How to Use Hemp Hearts and Why They’re Good for Ya

By June 27, 2021

What are Hemp Hearts, and How are They Used?

You’ve probably seen them, perhaps mistaken them for sesame seeds once or twice… they’re hemp hearts – the nutty, soft interior of a hemp seed. And today, I wanna share with you why they’re so healthy + how to incorporate them into your ketogenic diet.

OK… for any of you wondering… No, you won’t get high eating them, or fail a drug test. So, you’re good there! There is no THC in hemp hearts, nor is there CBD. Moving on…

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Benefits of Hemp Hearts

Let’s first talk about why hemp hearts are so unique in the class of nuts and seeds (they’re considered a seed) and how they make the perfect addition to your keto diet.

  • Net carb amount is 0 grams. They have the same amount of total carbs, as fiber. So, it’s a ZERO net carb food… but actually good for you.
  • The fats are the healthful ones you want to keep around to help reduce inflammation, support joint health, and balance hormones. (per 100g serving), hemp hearts have:
    • 6 times the Omega 3 of raw tuna.
    • 4,200mg of Omega 3, most fish oil capsules contain 1,000mg
  • Rich in fiber, promoting gut health and helping your digestion!
  • A rich source of plant-based protein
    • What is unique about the hemp hearts is unlike many good protein sources, hemp hearts have all 20 amino acids, and all of the 9 essential amino acids, making hemp hearts a fabulous plant-based protein source.
    • Highly soluble protein, which promotes recovery, strong bones, and more.
    • Contains 10 grams of protein per 30 gram serving.
  • Rich in arginine, an amino acid that helps the body produce nitric oxide which creates relaxed and dilated blood vessels. Which can reduce the risk of blood clot issues, high blood pressure, and other heart related health issues.
  • Rich in micronutrients such as iron, magnesium, B vitamins, zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin E.

My Favorite Hemp Heart

There are a couple of hemp heart brands out there nowadays. I remember when hemp hearts were NOT common, and I had to order mine on some sketchy website. Now, they’re everywhere! And, this can be a blessing (for accessibility) and a curse (because where there are lots of options, there are issues with quality).

I like Eaton Hemp hemp hearts because they’re USDA Certified Organic, 100% North American grown, processed, and packaged, the right price, and farmer-owned.

Plus, they taste good. Comparing hemp heart taste to competitors is like comparing organic cage-free, free-ranging homestead chicken eggs to conventional Walmart eggs. Very noticeable taste and freshness difference. You know what I’m saying?

Use the code, healthfulhearts for 25% off

How to Add Hemp Hearts to Your Low Carb Diet

That ZERO net carb amount got you feeling you could add some hemp hearts into your life… right? Yeah, that’s what got me, too! And why, on a weekly basis, we go through about 1 cup of hemp hearts in our home.

Sure, you can sprinkle them on to salad (that’s one of my recommendations below) but it goes wayyyy deeper than this.

Here’s how I add hemp hearts to my keto diet!


Let’s start off with breakfast… sound good? Wait until you see what you can do with hemp hearts to help get your day started with your absolutely best foot forward.

1. Keto Grain-Free Hemp Heart Porridge

One of my favourite ways to add more hemp hearts to my meals is in a good low-carb grain-free porridge! Lots of people substitute grains with quinoa when it comes to porridges, but that’s a no-go for my body. So I experimented a little and found that hemp heart porridge is where it’s at!

2. Yogurt Topping

Yogurt topped with hemp hearts instead of nuts is another great option, especially for a quick grab-and-go kind of morning (this may happen more often than not for some). If you are interested in making your own keto dairy-free yogurt, here’s a recipe for homemade coconut yogurt that would be great topped with hemp hearts.

3. Smoothies

Smoothies are a great morning to-go meal or snack, and you can either add hemp hearts before blending or add them on top (or both). And smoothies are extremely customizable, so every morning could be a new adventure, or if you like to stick to a reliable option, hemp hearts make any smoothie even better.


Now let’s move on to lunch recipes… that great meal that happens in the middle of the day that can be the determining factor in how productive you are for the rest of the day. Decisions, decisions… rest assured that these lunch options are all tried and true.

4. Salad Toppings

Salads are awesome, but they can be even more amazing if you throw in some hemp hearts! Hemp hearts are a great low-carb topping that can be a substitute for croutons or even parmesan in a Caesar salad.

5. Keto Tabouleh

Like a little flair to your lunch? This is another salad recipe with a little Middle Eastern twist, and your taste buds will thank you for it.


A great way to finish the day is to end it with a great meal. One way to do that is to add a little boost of nutrition and protein with hemp hearts, so here are a few tips on how to add them to your favorite meals…

6. Sauces

Hemp hearts can basically be mixed into almost anything, including sauces. This is especially perfect for pasta dishes! Nothing like a good pasta dish that is delicious and good for your body!

7. Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed cauliflower is definitely a popular low-carb side dish, so adding even more protein and omega fats is a great way to make a keto dinner even better. Win for everyone!


And I think everyone can say that snacks are a great way to make a day just a little brighter, especially if said snacks are absolutely delicious and make your body feel great. Adding hemp hearts to these snacks are definitely some of my favourite ways to get the nutrition I need.

8. Avocados

Here’s a simple snack: just slice an avocado, sprinkle some hemp hearts on top and drizzle with olive oil. Yum!

9. Peppermint Fudge

Bring on the chocolate! One of my all time favourite hemp heart recipes, smooth and delicious due to the soaked hemp hearts and chocolatey goodness. These are perfect for keeping around the office or house to snack on throughout the day.

10. Bacon Bars

Chilled ketogenic hemp bars drizzled with dark chocolate and topped with crumbled bacon bits and salt.

Bonus! Vanilla Nut Hemp Milk

Sometimes a nice glass of milk just hits the spot, and this vanilla nut hemp milk is a great dairy-free option! Very nice with some keto cookies

Hemp is incredibly complete, containing vital nutrients for all areas of health. I hope you give it a try and LOVE them as much as we do!

Eaton Hemp has put together a special code that gives you 25% off Eaton Hemp hemp hearts. Use the code, healthfulhearts for 25% off

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