Real Meals is a comprehensive weekly meal plan subscription program that provides you with a full 7-day meal plan, shopping list and tips that will get you excited about healthy eating amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Each plan is created using my proven approach to the perfectly balanced meal. The plans are designed to help you eat awesome, take the guesswork out of your daily meals, and make eating healthy easy.

If you’re struggling with sticking to a grocery budget, getting bored with uninspired meals, or are sick of wasting time sifting through your cookbooks for the perfect weekly recipes, Real Meals is right for you.




  • Allergies and diets. All plans are gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free and peanut-free with bonus grain-free, nut-free and vegan substitutions.
  • Lists. Comprehensive shopping lists and allergy substitutions.
  • Meals. 7 day meal plan with enough breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and dinners to last the week.
  • Timing. Receive a new plan in your inbox every Tuesday.
  • Easy-to-follow. Simple recipes with easy steps.
  • Prepare for 1+ people. Just multiply shopping list and recipes by how many mouths you have to feed.
  • Questions? Check out the FAQs that I’ve lovingly prepared for you.


save-moneyBuy shoes, pump up you travel fund contributions, bank it, go to the spa, throw it in a college fund, get a massage, buy your dog a really big bone, hoard it, take yourself out on a date…Sticking to a meal plan means that you’ll be buying exactly what you need, no more, no less. You’ll learn how to prepare healthy (inexpensive) meals and eat seasonally to save cash. live-longFeel awesome, look fabulous, be confident, glow, feel great about yourself, feel good in your body, see your importance, accomplish your goals, become addicted to feeling good.Following my proven approach to balanced eating will help you create a habit of healthy living for yourself and your family… forever.
save-timeDo things you love but never have time to: yoga, sleeping in on the weekends, sewing, crafting, giggling with your kids, entertaining friends, reading, cuddling…Having a meal plan done for you will reclaim the time you used to spend stressing over dinner and coordinating groceries. Spend less time preparing and more time living the life you want. get-started
Jump on it. Right this very instant. Or, check out the FAQs


The Real Meals is the real deal. Read first-hand how these ladies are improving their life, one weekly meal plan at a time.

Jag“Thank you!! I struggle inside a grocery store – I can never manage to buy the right items, or I end up getting sucked into temptation. This meal plan not only helps me get what I need, but also helps me maintain my budget and eat healthy all week. “
– Jag
Quote“I have been gluten free since last May and had gotten in such a rut with my meals. I received my first meal plan last week. I absolutely love it. I am a very busy single mother, between work and taxiing the kids around I don’t have time to plan out meals. I wasn’t sure how my 12 and 13 year old girls were going to like it. They love it!! Thank you for making my life easier.”
– Chris
Quote“As someone who is chronically time challenged, but who wants to eat healthy and balanced meals, these weekly meal plans have been fantastic. They not only provide easy to follow recipes, shopping checklists, and swaps for vegans, but also give me something very valuable – time! Since I don’t have to plan it all out myself, I can take it with me to the store and I’m good to go!”
– Nadine
Quote“Being able to print off my weekly plan, make a quick trip to the store, prepare my food and get on with life makes the small monthly payment so incredibly worth it. I’m an athlete and needed some serious diet overhaul to optimize my training and energy levels. These meal plans helped me adapt a cleaner approach to eating. All I had to do was buy the groceries and eat when she told me. Leanne is amazing!”
– Trina
Quote“I love this meal plan idea. My husband and I are generally home alone as our adult daughter is usually out at University or working. The recipes are nutritious, simple and take the guess work out of meal planning. What’s not to like about that!”
– Mary
Mona“I received my first plan, went grocery shopping (which came to $45.00 for the week) and within two hours ALL my meals are done, sealed and in the fridge ready to go! The investment for these plans is so minimal to the time, mental head space and money that I`m saving. I have a sense of accomplishment that I can cook, that I can follow a guided plan!”
– Mona

*calculation of $100 savings is based off of the monthly grocery purchases for a family of two adults with a reduction of pre-packaged foods by 73%, following 7 days of meal planning program for 1 month.

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