The Truth About Keto Sweeteners

The Truth About Keto Sweeteners #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet

Sweet tooth fairy paid you an unexpected visit while on the keto diet? I’ve got you covered. Ditch the antagonistic artificial sweeteners for some kind, keto-friendly alternatives. A sweet briefing on a handful of healthy hacks so you can kick those harmful sweeteners to the curb.

While a surprising percentage of sugar cravings can be overcome by simply being on the ketogenic diet, we all get the occasional hankering for something that’ll pack a more substantial sweet punch. And that’s okay. You know, to be human, with a tongue and a brain.

The key is to satisfy these natural desires with sweeteners that won’t damage your body while also keeping you keto. If you’re still using the old, questionable keto sweeteners, you’re missing out on some wonderful alternatives that are not only safe, but actually beneficial to your overall health on a keto diet.

“Wait, you’re telling me I can be both happy and healthy on a keto diet?”

You betcha!

If you’ve got a craving for something sweet that won’t break the keto bank or wreck your body, this video will bring the basics for a few safe, healthful, and keto alternatives.

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  • 3 unhealthy sweeteners to avoid
  • 3 healthy sweeteners to use instead
  • Benefits of the healthy alternatives


Many of you have been asking for my thoughts on other keto sweeteners not mentioned in this video… 

Have you used any of these keto-friendly sweeteners? Got some helpful sweet tooth hacks? Give us your experience and ideas in the comments!

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  1. Hi Leanne,
    Thank you for all your advice, I have bought your books on amazon audible and love listening to them!
    What are your thoughts on ‘just like sugar’ made from chicory root, or ‘inulin’, I find it makes great ice cream? You do not mention it here, does it spike blood sugars?

  2. Are there any other sweeteners you would recommend, erythritol is extremely tough on mine and my family’s stomachs. Causes gas, bloating and is overall extremely uncomfortable, even with the smallest amount. I was surprised to see it listed, and quickly realized there aren’t many “sweet” recipes we can do. Erythritol, stevia, etc, all bad for us here. Thoughts other than passing up those yummy looking muffin recipes I saw? Lol.

  3. Can Erythritol effect ur liver? It’s the only substitute I like the taste of. I do drink a couple vodka sodas on the weekends and have a glass or two of wine during the week when I’m making a fancy dinner. Thus the words sugar alcohol makes me want to be carful with it.

    • Hi Jane! Even though the name says “alcohol”, sugar alcohols don’t contain ethanol, and don’t have a negative effect on your liver.

  4. My name is David and I am a sugaraholic. I can avoid sugar but I like my coffee sweet. Bulletproof and normal. I have checked around and most of the stevia I find have added sugars e.g. dextrose in them. Same with sweet’n low. I just read that Splenda was good! What’s up with that? What is the stevia (or other substitute) that you would suggest?

  5. I am fat adapted I get euphoric with super energy . Ever hear of this?

  6. I have been in keto for 8 weeks and have only lost 5 pounds. I drink bullet coffee. Eat 2 very low carbs a day and do IF once a week. Looking for advice. I eat a lot of recipes from KetoDiet book

  7. I’m curious about coconut sugar. I know you used to love it and it is lower GI but could it be tolerated on a minimum level for a keto diet? Like using a small amount to sweeten a cocoa powder fat bomb? I’m trying to get my mom to do keto and she is absolutely against any alternative sweeteners and hates the aftertaste of stevia. She can tolerate coconut sugar though so could she use that in very minimal quantities and still maintain ketosis?

    • Even a small amount will likely affect ketosis, so I’d recommend reserving coconut sugar as a carb up once she’s fat adapted. Has she tried monk fruit sweetener? It’s all totally natural, like stevia, but the flavor is WAY better.

  8. Hi Leanne!

    Two of my family members are about 6 months into a Keto diet and I was so impressed by their reports of feeling better and losing weight. I wasn’t as excited about some of the meals they ate, especially because I struggled with IBS and thyroid issues. I’ve tried a paleo diet before, but felt overwhelmed by trying to menu plan, find ingredients in my rural area, and manage the cost. I found your book on Amazon and decided to order it based on the recommendations. I felt such relief reading it! I want a healthy relationship with food, especially because I struggle with depression. I was so excited to be able to pick a plan that took my specific needs into account and provided four weeks of grocery lists, meal plans, and recipes. I’ve definitely felt the sugar withdrawals, but I feel like I can do this. Thank you so much for your book and website! I’m going to share a link to your site and your book on my blog as well.

    • I’m so glad my book has been helpful to you! Are you following the daily fat burner profile in the book? This profile tends to work best for those with thyroid imbalances. Wow, you’re so kind– thanks so much for sharing!