A couple of years ago, I was feeling unfulfilled at work, unhappy with my body, frustrated with the lack of excitement in my life, and disappointed with my nutrition choices. I knew I needed a change, but wasn’t sure how to go about it until I stumbled across and old pair of running shoes and hit the pavement that very same day. And the rest; as they say, is history!

My passion for running lead me to take better care of my body, participate in new activities, eat cleaner to support my training, listen to my body, and chase my dreams no matter how insurmountable they seemed at the time. As the months passed, the next chapter in my life was unfolding before me in exactly the way I’d dreamed it would all because I picked up a pair of old running shoes and decided to just go for it!

Current Training Plan:








90min yoga ZWOW
75min yoga
90min yoga ZWOW
75min yoga
90min yoga
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We have just 2 months until my half marathon in Edmonton. Everything I’ve done in the past year has been leading up to this moment. My patella recovery, trying out spin for the first time, and enrolling in a 3 month masters swim class, were all scary moments. But none have made me as anxious…

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Right around this time last month, I participated in my first 10km race. It was raining, but I managed. For this race, we experienced torrential downpour. No word of a lie, there were times where closing my eyes and running was better than keeping them open and drowning my eyeballs. But, I did it. Pre-race…

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What a race! Minus the rain, it was awesome! I couldn’t believe the sheer amount of people… or, how cold it was.     We waited forever to start, so I played around with my Garmin. Since this was my first 10km, my goal was to keep my pace and finish. I just wanted to…

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I’ve come to understand the importance of not pushing myself too hard after a race, but I haven’t spent much time learning how to prepare for one. Because there’s just 4 more days until my first 10k, now’s a better time than any to build a plan that will make sure my body + mind…

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If you would have told me 1 year ago today that I’d be running because I love it, I would have thought you were nuts. And running in a race? I’d think you were on drugs! I had such a great time today. I was so nervous the days leading up to my first race….

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