Health means so much more to me than making sure I’m getting the right amount of macronutrients. It’s about exploring myself, discovering my talents, living out my dreams and being proud of my accomplishments.

Setting goals, listening to my innate wisdom and sharing it on the blog helps me to stay accountable and inspired to be true to the real me no matter what.

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We’re getting married. We’re getting married in 33 days. Our wedding is taking place in a historical mansion in the heart of downtown Calgary. It’s vintage, with a bit of rustic, cowboy. Instead of dealing with booze, dancing and all-night debauchery, we chose to host a breakfast wedding. Champagne has been replaced with green smoothies,…

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When we are faced with a situation, we often allow it to become the determiner of the outcome. We fixate on mapping out every possible outcome, breaking up the situation into bite-sized pieces to determine a way out. The situation takes control over us. There are no clear thoughts, assumptions are made, negativity overwhelms us…

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If you haven’t read My Last Chapter or The One Thing That’s Holding Me Back and you’re curious about how I got here, have a read before you continue. This topic is highly personal. I know that you will be gentle with my story and with others that choose to share their experiences in the…

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Hey beautiful! Lofty goals and I just don’t jive… I suck at resolutions. Instead, I see everyday as an opportunity to get closer to myself – January 1st, June 24th, and beyond. This year I am publicly declaring my intentions, chasing after a feeling, not a goal. (Read THIS if want to flip goal setting…

10 things I learned in 2013 so that you don't have to

Overflowing pie, super slimy smoothie, the ugliest loaf of grain-free bread you’ve ever seen… Some may call them “failures”, I like to think of them as lessons. And today? I’m counting down the top 10 lessons I’ve learned this year, with a couple of life lessons sprinkled in.

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