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You + Me = Synergy. My Affiliate Program… and Why You’d Be Great For It!

By December 12, 2018


Love Healthful Pursuit enough to share (and make money)? Let’s join forces! Earn money by sharing Healthful Pursuit products with your friends, clients, colleagues and followers, contributing to a more health-conscious world around you.

I’m so grateful to be doing what I do, creating healthy recipes, digital programs and working to make the world just a bit healthier through the content I post on Healthful Pursuit.

Guide on how to start keto.

Keto shopping lists, recipes, and more! Start keto with this FREE 5-step guide.

I'm ready!

There are so many powerful gals and guys in the HP community that make doing this work so fulfilling. And often times, these powerful peeps are on the same mission as me! It’s time we joined forces…

I would love for you to join the Healthful Pursuit Affiliate Program.

What a what now? Let’s say you have a website, a social media account or a newsletter list where people look to you for recommendations, health advice, and general updates. By promoting something like the Healthful Pursuit meal plan program on your social media account, you are being an affiliate (and making money doing it… huzzah!).

20 Reasons Why You Should Care

You, my most loyal readers, should care because I, too, offer an amazing affiliate program where you can earn some serious side income. Although we may not be earning billions of dollars each year (yet) your earnings could be substantial.

Think: earning money while you sleep in on a Tuesday. Or, watching the transactions run through while you’re out for a walk with your dog. I want this freedom for you!

Healthful Pursuit affiliates will earn a 60% affiliate commission for every successful Healthful Pursuit sale.


Register to become a Healthful Pursuit affiliate. And we’ll be here for you, every step of the way.


What Naturally Makes You An Amazing Healthful Pursuit Affiliate

  1. You enjoy the information I share on Healthful Pursuit and feel that many people could benefit from the information, too.
  2. You host a website(s), social media account, YouTube channel, newsletter list or health-focused group where people join together to improve their well-being.
  3. You are passionate about the health of your community and want to see people create the health they deserve.
  4. Your site or channel is updated frequently.
  5. You have something to say or share.
  6. You educate your followers/customers.
  7. You help your followers/customers purchase the products you are promoting. Everyone needs extra support every now and then.
  8. You’re honest with your followers/customers.

Register to become a Healthful Pursuit affiliate. If you need assistance at any point through the process, email us at We’d love to help you make the best of your affiliate experience.


Now, let’s make money together, make money while we’re sleeping (preferably not together) and make the world a healthier place, one download at a time.

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