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Audio: How to Quit Sugar (and ditch the cravings, too)

by May 29, 2016

Audio - How to Quit Sugar and ditch the cravings, tooA recorded Q&A session answering all of your questions on sugar-free living – how to abolish sugar cravings, the 4 levels of sugar-free living and tips to set you free from sugar… for good. It’s really, really challenging to change your eating style when sugar is weighing you down, no matter what your goal. Sugar sparks the same chemical response in your body as drugs do. When we eat it, we feel good and we want more of it. Problem is, no matter how much we eat, our receptors just want more. It spikes blood sugar, mucks around with our hormones and leads to addictive behavior, affecting our relationship with our food. In today’s Q&A, Alison Smith and I answer your questions on everything sugar-free living. See below for links to freebies mentioned in the recording. A must-watch if you’re struggling to end your addiction to sugar. (To me) sugar-free living is about stepping away from being a slave from sugar – of getting off the roller coaster, the blood sugar highs and lows, cravings and using whole foods to get you there. How-to-Quit-Sugar-and-ditch-the-cravingsGrab your three free gifts HERE: How to Make Sugar-free Chocolate Spread, Sugar-free + Grain-free Waffles + Sugar-free Beverages all from Alison’s Sweet Liberation Program. SAVE 15% on Alison’s Sweet Liberation: 30-Days to Kick Sugar to the Curb private coaching program. Offer Expires: Sunday, September 21, 2014. If you would like to speak with Alison before signing-up, you can do so by emailing her to set-up a free 20-minute clarity call: Mentioned in the recording, Alison’s Carrot Juice Pulp Muffins. I’d love to chat with you in the comments below… What does sugar-free mean to you? What level of sugar-free living are you?

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