4 New Recipes and Dairy-free Alternatives

4 Goat Dairy Recipes from Healthful Pursuit

Banana soft serve, a simple tomato salad, chocolate spread and flat bread…

I’m sharing 4 delicious (new) recipes today that’ll ignite your creativity around all the yummy things that you can do with goat dairy.

It’s a recipe party up in here!

The cool thing about goat’s milk is that it doesn’t have the pesky allergen stimulant (b-lactoglobulin) that cow’s milk does. That, and it’s fat particles are much smaller. Basically, it’s easier on digestion and won’t cause the same digestive reactions in people that are avoiders of all things cow’s milk.

BUT! If you’ve played around with goat’s milk and find that your body just cannot have it, or you’re vegan, I’ve added suggestions on how you can make all of these recipes dairy-free without sacrificing taste.

Everyone can enjoy, no matter their dietary preferences, allergies or sensitivities.

Let’s DIG in!

Hungry for more examples on how to make dairy-based recipes dairy-free or see how easy it is to cook with goat dairy products? Check out part 1, part 2 and part 3 of my Happy Days Dairies recipe series.

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread from Healthful Pursuit

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – An upgrade to your everyday chocolate spread, this spread is loaded with cheesy goodness and rich, dark chocolate.

Dairy-free (vegan) alternative: switch out the goat cream cheese with my soy-free vegan cream cheese recipe and use non-dairy milk instead of milk. Easy peasy and just as chocolatey!

Tomato Feta Salad from Healthful Pursuit

Tomato Feta Salad – Simple feta-based salad with fresh grape tomatoes, olive oil and a splash of vinegar.

Dairy-free (vegan) alternative: most any salad recipe that calls for crumbled feta can be replaced with cooked beans and an extra splash of vinegar. Chickpeas would be fabulous in this light salad!

Cheezy Flat Bread from Healthful Pursuit

Italian Flat Bread – Gluten-free Italian flat bread sprinkled with mozzarella goat cheese and baked to crisp perfection!

Dairy-free (vegan) alternative: if you have a favorite dairy-free cheese, now’s the time to use it! Replace the shredded goat milk mozzarella with an equal part dairy-free cheese.

Banana Frozen Yogurt from Healthful Pursuit

Banana Frozen Yogurt – A delicious sugar-free frozen yogurt treat!  Whip together frozen bananas, vanilla goat yogurt, vanilla extract, and honey or coconut nectar and voilà you’re done.

Dairy-free (vegan) alternative:  swap out the goat milk yogurt for your favorite non-dairy yogurt and this is as dairy-free (and vegan) as it gets! Can’t have bananas? Check out this homemade soft serve recipe that’s banana-free.

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  1. I really like this post about goat dairy. I recently made my own goat’s milk yogurt after many failed attempts at nut milk yogurts. It worked like a charm and it’s probably one of the best tasting yogurts I’ve had to date (besides yogurt in Greece!). I also avoid cow dairy but am really interested in the health benefits of goat dairy. Great recipe roundup. Thanks, Leanne!

  2. Here’s the question that I’ve had in the back of my head since I’ve started checking out your website. I usually get along pretty well with “almond flour” and “coconut flour” just being the almonds and dry coconut itself blended into finer powder. Can I do the same with brown rice and maybe even chickpeas? I have a Vitex blender but don’t want to kill it. Thank you!

    • You mean in making your own flours? I don’t see why not! Do you have the flour jug for the blender?

      • I don’t think so. I have tried making rice flour and it was ok, but my final product’s consistency was really interesting/crumbly. My own almond flour and coconut flour works fine, though. I’m thinking that the problem is that they can’t soak up as much liquid as the blanched flour? Oh well, I guess as long as whatever I’m making tastes good, it doesn’t matter how it looks :)

  3. These look great! Are the bagels in the picture just normal bagels, or are they one of your amazingly healthy creations? Thanks!

    • Hi April – the bagels in the picture are just plain ol bagels. Nothing I made at home (I wish!!!)

  4. Leanne,

    If I don’t tell anyone you eat ice cream for breakfast, I’ll bet you won’t tell anyone I have ice cream or smoothies for dinner! My husband is very pleased when I offer these as a meal. I often put protein powder in, and have been known to make a very chocolate version as we are unrepentant chocoholics! Ahhhhh, the power of frozen fruit!

  5. These all look superbly delish!!! Major dilemma right now is which one to make first!!!!!
    I LOOOOVE this blog!!