Cinnamon Waffles with Cream Cheese Frosting
Recipe type: Dairy-free, Gluten-free, Grain-free, Paleo, Refined Sugar-free, Soy-free, Vegetarian
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4 waffles
Ultra fluffy pancake or waffle mix sure to please anyone that’s skeptical of gluten free breakfasts. You’ll walk away the queen (or king) of the kitchen with this healthful approach to a classic dish.
  1. Preheat waffle iron to a medium-high setting (we love our waffle iron from Superstore – Presidents choice brand)
  2. In a large bowl mix almond flour, salt, baking soda, cinnamon, pecans, and flax
  3. Separate egg whites and yolks
  4. Combine yolks, coconut oil, honey, vanilla, and milk and mix with hand blender until fluffy
  5. Combine flour mixture into yolk mixture and set aside
  6. Beat whites until fluffy, fold into flour and yolk mixture
  7. If needed, grease preheated waffle iron with coconut oil (ours doesn’t need it)
  8. Spoon batter onto hot waffle iron (3 scoops to a regular sized waffle iron is more than enough). Cook until golden and drizzle with frosting.
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