11 BIGGEST Keto Tips – The Key To Success!

11 BIGGEST Tips For Keto - The Key To Success! #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet

Want to avoid failure? I’m sharing with you the worst thing you can do if weight loss is your keto goal, the mistake I made when I was transitioning to keto that cost me months of progress, what you shouldn’t do when you first start keto, and so much more.

I experienced SO many setbacks when I started the keto diet 4 years ago that I’m surprised I kept going. And, I see many people in our community making the same mistakes! I thought I’d share my mistakes with everyone so that, if you are doing these things, you can END the frustration and got on to feeling good.

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In The Keto Beginning, I talked about my first 30 days on keto (pages 46 to 48) and the trial and error process that brought me to working out my perfect carb number (check out page 107). You can read about how to phase out the restrictive mentality around food in order to connect with your body on page 37 of my digital program, Fat Fueled.

One of the mega mistakes I made when I started the keto diet was thinking my carb addiction would just go away. The transition from loving carbs to eating keto was a challenging one for me. And, after eating keto for more than 4 months, I started binging on carb foods. Needless to say, I struggled. Part of my path to healing my relationship with food came with removing the restriction.

But, it wasn’t until I allowed myself keto equivalents of my favorite carb-heavy foods that the cravings FINALLY went away. We’ll talk about how to overcome this in the video, but one of my favorite non-keto things was pasta. Now as a woman that’s been eating keto for 4 years, my favorite keto pasta is NuPasta. It’s a low-carb, fibre-based precooked pasta that’s made with the konjac plant, a is a root vegetable rich in the glucomannan fibre. Each serving is just 25 calories and 0 net carbs. I can have a big bowl of keto pasta and stay in fat burning mode! They saw that I was doing this video, and offered to support the video! You can find out more about NuPasta here.

I don’t want this experience for you, so hopefully today’s 11 keto tips will help you on your ketogenic diet. I only wish I had access to these secrets when I first started!

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  • The worst thing you can do if weight loss is your keto goal
  • The mistake I made when I was transitioning to keto that cost me months of progress
  • What you shouldn’t do when you first start keto


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  1. I’m not a big fan of Sardines could i substitute salmon instead?

    • Hi Brooke! Go for it! Salmon is a great fatty fish!

  2. hi leanne! i saw your sample meal plan and the recipes you shared. i was just wondering if there’s a specific pattern you are following in your meal planning?or can i just choose from your recipes and decide whats for breakfast,lunch or dinner? i am trying to do keto and IF( if im doing it correctly) for more than a month now..pretty good at first lost around 5kgs then i suddenly hit a plateau..everyday seems to be like eat/drink at 12noon then wait until 6pm for the next meal then eat again the next day same time. i usually break my fast with a kale shake. i am desperate with the plateau and my sagging belly..hope you can give me tips! thank you!!

    • Hi Jil! I tend to formulate my plans so that they fit within a certain macro balance with each meal – you can certainly mix and match as you want. I might suggest trying to add occasional carb ups to your practice to help break the plateau. Also, try to make sure you’re eating enough calories, since undereating can negatively affect your metabolism.