Complimentary 17-page Cookbook Preview

3 juice and smoothie recipes #cleanse #detox #smoothie

Update: The presale event is live and the 17-page preview is no longer available. Now, you CAN pick up a copy of my new book here.


To celebrate, I’ve created a complimentary 17-page cookbook preview, complete with 3 recipes from my book, sample cleanse program and a couple of simple tools you can use to incorporate more healthy choices into your life, right now.

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In the cookbook preview…

  • Never waste juice pulp again with these 10 tasty ways to use it up
  • I show you how to juice without a juicer
  • Simple breakdown of the juicer that’s right for you and your budget

Plus, the recipes…

3 juice and smoothie recipes #cleanse #detox #smoothie

1) C Punch Smoothie – This smoothie was created for those days where you’re feeling just a bit off. Starting to get a sniffle, a bit of a headache? C Punch with knock the lights out of that germy thing you may carrying.

2) Cinnamon Toast Dessert Smoothie – living vibrantly is about making small changes for lasting impact. On days where you want nothing more than to drown yourself in sweetness, opt for this naturally sweet, cinnamon toast-inspired smoothie. Your tastebuds will be tricked, your emotions will cool down and your body will thank you.

3) Diamond in the Rough Juice – By swapping out nutrient-poor snacks for this nutrient-rich, blood sugar regulating juice, you’re doing wonders for your health. The added pineapple also helps to boost the natural enzymes in your body, making it easier to digest throughout the day.

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  1. This is really random, but I’m getting started experimenting with carob powder and wondered if you have a preferred brand, and if you prefer raw or roasted/toasted. I’ve heard that the roasted/toasted kind can get bitter (I’m really sensitive to bitter), but roasting nuts brings out their flavors– is it the same with carob?

    • Hey Emma – you’re right, totally random… but I don’t mind answering, of course ;) I like roasted carob better (I find the raw stuff way too intense – bitter and yuck) I don’t have a favorite brand, though. I believe Bob’s Red Mill is roasted and they always make great stuff!

  2. Looks great Leanne, congratulations! I don’t have a juicer just a blendtec so didn’t think it would be much use for me but I’ve just downloaded the preview and seen that you have a section on juicing without a juicer!

    • Heck yeah! Even if you don’t have a juicer, you can join in on the party!

    • Thank you, Kristy ;) Right back at you, 100%. Those pancakes, ah! Still thinking about them!

  3. Signed up and made the C Punch smoothie from the preview this morning for breakfast! YUMMY!!! So delicious, even my 6 year old daughter, who won’t normally drink anything green, loved it!!! Can’t wait to try the rest!

    • That is awesome, Kim! C Punch is the smoothie that we’ll be serving at our wedding in a couple of weeks. So great that your daughter enjoyed it, too :)

  4. I am so excited! This is just what I need right now. I can’t wait for the 26th!

    • I’m so happy to hear that, Mauri! You’ll have to let me know how you enjoy the book when you grab it!

    • There are 10 tips in there on what to do! I love saving the pulp and adding to to smoothies. So delicious!

    • It’s great for adding to the compost pail, if you’re into gardening!