It’s Here! Vibrant Life Cookbook Launch Day + Sneak Peek

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on March 26, 2014

For the last 5 years, I have used juices & smoothies to heal my body, transform my health and mend my relationship with food. It’s been one heck of a successful ride. I have bundle up everything I have learned and practiced along the way into my newest cookbook, Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook…


Complimentary 17-page cookbook preview

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on March 5, 2014

Update: The presale event is live and the 17-page preview is no longer available. Check back on Wednesday March 26 for the launch of my new cookbook! Add your name to my newsletter list so that you’re alerted the moment the book becomes available: My new book, Vibrant Life Cleanse Programs & Cookbook, is coming…


An inside look at my next cookbook

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on February 18, 2014

When I’m asked what I do for a living, my response is always:: I am a holistic nutritionist, blogger and recipe creator. But really? I show women how to have a liberated life on a restricted diet. Ultimately, my work is about empowering women to fall in love with themselves. I live to be the…


12 Healthy Vegan Smoothies

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on September 5, 2013

To view 18 more Vegan Smoothie recipes, CLICK HERE. I’ve made my fair share of good (and horrible) smoothies over the years. Some I continue to make every couple of days and others I try to forget ever existed. I test, and test, and test again and when I’ve perfected the recipe–like, when I dream…


Triple Threat Green Smoothie

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on July 29, 2013

I always thought that a green smoothie had to be made with juice or milk. That it had to be sweet, thick and filling. And, because of the loads of healthy fats and protein, that a green smoothie just couldn’t be less than 300 calories.


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