What to expect during a juice cleanse


Cleansing is a great tool to refresh digestion, purify thoughts and stay balanced.

Cleansing can be slightly intimidating. To help bridge that gap, I’ve answered a bunch of your common questions about cleansing below.

Can I do a juice cleanse if I don’t have a juicer?

Heck YES you can! Check out this video from my friend Angela on how to make juice with your blender.

If I’m allergic to apples, what would I replace them with?

Pears work great!

How should I expect to feel after the first day?

Everyone is different and will have a different experience with cleansing. Personally, day 1 of my cleanses are usually filled with cravings and food stories that run in my head for hours on end. I like to ease my cravings by reading a book in the sunshine, going for a nice calm walk, or having a nap. As I mentioned before, it’s absolutely imperative that you check with your healthcare provider to be sure that cleansing and juicing is right for you.

What type of workouts should I do?

I don’t like to do hard workouts while I’m cleansing. Light stretches, light yoga, those sorts of things are usually fine. Listen to your body.

Is it safe to cleanse when you’re pregnant?

It’s best to chat with your healthcare provider on this one.

Can I use beet greens in my juices?

Heck YES you can! I didn’t use the greens for these recipes because it makes the color of the juices a bit funky and not so hot for the camera, but yes, add them in, especially if it’s a juice that has fruit (will make the greens not so bitter).

Is it cheating if I add coconut milk, oil or another dairy-free milk to my juices for added nutrients?

Blah, I hate the word cheating. This is your cleanse, your body, your experience. If you feel that it’s best to still have a bit of fat in your diet while you cleanse, go for it. Before you move forward, ask yourself – is this what my body wants? Sit with yourself for a moment and feel for the answer. Works every time!

Is it normal to feel this hungry?

Everyone’s experience is different with cleansing. Hunger is the strongest on day one and the beginning of day two but should subside at the end of day two and into day three. Please, listen to your body and check in often. If you’re not feeling well – dizzy, nauseous, faint… ask yourself if this is the best route for you.

There is a thin line between what your body wants and what your mind is craving. Ask yourself if the food you’re craving or the feelings that you’re having are supplementing for an emotional block or attachment to an unhealthy pattern. Cleansing is the best time to go deep and ask yourself these types of questions. If you feel it would be best to stop cleansing, perhaps entertain the idea of having a couple of smoothies for the rest of the day to ease yourself back into solid food.

Struggling to lose weight


  1. Leanne I am trying your 3 day cleanse and day one so far it’s too bad I have to say I did have a hard time taking the first drink of the love your greens but after the third drink it wasn’t bad. I haven’t been hungry which is good and I really look forward to my lunch drink…I am trying to lose weight and get rid of all the junk in my system so I thought this would be a great place to start. We will say how day 2 goes!

  2. Stay away from the kitchen when others are cooking or eating! :)

  3. After Day 1, this morning I woke up to an amazing feeling – like I took off an extra layer I was wearing. It’s kind of like when the winter is over and you stop wearing thick undergarments and clothes feel loose and free.

  4. Can I use a blender instead of a juicer????? How is it done???? Thanks

  5. I’m rather a noobie to the juice cleanse world but I have found that if I am hungry, I just make more juice. That keeps the cleanse part but keeps me nourished as well. I also pull back on activity, just walking rather than working out. If you really need more activity, then almond milk in juice really helps. BUT the key I found (following another free guided online fast) was to strain all my juices, and the almond milk I used at the end of a longer fast. The argument they gave was that those little fibers keep your digestion going, which 1. doesn’t give your body the rest it needs to handle cleaning & healing, and 2. triggers hunger pains. I have an Omega Vert juicer and even with the smaller strainer cup, there is a LOT of pulp. Generally I like this, but I found this advise valuable for juice fasts. I may emotionally crave something I cannot have, but I am not even hungry even on the first day. HTH!

    • This is helpful advice. I have the same juicer and it does allow a lot of pulp to flow through, especially if I’m making a big batch of juices. Im on my third day, and only today felt some pangs–which amazed me.

  6. Hi, on the weekend my aunt told me about this site. It seeems really helpful and encouraging with all the comments from people. I am new to this type of cleansing. I have tried many boxed products that have not wokred for me. Now with me starting this as soon as possible do I do the 3 day cleanse and then the 2 week cleanse or just pick one and get rid of all the junk in my house. My aunt explained that getting rid of all the processed food and only buying from the farmers market and bulk barn was the way to go.

  7. OK. I did the Pink Lady today. Had no idea you could juice a sweet potato! I put the beet greens in, also, and feel better about using all the good parts and getting whatever extra benefits there are in the greens. I think I’m getting the hang of my juicer, too. :-)

    Eager to try the green ones today, too! But now I’m tempted to find a use for the pulp, it’s so pretty…

    • My neighbor tried adding in her pulp to a meatloaf and it was nasty. lol

      I think it’s because her omega juicer extracted everything out of the veggies that there wasn’t anything left in it. You might want to look for leftover pulp recipes on Pinterest.

      Good luck!

  8. Had sweet and green but with 1 apple and a splash of lime added after juice was done. This is how I always make my green juice in the morning, pure love!! (great with ginger added too!)

  9. Oooh you’ve just reminded me that I have a grapefruit in my fridge – and beets too!!! I think there’s going to be some juicing action going on when I get home from Pilates after work tonight! Good luck with all your to-do’s today lady! :)