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Food. For some, it’s a bad word–the other four letter F-word, if you will. Some are allergic to it. Some eat too much of it. Some get sick from it. And others? Don’t even know what real food is.

Here at Healthful Pursuit, it’s our mission to make food a good four letter F-word.

Visitors from all over the world turn to us for both education and motivation in order to make the lifestyle changes they know they need to make–which, of course, is always easier said than done.

Our job? Is to push the needle toward done.


Working Together Works For You

Leanne is uniquely positioned to continue to uplevel the Healthful Pursuit platform even further, as well as provide your brand with impressive exposure, given her 7+ year background working as an Online Marketing Manager in the eCommerce space. Her expertise in delivering online campaigns to the masses, coordinating large-scale social media events, and creating captivating content all contribute to her ability to make your brand stand up, and stand out.

In addition, our promotion partners receive:

  • Professional representation from a trusted, reliable figure
  • Professional photos of your product and its offerings
  • A dramatically boosted online presence and exposure to target market on multiple platforms

Working with Leanne to raise awareness & increase sales might be just the thing you need to change everything.




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