Audio: How to Quit Sugar (and ditch the cravings, too)

Audio - How to Quit Sugar and ditch the cravings, too

A recorded Q&A session answering all of your questions on sugar-free living – how to abolish sugar cravings, the 4 levels of sugar-free living and tips to set you free from sugar… for good.

It’s really, really challenging to change your eating style when sugar is weighing you down, no matter what your goal.

Sugar sparks the same chemical response in your body as drugs do. When we eat it, we feel good and we want more of it. Problem is, no matter how much we eat, our receptors just want more. It spikes blood sugar, mucks around with our hormones and leads to addictive behavior, affecting our relationship with our food.

In today’s Q&A, Alison Smith and I answer your questions on everything sugar-free living. See below for links to freebies mentioned in the recording.

A must-watch if you’re struggling to end your addiction to sugar.

(To me) sugar-free living is about stepping away from being a slave from sugar – of getting off the roller coaster, the blood sugar highs and lows, cravings and using whole foods to get you there.


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Mentioned in the recording, Alison’s Carrot Juice Pulp Muffins.

I’d love to chat with you in the comments below…

What does sugar-free mean to you? What level of sugar-free living are you?

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  1. Nice, video ;) I really appreciate all the info. I’ve tough about ditching sugars for good and kinda already started a couple of years ago… no gluten, nor grain flours of any kind, nor processed sugar.. still use honey, coconut sugar and maple syrup, though….I am currently about to start an AIP diet, which is Paleo (not necessarily focused on Ketosis) but taken further for an anti-inflammatory effect. After three months I plan to follow a Paleo diet as maintenance..I’ll let you know how that goes.
    Thing is, both Paleo and AIP cut out all types of grains and legumes (and for a good reason, specially those with leaky gut like me, and other inflammatory diseases), which includes chickpeas, and peanut butter, and quinoa…and strangely, it also disagrees with Stevia! They have a good scientific reason for this: the Steviol glycosides have a hormone structure and impact hormone regulation. Also it has contraceptive effects on both male and female (studies made on rats), and has been used to control fertility of women by the Guarani Indians in southern Brazil (more info:
    I’m not a scientist so I dunno, but I have read a lot about it being bad… so that pretty much leaves me with no sweet solutions.. kinda sad about that… so much contradicting info can be overwhelming and frustrating!

  2. Fabulous interview and great info–how did I not know about Alison before, especially since she’s also in the GTA?!! Thanks so much for bringing her on, Leanne. :)

  3. I find stevia is a life saver. I went and got myself tested by a applied kinesiologist for stevia, because I was worried it might make my body think it was getting sugar or it might keep the craving going, but nope. My body loves stevia and I have zero cravings for sugar.

  4. I’ve been completely sugar free for at least two years now, and that means no maple syrup or honey either. I don’t eat dried fruits either – too much sugar for my system. I’ve learned to make my own baked goods and sweeten them with bananas and stevia, and other fruits too. You eventually don’t even miss the sugar. I know people use dates widely in alternative cooking because they are natural, but they are loaded with sugar and can easily spike blood sugar levels, which of course just makes you want more. Don’t eat dates or raisins if you want to stop eating sugar – they will just make it worse.

  5. great idea, I forgot that I used to make a carrot cake with the pulp, great.

  6. Question. I’ve been in recovery for a while. I’m a vegan. I love to bake. I use coconut sugar,organic Brown sugar, and turbinado sugar. I only use a cup and a half of the combined sugars and 1 banana. But I still crave sugar. If I’m over a relative’s home whether it’s baked or store bought, I help about 2-3 servings. Afterwards I’m dizzy and out of sorts. On last Sunday a relative baked a peach cobbler. There are only two vegans in the family both on the maternal side. I had 5 servings. Plate full servings. I’m a recovering alcoholic and I didn’t care for sugar when I was using. Now processed sugar especially white sugar affects me like alcohol. I’ve been drinking detoxifying smoothies for 2days. I feel as if I have a hangover. I couldn’t get out of bed yesterday. I’m still feeling a little dizzy with malaise today. It feels as if I’ve been on a binge drunk. I don’t know why I ate it. I can’t even eat a donut. Is there anybody out there who has suggestions? Oh I’m 61 years old and have a terrible fear of mature onset diabetes. Thank you.

    • I know what you mean – sugar is a drug that affects the brain and one has to literally detox oneself off from it. It’s sort of like caffeine in that respect. It really messes with your adrenals, which is why you feel so pooped. It really messed with mine, and then I became hypoglycemic. Keep going, and within a few more days you’ll start to feel a lot better. Eat lots of fruit and TONS of water and other starchy carbs like squash.

    • Janice, I don’t know if you’ve already gotten a response to this, but sugar affects the same centers in the brain as alcohol, and it’s apparently quite common for recovering/recovered alcoholics to turn to sugary foods to help mitigate the effects of going off alcohol. In addition, brown sugar is just white sugar with molasses added; it will have the same negative impact on your body and health as white sugar. I’d also say that 1-1/2 cups PLUS a banana is way (way!) too much sugar for one recipe. I never use more than 1/2 cup coconut sugar (plus added stevia) in my baking. That lowers the overall glycemic index and I don’t have the same response to those kind of baked goods as I used to have to sugar-filled baked goods. Hope that helps!

  7. Thanks Leanne for fixing the link. She doesn’t say in the video how many waffles the recipe should make. Not too hard to figure out with trial and error, but would help to know. I am also sensitive to oxalates which the chickpea flour has, I may try substituting coconut flour. Hopefully it will still come out crisp. We’ll see. Thanks for the free videos definitely inspiring even if I end up tweaking the recipe a bit.

    • Hi Victoria,
      The waffle recipe will yield 4 waffles. However, the yield will vary according to the size of a waffle maker. Also, some waffle makers don’t get hot enough. For my SF waffle recipe, you’ll need a waffle maker that can get really hot.

  8. Been sugar free for about 4 years now. Both sides of my family all have type 2 and I don’t want to go through what they are going through. I have a stevia plant in my backyard and occassionally take a few leaves to add to mainly popsicles. Tea, coffee and even an occassional apple or squash cake are free of sugar/honey/maple and I don’t miss it. Even the raw whipped cream I put on top just has some vanilla and cardamon. I do however want the waffle recipe, I signed up and went through all the steps and the video will not play. Any way to just get a written recipe?

    • Hi Victoria,
      I’m sorry that the video didn’t play. Can you email me?…Let me see if I can help you. Once you click the video link, it will download onto your computer. It may take a minute or two. My email address is

  9. Loved this chat. It was helpful :) I do have a question about Swerve. Safe? Natural? What’s your take?

    • Hi Lanette,
      Thanks so much for your question. I’m unfortunately not familiar with Swerve. I have a personal preference for sticking to foods that are not highly processed like sugar alcohols. Are you thinking about using it for baking?

  10. Great recording! I’m very much in the sugar free camp (trying to wean myself off dates though) and in particular I found your thoughts on stevia really helpful… totally agree its easy to reply on it for a sweet hit, when it actual fact what we want to aim for is reducing the need for overall sweetness. Great point!

    • Well done, Jo! Yes, that sweet hit is a bit of a crutch, I have to say. But baby steps!