15 Things You Can Expect In 2014

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Hey beautiful!

Lofty goals and I just don’t jive… I suck at resolutions.

Instead, I see everyday as an opportunity to get closer to myself – January 1st, June 24th, and beyond.

This year I am publicly declaring my intentions, chasing after a feeling, not a goal. (Read THIS if want to flip goal setting inside out, too)

Here are the 15 things that you can expect from me in 2014…

  1. More conversations between you, me and our entire community in the comments on the blog – come chat in the comments, NOW!
  2. An influx of 1 on 1 time in my calendar.
  3. More cookbooks and guides to get you where you want to go, fast.
  4. Loads of personal stories and windows into the healthful life I’m living – my last chapter of eating disorder recovery, food allergies, bone density, fertility…
  5. Lots of step-by-steps, guides and 101s.
  6. Refreshed meal plans to simplify your journey.
  7. Expanded creativity, quality and love – I’m praying for brilliance to shine through me.
  8. More yoga.
  9. Increased practicality.
  10. Reconnection to the original reason I went into the business – to encourage women to live a liberated life on a restricted diet.
  11. A little less time on my computer and more time in the kitchen (may mean a little less emails from me, but more delicious recipes!)
  12. Fewer partnerships with brands (which will result in a laser lucid list of products I rely on)
  13. Less Facebook, more Instagram, more Twitter.
  14. Annihilation of scatterbrained design. An effortless online experience (my new website) is weeks away! (Get a sneak peek at the new design by checking out my Twitter and Facebook pages)
  15. Reduction of personal email responses, more group conversations in the comments of every new blog post.


And a few surprises… like an in-person workshop series that I wont tell you much about now… except circle September 23 on your calendar.

Oh, and lots and lots of generosity. Speaking of which, here is something that I made for you.

I hope you love it, I hope it’s helpful, and I can’t wait to work and play with you in this year and beyond.

What are you planning to do MORE of in 2014? What are you planning to do LESS of?

Your response will encourage the ladies in our community to take a peek into their own lives and perhaps see something in a different light that they hadn’t before.

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    • It’s sad that Facebook has decided that businesses (like ours) have to pay to connect with our readers. I’ve been posting 6-7 times a day and only reaching 50 people or so. I will continue posting a couple of times per day, but so frustrating that my updates wont be seen! Happy 2014 to you, too, Erica!!

  1. More of REAL LIFE and creating real art. Less of the electronic life and a different approach to the electronic life… 2014, here we come!!

    • Hey! I’m definitely not planning to leave Facebook… but they’ve told businesses (like mine) that we have to pay to connect with our readers. I’ve been posting 6-7 times a day and only reaching 50 people or so. I will continue posting a couple of times per day, but you likely will not see my updates, unfortunately.

  2. I love it! I’m now inspired to make my own list – and declare it to the world of the things to expect from me in 2014. Hopefully that will help me to be more accountable!

    • It’s a super freeing, awesomely inspiring experience, Courtney! I’d love to read your list when you’re done!

  3. Your list is so refreshing and inspiring! I, too, struggle with resolutions. I’ve sort of given up on making them. I have a few general goals that I’m going to work harder at and a few new goals to keep me happy and healthy. Love your blog! I am definitely going to keep Sept. 23rd in mind ;)

    • Thanks Brandy! September 23. Ah! So exciting. Glad you’re ready for it!

  4. I have not been a goal setter in the past, but the first few months of CSNN I have been setting (and achieving!!) monthly goals! So I have picked a few goals (things I can readily check off my list) and then i also structure my resolutions as things I cannot fail in provided I put in effort!
    I wants to have more respect for my food choices, I shy away from expressing my food needs to people at times creating situations where I chose things my body doesn’t love.
    Pick healthier options at restaurants! I tend to treat them as treats and go wild on whatever, but I realize I dine out often enough that it could effect my health goals in the long run if I don’t respect my body!
    I also want to make my Zumba Fitness Classes more awesome, I recently started instructing and I want to make my classes amazing for everyone who comes, like the ones I attended that got me hooked!
    p.s I am so down with more Instagraming! Your lunches are inspiring to me, and now I roast Brussels like it is my job! AMAZING, plus I got rid of Facebook years ago, so power on!
    LOVE & PEACE Leanne!

    • The going wild at restaurants thing is something I’ve been working on, too. I have always stuck to gluten-free, dairy-free… but sometimes I’ll order something with grains, or overdo it on the potatoes… And my body suffers. So silly! Here’s to body-focused restaurant choices!
      Brussels, yes! SO GOOD! I’m happy that you’re on the Brussels sprout train with me :)

  5. Happy New Year Leanne!!! I love this list, I have soo many similar goals myself, for the year ahead!! I am so excited about 2014. I cannot wait to get this started!! xoxo

    • Thanks, Beth. It was such a fun exercise… and I have to say, writing down a list of things you just aren’t going to do anymore is so FREEING! Cannot wait to hear how you like yoga teacher training. I have a feeling it’s going to BLOW YO MIND!

  6. That’s great that you’re doing what YOU want to do. Wonderful. I’m really only here for the recipes though and I do enjoy your travel pics too, but good on you for following your bliss.

  7. 2013 proved to be challenging in the best way possible; I grew a lot as a person. I attained an ideal job in my field which constantly pushes me, but at the cost of three-hour round trip commutes for both my husband and I. I had to put some goals on hold because of pesky ankle and knee injuries. I learned a lot in 2013 and I’m excited for 2014. This year, I want to continue strengthening communication between my husband because that will help make our commutes easier. In addition to putting emphasis on endurance training, I want to lift weights three to five times a week. I recently started yoga and want to do more to help quell my stubborn knee injury. I want to cook more and worry less. I want to push myself to my limits as I train for my first Ironman 70.3. Laughing, growing as a person, continuing to eat good food and traveling are high up on this list, too. And, I want to continue healing and growing from my eating disorder.

    • Cook more, worry less. Beautiful. Touching that communication between you and your hubby is at the top of your list — it’s amazing how little you can communicate with your spouse if you let it slip. It’s so easy to fall out of healthy communication!

    • You can do it, everything is possible. In fact, there is nothing that is impossible, really. If you make it a priority and find things that inspire you to create space in your life for more me time, I have no doubt you’ll blow your self-care out of the park!

  8. Dont leave FB. I have no idea on instagram and trying to access via that ‘monkey’ thing was way too confusing.

    • Hi Sandie! I’m definitely not planning to leave Facebook… but they’ve told businesses (like mine) that we have to pay to connect with our readers. I’ve been posting 6-7 times a day and only reaching 50 people or so. I will continue posting a couple of times per day, but you likely will not see my updates, unfortunately.

  9. Ahh I am so excited for you! and very excited to see what other goodies you will be posting!! Happy 2014 Leanne!

  10. This time next year, I want to be feeling proud of myself. I want a year long experience factor that transforms my attitude towards myself from “I can’t” or “I’m not enough” to “I’m proud of myself and love myself as I am”! How am I going to do that? Well, firstly I want to DO the things I’ve been wanting to do instead of thinking or talking about them. (Note: I talk/think more than DO because my fear gets in the way). I want to Unleash the Artist that I know craves the light of day. I want to follow the 80/20 rule in favour of chasing that feeling – the one that fills me with joy and unbridled passion. If it doesn’t fulfill me and doesn’t add to my life in a measurable way, well then, I’ll just make a change. I will accept my strengths as they are. There is an official moratorium on searching for ways to alter myself to be acceptable. I’m going to become disagreeable. No not cranky or rude. I’m just going to permit myself to follow my own path – especially if it doesn’t look the same as everyone else’s. I’m going to meditate to uncover the person I am – hidden beneath all the anxiety, fear and panic. This may sound like an awful lot to accomplish in 365 days. Not really though. Each day is an opportunity to “get closer to to myself” (thank you Leanne – totally love that perspective and phrase!!) and it’s just must a matter of choice really. I choose to become engaged with life!
    To Personal Growth and Acceptance in 2014
    Faith B

    • Wow Faith, beautifully put! I feel like you should print out your declaration and make a poster for your bedroom, office or quite space. Every ounce of my being is confident in your 365 days of rockin’ awesomeness. You got it in you!!!

      • What a great idea Leanne! I will do just that. Thank you for your encouraging words. I’ll hold onto them when the momentum wains and I need a boost to get me back on track. So far though, all is going well.
        All the Best to You

  11. I really need to engage in more convo on my blog too! #1 is definitely one of my intentions for 2014 too missy! Looking forward to more cookbooks :D if you ever need a little helper you know who to ask xoxo

    • Cookbook awesomeness! YES! You’re the bestest helper! Much appreciation and love for you, girl!

  12. Happy 2014! I think we all have a love/hate relationship with Facebook! Since I’m not planning on joining Instagram or Twitter, I hope you’ll continue to email your newsletters and post to your site.

    My plan for 2014 is more whole foods, more exercise, more me-time, less stress, less clutter, less drama.

    • You bet, newsletters will flow (just not as frequently) there was a time this year where I was sending email every day. EVERYDAY! Ah! Me time, less drama, love it all!

  13. I love your intentions. I have been working on a list of my own. My resolution this year is to become a happier me. I figured that it was a broad goal that I could achieve in many ways, so I won’t feel like a failure. I supplemented this goal with a list of “I want to”s for the year. It’s a list of the things I would like to see in my future. Making more of your recipes is on that list!

    • I love that approach, Lynne! Happier is definitely the way to go. And really, in the end? All it is is a shift in perception. Something we can all do so easily when we just let love in!

  14. Hi Leanne!

    I also don’t do resolutions, as life always has other plans for us, and I like to enjoy the ride and experience it!

    This year I want to do more yoga, and more experimenting in my kitchen! And I will try to stress less and take each day as it comes. I will listen to my body and give it what it needs, as 2013 was a big learning curve for me, suffering from candida without realising it and healing my gut for the rest of the year once I was diagnosed!

    All the best to you for the year to come!

    • Ride, yes! Well put, Jessica. Sounds like your year is going to be beautiful – a lot of building up and restructuring. Love it!

  15. Thank you so much for the handy guide to substitutes. We have so many that I’m still trying to get them all figured out.

    • Your welcome! Like I said, I hope you find it useful! It does take time, but I have no doubt that you can do it!!

  16. Happy New Year to you and thanks for such a wonderful and inspirational post! I am definitely looking forward to sharing 2014 with you! This year I started by buying a Vitamix and have been having a great time experimenting with different recipes… another baby step in my goal towards better health. Personally I have found that making goals the size of baby steps helps me attain them and incorporate them as part of my permanent lifestyle changes! Despite having a very healthy diet I am unable to lose weight which I have discovered is due in part to my changing hormones (lack of progesterone) so I find it very supportive when I read your stories of sharing your experiences. There is hope!

    • There IS hope. And the fact that you’re searching for the truth and finding inspiration? Awesome! Well done, Silvia. Have fun playing with your Vitamix!!

  17. This is a beautiful and inspiring post. In the new year I intend to stop loving things and to instead direct that energy towards loving others. Happy New Year!

  18. Leanne,
    I LOVE this photo of you. You should make it your profile pic for the blog. It’s just SO full of happiness, positivity, energy and GOOD stuff, everything this blog and your posts are overflows with. :)

  19. Love this list Leanne and I am feeling the same way about Facebook. I’m focusing on Twitter and Instagram in 2014 too.

    Happy New Year!

  20. I was reading your post on juicing and you were pondering if nuts were giving you an allergic reaction. Did you figure that out? How can you tell if you are allergic to something?
    Did you figure out your digestive issues? Are you digesting right? If so, what have you done different to no be clogged up:/ Thank you for getting personal with your cyber friends.

  21. What a great post! When I think of all the things I want to do, it’s hard to focus on just one year

    But I would like to do MORE:
    -consistent yoga practice to supplement with my running, even if I have to do it at home ($ and time are an issue when you’re a student)
    -taking time to nourish my body with proper food~ local when possible, organic when possible, up my veggie intake
    -along with that^^, experimenting with recipes/not making the same thing all the time
    -be more disciplined and intuitive with this year’s marathon training
    -reading for pleasure
    -spending more time exploring the city that will [probably] be my forever home
    -focusing on me in terms of personal growth (career, self-esteem, confidence, etc)

    & do LESS:
    -time in front of the tv, computer, on social media sites
    -feeling insecure
    -letting my fear of change hold me back

    Thanks for making me take the time to reflect :)

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