roasted vegetables

Maple Dijon Roasted Vegetables and Chicken

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on January 25, 2013

This recipe is for anyone that doesn’t like spending a lot of time making dinner. It’s for families that enjoy having home cooked meals on a Tuesday just because they can. Or for them peeps that feel better eating a casserole style meal that’s free from grains. Ya… this one is so for you. And…


Roasted Veggie & Turkey Cabbage Rolls

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on January 14, 2013

300 calorie meal. Sounds tantalizing, doesn’t it? What if I told you that 1 serving of these cabbage rolls weren’t 300 calories, but 260? And I’m not talking about a tiny wee portion either. Ridiculous, right? Ah, I know!


Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on December 11, 2012

I know what you’re thinking… ‘Brussels sprouts? Why would you waste a perfectly good post on Brussels sprouts?’ That’s a fair question. I don’t really like them either. That is unless they’re prepared using the recipe below or added to a grain-free veggie bowl like I did here. Maybe it’s all the roasted garlic, the…


Black Bean and Ginger Pasta Fry + Spring Cleanse Plan

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on March 26, 2011

Yesterday was great. Kevin and I made pasta and watched movies all night long. Back to the grind today. I’m just about to head to the gym for 1hr swim + 40min spin + 6k run + 20min core work + a lot of snacking in between. There’s nothing better than snacking at the gym….


Roasted Vegetables with Balsamic Marinade

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on December 31, 2010

Quantum Leaps Lodge: a great place to recharge Golden BC is such a beautiful and relaxing place! We’re staying at Quantum Leaps Lodge, a 15-20 minute drive from the town, surrounded by lush forest and situated right on the river. Each of the cabins on the property have been made by hand with an amazing…


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