 15 of my in-depth Fat Fueled guidebook includes a section devoted to thyroid imbalances and includes some great tips for supporting the thyroid. On top of that, you can avail yourself of all of my of free thyroid health resources.

I have adrenal dysfunction/fatigue?

Chapter 15 of my in-depth Fat Fueled guidebook includes an entire section on adrenal dysfunction as well as tips for supporting your adrenals. But wait, there’s more! Get a load of this excellent video on keto adrenal fatigue.

I have diabetes (Type 1 & 2)?

In short, welcome aboard! Please watch this video where I offer my thoughts about and experience with my diabetic clients who’ve practiced keto.

I have high cholesterol?

Great question! I have a video that will tell you all about keto and cholesterol. And a good follow-up resource would be my podcast episode on the all-too-common fat fear.

I’m afraid of fat?

This question calls for my video breaking down the 10 reasons why I’m not afraid of fat and you shouldn’t be either.

I don’t have a gallbladder?

No shirt, no shoes, no gallbladder? No problem! Check out this great little video where I address keto without a gallbladder and fat digestion issues.

I’m an athlete?

Check out this fabulous podcast episode on strength, performance, and training hard on keto, this podcast episode on how to be a keto athlete, and this video on exercise and keto for women.

I’m a man?

I’ve seen loads of men experience success with this eating style. Check out this video explaining how men can thrive on my keto programs.


How will I know if I’m fat-adapted?

You can always test for ketones, or you can watch this video for the list of signs you’re fat-adapted.

Is being in ketosis the same as being fat-adapted?

Not quite! You can find a marvelous explanation in this video on the difference between the ketosis and fat-adapted states.

What are the best keto fats?

You can watch this video where I chat about all of my favorite keto fats. (And, if you’re curious, you can also check out my video on the worst keto fats.)

Should I eat dairy on keto?

I personally don’t eat dairy on keto for a few reasons. However, if it feels good in your body and you do well with dairy, feel free.

Should I count my macros?

I truly believe you can live this life without counting your carbs, obsessing over macros, or having something like MyFitnessPal rule your life. I sure am and I know you can do it, too! Watch this video on why I don’t count my macros on a ketogenic diet. This video was inspired by the content of my program, Fat Fueled, which also helps you learn how to eat keto without needing to count macros.

Should I intermittent fast? If so, how?

If you’re naturally capable of going anywhere from 12 to 24 hours without food, without effort, congratulations! You’re ready to jump into intermittent fasting. If, on the other hand, you’re pushing and prodding your body to go sans food for 12 hours and you’re waking up super hungry, grumpy, feeling restricted, and binging on Oreo cookies at hour 11 – then perhaps stop and re-evaluate. Whenever I’m feeling up to the task, my favorite way to intermittent fast is with a delicious Rocket Fuel Latte. It ensures that my hormones feel supported and it tastes amazing. You can also check out a podcast episode I did on carb-ups & fasting and a podcast episode covering fasting vs. calorie counting.

Can I still exercise on keto?

You sure can! I’ve even compiled a list of my favorite ways to exercise on keto. Also, I have a podcast episode on optimizing exercise while eating keto that includes keto exercise strategies, pre- and post-workout fuel, and tips on increasing muscle and performance.

What are your thoughts on exogenous ketones? 

Until recently, I haven’t been too keen on exogenous ketone use because I see it being abused so often. Where people will use the supplement as an excuse to be hard on their bodies, using exogenous ketones as an escape route for “eating too many carbs”. BUT if used responsibly, I feel like they can have a place in your ketogenic journey.

I can see exogenous ketones being well-suited for…

  • People who are experiencing keto flu and need help with the transition into ketosis
  • People who are eating low-carb but can’t go keto for various health reasons, like fibromyalgia or thyroid imbalances
  • People that need therapeutic doses of ketones, like those with epilepsy or cancer
  • People who are eating low-carb or paleo and want to get inspired to try keto
  • People who want to encourage their body to fast while already on a ketogenic diet

I feel exogenous ketones should NOT be used…

  •  To “erase” eating choices
  •  In conjunction with excess carbohydrates or a carb up
  • To extend fasting beyond what your body is comfortable with
  • To lose sight of why you started keto in the first place, such as nutrient density
  • If you’re already eating keto, fasting, and feeling great without this supplement

My favorite brand of exogenous ketones is Perfect Keto for a couple of reasons…

  • You know exactly how much BHB is in it, while, their competitors aren’t transparent about this
  • It doesn’t contain caffeine. An energy boost from the caffeine can be mistaken for an energy boost from the exogenous ketones
  • They use natural, easy to read, everyday ingredients
  • The price is a fraction of the cost of other exogenous ketone products
  • It’s not part of an MLM – you can buy it directly from their website 

Additional resources you may find helpful in determining whether Perfect Keto exogenous ketones are right for you…

What are your thoughts on hormonal birth control? Do I have to get off birth control to balance my hormones?

I didn’t have a great experience using hormonal birth control and I’ve seen many women who were in the same camp. However, you may find that hormonal birth control works really well for you! So, it’s totally your decision. If you choose to stick with hormonal birth control, I have a podcast episode that addresses how to balance your hormones while on birth control. Also, here’s an informative blog post that outlines the potential health risks of taking hormonal birth control.

What are your thoughts on hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

You’ve come to the right place! I’ve written a 3-post series outlining my journey of balancing my hormones and healing from amenorrhea, including my experience with and thoughts on HRT: 1) The One Thing Holding Me Back, 2) The Last Chapter, and 3) It’s Just Not Okay. Additionally, this blog post also outlines the steps I took with HRT. And, finally, I have a great podcast episode where I interview Dr. Reiss Uzzi, a specialist in hormone balancing, about HRT.

What supplements should I be taking? What should I avoid?

Since everyone is so different in terms of their health, nutrition, and genetics, it’s best to speak with your doctor and/or healthcare provider about the supplements you should or should not be taking. But if you’re curious, here’s a video where I chat about the supplements I take and why.

I need to work with someone one-on-one. Do you do keto coaching?

I’ve transitioned out of one-on-one sessions. However, I have an exciting new project that’s all about living fat-fueled in the works! You can opt in to be the first offered the program when it goes live by going here. If you just have a few specific keto, low-carb, or high-fat questions, you can usually find great answers in past keto question-and-answer sessions.)

What kind of healthcare provider should I be looking for?

I’ve found that functional medicine, naturopathic, orthomolecular, and osteopathic doctors are the best way to go. Before making an appointment, don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself and ask the questions that are important to you. A few questions you may want to consider are: Is this provider supportive of a ketogenic eating style? Does this provider specialize in the issue I’m experiencing or the condition I have? Does this provider subscribe to the Health at Every Size viewpoint?

Can my kids eat keto along with me?

Such an important question! Kids will usually need to eat more carbs their adult counterparts, so their plate may look a bit different than yours. In general, I’ve seen many parents who have found it beneficial to increase the overall healthy fats that their kids consume. Here’s a podcast episode where I chat with Lori Kennedy about how to be a keto mom and provide your kids with healthy high-fat options.

What are your favorite keto products? What makes up your shopping list?

Girl, have you come to right place. I’ve amassed a ton of favorite keto products over the years and compiled a super awesome top keto products list.

What are your favorite keto books and cookbooks?

Feel free to check out all the keto books and cookbooks that have helped me on my journey. Happy reading!


Is weight loss guaranteed?

Since everyone’s physiology is so unique, we cannot guarantee that weight loss will occur by following our plans. If you’ve been doing your darnedest and weight loss just isn’t happening, check out one of the helpful sections below on weight loss stalls.

Why am I not losing weight on keto? Or, why am I gaining weight?

Great question. Let’s figure it out! I’ve put together a helpful keto resource covering weight loss stalls and weight gain.

What is keto flu? Will I experience it when I start eating keto?

If you’re currently like a lot of us were when we first started out – eating high-carb and low-fat – it’s possible that when you switch over to eating keto, you may experience the dreaded “keto flu.” When you begin to eat Fat Fueled, your body is thrown off slightly. The flu-like symptoms you may experience are due to carbohydrate withdrawal and its effects: hormonal changes and electrolyte imbalances as your body works to define its new normal. Symptoms of keto flu can include foggy brain, nausea, diarrhea, cramping, fatigue, high blood pressure, shakiness, muscle aches and pains, and/or arrhythmia. To help prevent keto flu, be sure to drink lots of water and boost your electrolytes with a clean electrolyte powder like Ultima.

Is it normal for your cycle to change on keto?

When you first start eating keto, you may find that your cycle goes a bit wonky and you experience spotting, skipping a period, a longer period, etc. This often happens when we have an underlying hormonal imbalance and eating higher fat is actually helping to stabilize it. The good news is that, over time, eating keto should help your cycle find it’s own balance, especially when paired with the hormone balancing strategies laid out in Fat Fueled. And, of course, I’d recommend working alongside a healthcare provider for optimal results.

Is it normal to lose your period on keto?

While rare, losing your period on keto can happen for a few simple reasons: 1) you’re not eating enough, 2) you’re not eating enough carbs, or 3) you’re really stressed. I’ve found that eating more overall and/or creating a genuine self-care routine can be very beneficial. You can learn more about balancing hormones by checking out my Fat Fueled program.

Is it normal to feel extra hungry on keto?

You’re not alone. Personally, I felt like I had an absolutely insatiable appetite when I first started eating keto and I find that many other people have had a similar experience. This happens because your body is trying to switch its fuel source from glucose to ketones, and there can be a bit of a physical “learning curve” during the transition. Just keep chowing down on the plan and honoring your hunger. Your body will get the hang of it eventually and your appetite will balance out. If you continue to have this issue even after you’ve become fat-adapted, I’d recommend playing around with your macronutrient intake with a carb-up, for example.

Is it normal to experience digestive issues like diarrhea, gas, bloating, and nausea?

If you have any of these side effects from keto, it may mean that your body has a hard time digesting fats. I have an excellent video with tips on how to improve digestion while on keto.

Is it normal to start losing hair on keto?

Like any significant dietary change, a strict ketogenic diet can unfortunately result in some hair loss. However, this usually occurs when you’re not eating enough carbs. Increasing your overall carb intake or incorporating a few carb-ups each week can help!


Which of your products is right for me?

First of all, thank you so much for deciding to take me along on your journey of healing yourself with nutrition! I’m so excited for you. I offer a number of fantastic products that’ll help guide you on your path. There are in-depth answers to the most common product questions below and you can also watch this great keto product starter video that will give you a general overview of what’s on tap.

The Keto Bundle Healthful Pursuit

What’s the difference between your various keto programs?

The Keto Beginning

The Keto Beginning (digital program and/or audiobook) shows you why eating high-fat works and what to expect in the first 30 days of eating this way. You’ll be guided through how to boost ketones and introduced to basic keto concepts.

Fat Fueled

Fat Fueled (digital program and/or audiobook) shows you how to tailor this eating style to make it work for you from a therapeutic perspective. It includes a mindful meal plan, encouraging you to get in touch with your body to create lasting, effortless change.

The Keto Bundle

The Keto Bundle (digital program) includes both The Keto Beginning and Fat Fueled programs. If you’re fully committed to living a high-fat, fat-fueled lifestyle, I would humbly suggest picking up both programs so that you can understand exactly why this lifestyle works and how to make it work for you. The combination of incredibly helpful, in-depth guides with meal plans, step-by-step instruction, and personalized support will transform you into a keto warrior. And, of course, it costs less to pick up the books together as the Keto Bundle than it does to purchase each book separately.

The Keto Bundle Healthful Pursuit

Balanced Keto

Balanced Keto is a meal plan subscription program. You receive weekly meal plans, directly to your inbox, along with wonderful shopping lists and dietary modification guides that’ll cover just about any food sensitivity. (You can download a free sample of the meal plan here!) Keep in mind, these meal plans have carb-ups already built into them, so it’s usually best to get yourself fat-adapted first by following The Keto Beginning or Fat Fueled program. Alternatively, you could simply skip the carb-ups in the meal plans for the time being, replacing them with fat until you’re fat-adapted.

The Keto Diet

The Keto Diet (paperback) if you’re already on your keto feet and in the market for lots of great recipes coupled with food instruction and meal preparation how-to, then the paperback will be great for you! The Keto Diet was created to show you how to make your keto life practical with oodles of food preparation tactics, grocery store lists, and keto travel tips.

What’s new in the Updated and Expanded versions of your programs?

The Keto Beginning

We’ve added 41 NEW pages with refreshed ideas and updated concepts. Within these pages, you’ll find an in-depth how-to for following the 30-day meal plans, guides on how to take action for gradual change when you’re not motivated, support for adapting to keto when there are digestive issues, and the steps to take when you’re hungry after having a fatty coffee. Perhaps best of all, there’s now boosted support for beginners on overcoming challenges while adapting, including how to cut out grains, reduce carbohydrates, and ditching sugar for good. In addition, we’ve made the program more accessible for everyone by including both metric and standard weight for all ingredients and recipes. We’ve also added a section with facts on current events affecting the ketogenic community. Overall, the program has been edited for clarity and simplicity, and has been redesigned with beautiful infographics and a fresh color scheme.

Fat Fueled

We’ve added 24 NEW pages with refreshed ideas and updated concepts. Within these pages, you’ll find a clearer intuitive meal plan, a 6-week and 7-day practice with body positivity and intuitive eating practices to help you connect to your body, and a section with facts on current events affecting the ketogenic community. One of my favorite additions is the expansion of chapter 6 on healing your imbalances with keto. We’ve expanded on Autoimmunity, Adrenal Dysfunction, Neurological Health, Hormones, Candida, Amenorrhea, and more. We’ve also made the program more accessible for everyone by including both metric and standard weight for all ingredients and recipes. Overall, the program has been edited for clarity and simplicity, and has been redesigned with beautiful infographics and a fresh color scheme.

The Keto Bundle

The Keto Bundle has also been updated with the new versions of The Keto Beginning and Fat Fueled.

What’s the difference between your audiobooks and digital programs?

My keto audiobooks include the audio version of the book and, in lieu of a full transcript, a PDF of the recipes and meal plans only. For a full transcript of the books, you’ll need to get the digital keto programs. Please note that, as of October 1, 2017, the original Fat Fueled, Keto Beginning and The Keto Bundle programs were updated and expanded. The audiobooks were not. The audiobook files and complimentary PDF audiobook resource guide are based off of the first version of the book.

Does the Keto Audiobook Bundle come with full-text transcripts for each book?

The audiobooks do not come with full-text transcripts. They do, however, come with a PDF audiobook resource guide of all the recipes and meal plans included in the books. If you’d like the full-text version, pick up The Keto Bundle.

Can the Balanced Keto Meal Plans be personalized?

The Balanced Keto Meal Plans are not customizable at this time. However, your purchase of a meal plan subscription comes with an extensive dietary modification guide that offers loads of great tips and tricks on how to make your meals egg-free, nut-free, nightshade-free, or low-FODMAP.

Is the Balanced Keto Meal Plan subscription recurring?

Yes, the Balanced Keto Meal Plan subscription is recurring, so you don’t have to worry about renewing anything. Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each payment period, depending on your subscription level (e.g., 30 days, 90 days, or 365 days).

Do you track macros in your Balanced Keto Meal Plans?

No, we do not track macros in the Balanced Keto Meal Plans. This program follows the Fat Fueled approach in which there’s a deliberate intention to eat low-carb, high-fat – and to keep the focus off of counting. We keep the plans in line by sticking to 15-25% protein and 30-75g of carbs a day. This is influenced by carb-ups. The meals contain approximately 2,000 calories per day, including snacks. If you’re looking for a meal plan that takes macros into account, I’d suggest utilizing the 30-day meal plan found in The Keto Beginning, which includes a breakdown of macros and other nutritional information for each day.

How do I cancel my Balanced Keto Meal Plan?

We’re sorry to see you go! To cancel or adjust your meal plan subscription, just contact us. Or, if you have a Healthful Pursuit customer account, you can always tweak your subscription by accessing your account.

Are all of your programs digital or do you have a paperback option?

My book, The Keto Diet, is a paperback. If you’re looking for lots of recipes coupled with detailed food instruction and meal preparation how-to, you’re going to love the paperback.

Is your paperback book The Keto Diet available as an e-book, too?

Yes, the paperback is available on Kindle, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo.

What’s your refund policy for your digital products?

Due to the digital nature of our products, we cannot give refunds or offer exchanges after a product has been downloaded and refunds cannot be processed beyond 30 days of the initial purchase date. But don’t worry, you’re going to be happy with your purchase!

I’m having trouble downloading my digital product. What should I do?

Sorry about that! Simply get in touch with us via our contact form. Let us know what type of device you’re using and if you’re receiving any error messages, and we’ll get it straightened out.

Do you ever give discounts or run promotions for your products?

As a matter of fact, I do! The best way to stay up-to-date on discounts is by subscribing to the Healthful Pursuit  newsletter. Additionally, if you’re a member of the private Facebook group (to which you can gain access by purchasing any of my digital keto programs), I’ll occasionally give members exclusive or early access to special promotions!

Why are your products dairy-free?

Feel free to check out my full breakdown as to why I don’t eat dairy. But, suffice to say, I’ve chosen to go the dairy-free route with my products for a few key reasons: 1) Many people simply can’t tolerate lactose, 2) It can make becoming fat-adapted more difficult, and 3) It can lead to inflammation and other autoimmune issues.

Why are your prices in USD?

80% of Healthful Pursuit customers are located in the USA, so we just found it easiest to operate in USD.

Why do you promote your products when answering questions?

When it comes to mentioning Healthful Pursuit products, I do this because it’s the only way the business generates revenue, but more importantly, the products have helped thousands of people reach their goals. Without sales of our digital programs, like The Keto Bundle, we wouldn’t be able to have a website and in turn create free resources. All of the money generated from these digital sales helps employ a team that works with me to maintain the website, come up with new content, edit videos, prepare audio files, create the free mini guides for all videos, prepare transcripts, answer blog comments, schedule videos, create design graphics, update old content, support people via email, interact with people on social media, answer questions in various places, create new products and services to help more people, etc. Without revenue coming in none of this would be possible.

How do I join the exclusive Whole Food-Based Nutritional Ketosis Facebook Group?

By purchasing any of my digital programs, you’ll be given access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can receive direct support, resources, and inspiration from myself and over 6,000 members in our growing community. If you already have one of my digital programs, the instructions to join the group can be found:

  • In Fat Fueled on page 10 
  • In The Keto Beginning on page 36
  • In The Keto Beginning Audiobook Resource Guide on page 8
  • In the Fat Fueled Audiobook Resource Guide on page 8
  • In the Balanced Keto welcome email that you received after signing up for meal plans