Masala Chai Squash Porridge (Paleo & Vegan)

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on January 21, 2014

Paleo porridge made with roasted butternut squash and masala chai milk. Also safe for gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan eating styles. I went (primarily) grain-free a couple of months ago in an attempt to reduce bloating and digestive issues. Living grain-free requires creativity.


Dairy-free Butter Chicken

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on November 28, 2012

I ate this for breakfast yesterday morning, had it again for lunch… and can just about guarantee that I’ll be enjoying it again today. It’s just that good. Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘dairy-free butter chicken? It has to taste off.’ It doesn’t. I had my fair share of authentic butter chicken while I…


Bombay Banana Smoothie

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on August 15, 2012

Our recent trip to Montreal was filled with food. It was the first, and only, trip I’ve ever been on where I ate out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and still felt good about the food choices I was making. In fact, more often than not, I was having cleaner food than I do at…


South Indian Rice with Lentils (Bisi Bele Bhath)

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on May 3, 2012

One-pot meals are the bee’s knees, wouldn’t you agree? The prep time is minimal, ingredients are simple, your kitchen doesn’t get all messy, and dinner is ready in under an hour. I like that. If that’s not enough, one-pot meals leave you with leftovers; and from the feedback you’ve left on the meal planning giveaway…


Chick-Un Tikka Masala Pizza

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on April 23, 2012

Thank you for your support and positivity on Friday. You’re such a great bunch I’m so pumped to start this next chapter in my life and share my experiences with all of you. Knowing that there’s only 100 days between me and the first day of the rest of my life is so exciting. Come…


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