Video: 5 Mistakes I Made When I Went Keto

5 Keto Mistakes #lowcarb #keto #highfat #hflc #lchf

The 5 mistakes almost everyone makes on their ketogenic diet. A small adjustment could lead to HUGE progress.

Throughout my ketogenic journey, I’ve learned some key lessons that, had I known from the beginning, would have saved me a lot of time and reduced overall frustration.

And, I see so many people in our keto community doing these same things over and over, and therefore not seeing the results they were promised with keto.

Whether it be issues with craving, bingeing, blood sugar, keto flu, staying in ketosis, weight plateaus…

Lucky for you, I’m here for you and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned on keto so that you don’t repeat the keto mistakes that I made, or can get off the path of destruction and start loving keto again.

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  • What too much protein does to your body
  • When intermittent fasting doesn’t help
  • What you should always have with you when you’re keto
  • Why I don’t drink Bulletproof coffee


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Which of the keto mistakes that I shared are you doing on keto, too?

Let’s chat about it in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for info…I was wondering about the bpc and why I was feeling that way…I will try your rocket coffee. I’m so afraid of carbs…I have had so much success after cutting out morning oatmeal and then super low carb. I will try some carbs after workouts but how much? An apple? A sweet potato. I feel like my body will just store fat when I eat carbs.

    I think your hair looks absolutely stunning in red! Your style changes in every video but this one is very cool.

  2. You mentioned a dairy-free keto protocol somewhere, I cannot find it..
    where can I find it please?

  3. i just watched this video, and i just want to say, thankyou. for everything you do. i have a history with disordered eating and basically starving myself and calling it fasting. when you mentioned that you’d fast all morning and end up going through food blogs that whole time, it hit me that that’s exactly what i’ve been doing (it’s actually how i found your site, i must confess). i’ve already signed up to get the starter guide and i’m going to start from scratch. and i’m excited! usually when i change something in my “diet”, i get anxious about it. i’m going to try to follow as much of it as possible, as some things aren’t readily available where i live, or they’re expensive, so hopefully i can make this work! thankyou again, and i’m sorry for gushing like this!

  4. How do you figure protein spikes blood sugar levels?

  5. Dear Leanne, I forgot to thank you for being so generous. You give and give of yourself, and I admire you so much. I would subscribe to your program for sure if you think it might help me, a 74-year-old grandmother. I commented previously.

  6. Leanne, you are the most adorable young woman I know (right behind my granddaughter). I love watching you and reading your newsletter, and believe you really know your stuff — especially for child-bearing age women. The trouble is, I’m a 74-year old grandmother, in good – maybe great- health except for COPD. Can you help me? Can you point me to a good resource for me? I subscribe to Mercola, but he is a man. Much of his advice is not applicable to me. With him, like with you, I have to take the good and leave the rest. But I still feel unsupported and unsure of what I am doing. I need to lose weight, and nothing works anymore. I really can testify that nothing is more important than our health. Can you help me? Thank you.

    • Hi, Lin! If what you’re doing isn’t working, you’re in a fine place to try something new! I can’t speak from a medical standpoint, as I am not your healthcare provider. But I have seen many women in your place have great success with this eating style. Both Fat Fueled and The Keto Beginning are excellent resources to support you while starting your high-fat journey. Good luck! :)

      • Well, Lin: One of the mistakes when you have COPD is: still taking some dairy in your food. This is a big issue, and if it doesnot work; you must work on leaving all wheat ( if nof all grains ) out of yr body.
        Think this: the bigger the treshold you pass: the greater the results.. but doing the Keto diet is a great support above this, when you eliminate the cause i mentioned. BTW.: I am male too. ..

  7. Where do you fine a list of foods to eat on this diet

  8. This isn’t about keto, but didn’t you have a coupon code for Vital Proteins? collagen awhile back? In a white can? If so, do you still offer it? I was thinking of ordering some. Thanks…