What’s in my $174 ButcherBox Order: Unboxing

ButcherBox unboxing - what's inside! #grassfed #grassfedbeef #paleo #keto

An unboxing video of my first ButcherBox order. What’s inside, how much I paid, if I’ll do it again.

I’m Canadian and up until a couple of months ago, I was purchasing all of our grass-fed meat locally from a ranch called TK Ranch. Now that we’re in the US for the winter, though, we were finally able to give ButcherBox grass-fed meat subscription a try!

I placed my order Monday morning and the package showed up at our UPS box; we don’t have a mailing address, but if you do, they’ll deliver right to your door, Tuesday at 1PM.


I’ve written more about ButcherBox in these two posts: How ButcherBox Works and The Difference Between Grass-fed and Grain-free Beef.

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  1. I really wish we had more of this in Canada. :( Have you ever tried TruLocal from Ontario? I’m from Neepawa, Manitoba and just started listening to your podcast yesterday. I listened to the episode about intuitive eating with the lady from Winnipeg, MB which was awesome! I have been interested in this style of eating but I absolutely hate the labels of diets “keto”, “paleo”, “diet”, etc. But I do know that my body does not like grains and grain style carbs. So here we are listening to your podcast to learn more.
    I really appreciate that your podcast is not pushy but more informative. I dislike being told one way is the only way but I really like your way of teaching and giving us great info! Plus I really enjoy that your friends with Lori Kennedy, I’m in her Wellness Business Academy :)

    • Agreed! I haven’t tried TruLocal. I used to get my meat from TK Ranch when I lived in Calgary and was really happy with that.

      I am thrilled to hear you enjoy the podcast! I’m so glad the message of “do what works best for YOU” is coming through, too. Very cool about Lori Kennedy– small world! ;)

  2. I plan on subscribing to your meal plan, so, I was just wondering what the best way to incorporate the butcher box Into that? What cuts of meat do you recommend ordering that will be used most frequently? I appreciate your feedback and I look forward to following your meal plan!!

    • I’m excited for you to give the meal plans a try! Chicken thighs (with the skin), ground beef, ground pork, bacon, and chicken wings are used most frequently. Less frequently, you’ll see chicken breasts, beef/pork roasts, pork chops, flank steak, seafood, etc.

      You can also check out a sample meal plan here (scroll down and click the pink button that says “savor your free sample meal plan”) to get a feel for what the plans call for. Hope this helps!