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ATTENTION ALL Affiliates: This isn’t your typical overly saturated health & wellness affiliate program. This one WORKS!

Promote one of the MOST POPULAR women’s health products on the internet and get a MASSIVE 60% affiliate commission for every sale.

What’s in it for you?

Piles of Money. Earn HUGE affiliate commissions (60%) for every sale.

Effortless Marketing. Capitalize on your marketing efforts using our full library of attractive, noticeable and motivating marketing tools.

Works on all lists with women >18 years old. Women everywhere LOVE us! Healthful Pursuit programs, meal plans, and cookbooks crush lists that target women, beauty, self-help, health and fitness lists.

Low Refund Rates. You won’t lose your hard earned cash because customer refund requests are few and far between. Think: less than 0.5%.

Easy Sales. Effortlessly convert!

That “Feel Good” Feeling. Add drops to your karma bucket knowing you are helping thousands of people create lifelong health, lasting weight loss and total body confidence with a product that converts easily and transforms lives.


No purchase required.

  • You will earn 60% on each sale you refer.
  • Everyone is welcome to become an affiliate.
  • Your application is approved instantly.
  • You will be paid on time, every time (by the 30th of the following month).

I am thrilled that you’re interested in becoming a Healthful Pursuit Affiliate. Questions? Chat with us over email.


More Sharing. More Money.

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Questions? Chat with us over email.

The products that qualify for commissions on the Affiliate Program:

Keto Holiday Cookbook

Receive 60% commission from every sale.

Celebrate a keto Christmas, Thanksgiving, and beyond, with keto-friendly, whole-food based recipes that you will use year after year to impress your guests, and stay keto throughout the holiday season. Featuring a variety of over 30 low-carb appetizer, starter, side dish, entrée, dessert, and condiment recipes, each dish will bring your holiday meals to life, whether you’re hosting a group with food allergies, your keto friends, or non-ketoers.

Plus, this beautifully designed digital cookbook is complete with 4 keto dinner party menus to make your perfect keto event, easy: Classic Christmas Menu, Classic Thanksgiving Menu, Low-Calorie Menu, and Vegetarian Menu.

Learn more about The Keto Holiday Cookbook HERE.

Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plans

Receive 60% commission from every sale, and every rebill.

Weekly whole food-based keto meal plans to take the stress and guesswork out of a low-carb, high-fat eating style. Each Balanced Keto subscription includes: 7-days of meal planning, complete shopping lists, allergen guides and alternatives, easy to prepare breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks, carb-up practices for balancing hormones and breaking plateaus, timesaving 5-minute recipes, and much, much more! Members receive a new plan in their inbox every week.

Learn more about Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plans HERE.

Fat Fueled: Complete Program & Meal Plan (digital or audiobook)

Receive 60% commission from every sale.

The one size fits all approach to nutritional ketosis ends now. Fat Fueled is a sensible guide to creating a ketogenic life focused on plans to support thyroid imbalances, weight gain, adrenal fatigue, hormone irregularities, anxiety, candida, infertility, and more. A revolutionary wheat-, dairy-, gluten-, egg-, nut-, legume-, and sugar-free approach to the ketogenic eating style to uncover your best self by fueling; and healing, with fat.

Comes as a 300-page program OR audiobook with meal plan and recipe guide. Each option has everything you need to liberate yourself from restriction, macronutrient manipulation, exercise abuse, and feel hot-dawn sexy doin’ it.

Learn more about Fat Fueled HERE.

The Keto Beginning: Complete Guide & 30-day Meal Plan (digital or audiobook)

Receive 60% commission from every sale.

Live a life fueled by fats and attain total body confidence, regulated metabolism, and liberated health. Going a step beyond the traditional low-carbohydrate approach, The Keto Beginning offers an allergen-free solution to paleo-friendly, low-carbohydrate living with a focus on using nutritional ketosis as the underlying rocket fuel to propel you to a new dimension of health.

Comes as a 147-page program OR audiobook with meal pland and recipe guide. Each option is a beginner’s guide with everything you need to realize the life-changing power of whole food-based nutritional ketosis.

Learn more about The Keto Beginning HERE.

Purely Pops Cookbook

Receive 60% commission from every sale.

Say hello to summer with this collection of 45 recipes for irresistible vegan, gluten-free & paleo ice pops. Purely Pops is a holistic approach to frozen treats that are free from dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat, gluten, grains, bananas, sesame and soy. Beat the heat with a freezer full of homemade frozen treats that will encourage you + yours to enjoy a happy, healthy summer.

Learn more about Purely Pops Cookbook HERE.

Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook

Receive 60% commission from every sale.

Whether you’re ready to start knocking up a juice each day for breakfast, or you’re ready to master a full-on cleanse, this illustrated 160-page digital book with over 55 recipes and multiple cleanse programs will become your manual fo’ life. Happy side effects include: more energy, more motivation, and more mojo.

Learn more about Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook HERE

Christmas Dessert Freedom Cookbook

Receive 60% commission from every sale.

Christmas dessert helplessness doesn’t have to be your reality this go-around. The Christmas Dessert Freedom Cookbook is your complete paleo, vegan, gluten-free, all-around good-for-you, allergy-friendly Christmas miracle. It is a 35-page, full-colour PDF digital/ebook with ten healthy dessert recipes (including Tiramisu!) for a guilt-free Christmas.

Learn more about Christmas Dessert Freedom Cookbook HERE

Dessert Freedom Cookbook

Receive 60% commission from every sale.

Trying to eat healthy doesn’t mean you’ve got to join the convent. When your sweet tooth is calling, but so is your health, the Dessert Freedom Cookbook will save the day. It is a 76-page, full-colour PDF digital/ebook with twenty recipes, twenty secret techniques, and zero guilt.

Learn more about Dessert Freedom Cookbook HERE

Real Meals Meal Plan Program

Receive 60% commission from every sale and every monthly renewal of your sales.

The Real Meals Meal Plan Program is for people who want to take all the guesswork (and confusion!) out of health–and focus their energy on taking care of themselves and their lives. Subscribers to the program get a new 7-day meal plan, delivered right to their inbox; it’ll save them time. It’ll save them money. And most of all? It might actually save their life.

Learn more about Real Meals Meal Planning Program HERE


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