Video: Signs You’re Fat Adapted

Signs You’re Fat Adapted #keto #lowcarb #highfat

How to know your body is burning fat, without testing for ketones. And, the difference between fat adapted, ketones, and the ketogenic diet.

The way I see it, becoming fat adapted means you have gained metabolic flexibility through a development of enzymatic processes which make it easy for your body to switch back to fat-burning after eating carbohydrates (this is especially important for those that practice carb ups).

When you first begin eating ketogenic, your glycogen stores drain, and ketones begin to generate. In this first period of transition on the keto diet, your body doesn’t quite understand that fat has the potential to be your primary fuel. Your body will be creating ketones, and you’ll test positive for them, but your body won’t be fully fat adapted.

Being fat adapted is state of pure fat-burning where your body has climatized to low-carb eating enough that it sees fat as its primary fuel source. This fat adaptation process can take two, three, sometimes four weeks to complete after beginning to eat keto.

Being fat adapted is what we’re after and today, I’m sharing how to know when you’re fat adapted. Ideally, once fat adapted, this is the perfect time to start a carb up practice. The timing and approach is fully detailed in the Adapted Fat or Full Keto Fat Fueled Profiles in my program, Fat Fueled.

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  • The difference between fat adapted and keto
  • How to save money when testing ketones
  • When to start carbing up on the keto diet


As someone who has been following keto for some time, were there specific things you noticed when you became fat adapted? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Good morning! I am interested in changing up my diet and lifestyle. Your website was recommended and I am excited about it. HOWEVER, in reviewing the “free” diet menu, I found that it is repetitious. Seems like there was few choice that are repeated. It is boring to eat the same meal 3 times a week. Is this the regular style of your menu planning? I appreciate. debbie

  2. Hi Leanne
    Thank you for all the info you put out!

    I was wondering, once I become fat adaptive, I will be leaving on a month long trip where my food options will be very limited (With lots of carbs) that will knock me out of ketosis- fat adapted state. Will yo-yo-Ing in and out of the fat adapted state cause it harder to get into the fat adapted state in the future? Also will it be harmful to the health to bounce back and forth from a sugar burner vs fat burner? Thank You!

    • Hey Sharon! Try and eat a good amount of fats, but if you know you’re going to be knocked out of ketosis, it’s okay! Your body will remember how to be fat adapted, and it should be a little easier to make the transition, especially if you’re only going to be out of it for a month.