Lunches and Dinners

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Wow Leanne,
This site meets all my expectations. In 2012 i decided to make some serious health changes but i felt i needed some place that i could get some advice as to how i go about doing this. I met with a wonderful naturopathic doctor who gave me some very good guidelines which included a gluten free and dairy free diet for 2 weeks. At the end of the two weeks i lost 5 lbs which i was happy about and i could see some improvements with my skin. During the 2 weeks i had to be creative with my recipes. Some of the recipes i created look similar to what i see on your site. Trust me after my 2 weeks i became more motivated to continue with this lifestyle. I have completely removed cow’s milk from my diet and have been using substitutes even before i detoxed. I have been searching the web for sites like yours and amazingly i found it. I really appreciate the recipes and the information that you have shared for both people who want to go a gluten,dairy free,vegan or just want to eat healthy diet.I will continue to look out for for news letters and recipes and since i am someone who like to put my twist on recipes i will surely improvise on some of them as i do not get all the different ingredients in my country’s health stores. I will send my comments as well.Your site will help me with the desert part as i do have a sweet tooth and would love the healthy snacks in my diet. Thanks to you i have more dishes to add to my list. Continue to help others in this healthy pursuit. Health is Golden. Health is Wellness.
Thanks a Million!


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