Cleansing Cashew Milk + Juice Cleanses and a Giveaway

Cleansing Cashew MilkPerfectly creamy, velvety milk made from cashews. Perfect end-of-day drink when you’re on a juice cleanse.

Every 3 months, like clockwork, my body craves a juice cleanse. February, May, August and October. Year in and year out. It’s quite cool.

Last time I got the cleansing urge was in August. We had just moved from Montreal back to Calgary, Kevin was starting a new job, we were living at my parents house while we looked for a home AND we got engaged. My body was craving a cleanse but I just didn’t have the time, patience or attention span to dedicate a week of my life to making juices… so I tried something new – a kit cleanse. Have you heard of them?

Basically, you choose the type of juice cleanse you want to do (light, moderate, intense, that sort of thing), a company supplies you with your juices, and you cleanse… stress-free and juicer-free. If you’re leading a busy life, it’s quite the treat.

After a bit of reconnaissance work, I learned that Total Cleanse (a Toronto-based company) delivers their kit cleanses across Canada. Bonus! So, I treated myself to a 5-day Purify Cleanse to see if the kit-style cleanse could work for me. It was fabulous. So fabulous that I just HAD to do it again and share the experience with you.

(scroll down to the bottom of this post where Canadian residents can enter to win a 3-day Total Cleanse package of their very own!) –>> THE WINNER IS LEE ANN P.! THANKS FOR ENTERING EVERYONE ;)

Cleansing Cashew Milk

Starting today, I’ll be bustin’ out 5 days of cleansing with my Total Cleanse kit cleanse. My juices are in the fridge (Total Cleanse juices – Green Energy, Lemonade and Red Energy), and I’m ready to rock this.

If you want to cleanse along with me, and aren’t down with the kit thing, check out these homemade Healthful Pursuit cleanses:

And the first recipe I think you should make? Cleanse or no cleanse… is this cleansing cashew milk recipe. Cashews are naturally low in carbohydrates, high in healthy fats, rich in protein and fibre and are cholesterol free. This milk helps to boost the metabolism, support energy production and flush the body of toxins during the cleansing process.

If on a juice cleanse, drinking 1/2 cup of this cashew milk at the end of each day is a GREAT idea!

Cleansing Cashew Milk

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Cleansing Cashew Milk
Recipe type: Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Refined sugar-free, Yeast-free, Corn-free, Grain-free, Egg-free
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 8
Perfectly creamy, velvety milk made from cashews. Perfect end-of-day drink when you're on a juice cleanse.
  • 1 cup cashews, soaked for 4 hours
  • 3 cups filtered water
  • 1 tablespoon honey or maple syrup or coconut nectar
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  1. To soak cashews: add to a glass container and cover with water. Cover the container and place in the fridge for 4 hours. Once complete, pour into a strainer and rinse well.
  2. Add all ingredients to the jug of your high-powered blender and blend for 2 minutes.
  3. Transfer to a glass container. Cover and chill for 4 hours.
  4. Makes approximately 3 cups, or 6 servings (1/2 cup per serving)
  5. Will keep for 3-4 days in an airtight container in the fridge.
Honey: to keep vegan, use maple syrup or coconut nectar in this recipe.

View nutrition information (once on page, scroll down)

Cleansing Cashew Milk

Are you in Canada? If so… you should enter to win a 3-day Total Cleanse cleansing package of your very own…

Enter The Giveaway HERE

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  1. I’ve never done a juice cleanse before, but I’ve always wanted to try. They always sound so intimidating that I’ve been a little afraid, but I like the idea of using a kit with everything laid out for me. Would be a good place to start!

  2. I’ve always wanted to do a juice cleanse! My body needs it desperately right now. My favorite way to (non-juice) cleanse is by eating lots and lots of kale.

  3. I’ve heard about cleansing, but never tried it. It would be the perfect time! Thanks for the giveaway by the way!

  4. Excited about a Canadian giveaway! I’d love to try these juices as I don’t have a juicer of my own!

  5. ok, sooooo this is perfect! i’ve never made my own nut nilk, cashews are my favourite, aaaaand i have cashews here waiting ;) wooohoooo! pinned this recipe baby! i haven’t done a cleanse before, but sounds neat! i think my mom would really do well with something like this!

  6. This is wonderful! Timing is perfect too. Just recooping from a cold and needing a boost. And it’s CANADIAN!!
    Love it! Going to try the cashew milk.

  7. I have never done a cleanse before but am willing to give it a try! For now, I’m going to give this cashew milk a try.

    • Nope! No need. The cashews are pulverized! They just… melt away!

  8. I’ve done 1-day “cleanses” but nothing more than that! It has been on days I don’t feel well, and it has worked out nicely. But I’ve never done anything more — mostly because of costs and the amount of activity I do. But it would be fun to try!

  9. I love juice cleanses but can definitely identify with the amount of time they can take to make all the juices!

  10. I tried my first juice cleanse this past summer and LOVED it!! I felt so amazing afterwards. I have been dying to another one recently, but I just don’t have the money at the moment to do another one. Would absolutely love to win, could really use it!!

  11. Not going to lie, when I first saw your three day cleanse on here I was a little hesitant to try it, but I did and am I ever glad that I did it! Can’t wait to try the cashew milk recipe!

  12. The juices seem very good. But I think it’s never like home made juices because after only few minutes, the vitamins start to decrease. I wonder if they pasteurize the juices. Anyway, I think that their juices do a good job anyway and that’s a wonderful idea. I would like to try it.

    Thank you! :) XxX

  13. Wow, such a nice giveaway! i did not know about this company, good to know though!

  14. Cashew milk as a cleanse! I’m excited about trying it and the possibility of winning a cleanse giveaway! Thank you Leanne! I love reading your blog and trying your recipes.

  15. i have cleansed two times, both experiences very different. The first time I got scared on day three and stopped but broke my cleanse with unhealthy choices, so i felt worse. my second cleanse took place in the summer when I worked short simple days and i could focus on me, i had garden fresh foods and i did it only two days but i considered my days before and after f clean eating cleansing too. I would love this!

  16. I have never tried a juice cleanse, I’ve read a lot about them but I have never had the opportunity yet! I would love to try this one :)

  17. I’ve never done a juice cleanse before, but I’ve always been interested! I’ve done the candida cleanse a few times because of my issues with yeast. I’ve always been nervous about a juice cleanse having too much sugar, which would only feed my yeast issues. Have you experienced this in yourself or others you work with?

    • Hi Brandy – if you’re fresh from healing your candida, I’d stay away from juice cleanses for at least 1 year. After that, you should be good to go!

  18. Oh, I have seen these cleanse kits and would LOVE to try this. fingers crossed …
    I make my own cashew “milk” sometimes, but I didn’t realize all the healthful benefits of the drink. Thanks for all the great cashew info ^_^

  19. Thanks for the giveaway, Leanne! Ugh, I’d love to try making cashew drinks, but my blender’s terrible. Do you find the drink is as rich as cashews themselves?

    • Hi Leah – boo for lame blenders… I had one of those and it just frustrated me more than anything. The drink is rich… but you can make it a little less so if you add more water, to your preference.

  20. I have always wanted to do a cleanse, but just have always been so unsure of how to go about it and knowing which ones are the best ones. with the holidays coming up, it is something i would really love to do, to clean out my body and get it back to healthy. this would be amazing!

  21. nice that we are eligible for a draw in Canada and a cleanse would be a good thing to do! thanks for the lovely recipes and really enjoy your website.

  22. HOORAY for Canadian giveaways! I have always wanted to do a juice cleanse but there is *nothing* I hate more than cleaning the #$%!ing juicer, and kit cleanses are SO. EXPENSIVE. Hoping I get the chance to try it out!

  23. I have actually done a few cleanses through Total Cleanse and I absolutely love it! I can always tell the difference in how clear my skin is and it’s a great “reset” button when I’m particularly having digestion issues.

  24. Thank you for sharing about Total Cleanse, totally exciting that anyone can cleanse through this service.

  25. Is anyone else having a bit of difficulty accessing the Nutrition information? When I click, I get a Not Found notice.
    I’m just a bit curious about the Iron content, I don’t mean to sound like an exacting fuss budget :)
    Nevertheless, the next time, I’m buying my bag of Cashews, I will be making this. Sounds like a wonderful alternative to my Rice Milk.

  26. I have done juice cleanses before, but it gets tedious making all those juices, especially when I’m working and on the go! A kit is a great idea! I wonder about the nutrient density of the juices though. I’ve heard that juices start to oxidize after 20mins after juicing…

  27. I’ve never done a cleanse. Mostly because I’m lazy. But a juice cleanse in a bottle sounds easy!

  28. This is so fantastic! I’m so glad to have finally come across a Canadian company doing this! Can’t wait to try!

  29. I have never done a juice cleanse before, but fall feels like a good time to do so and I’m definitely interested in trying it. I didn’t know that there is a company that delivers across Canada. I thought only the US had that luxury. Will look into it!

  30. I have never tried a cleanse, but I would love to. I am thinking about ordering my first juicer, but these juices sound so convenient.

  31. I’ve never managed to complete a full cleanse but I like how convenient it would be to have the juices prepared instead of making my own.

  32. What a great giveaway! I’ve been wanting to try a juice cleanse for so long but don’t have a juicer :( I can’t wait to see how this goes for you!

  33. Having the juice already made for you would definitely make juice cleansing so much easier!

  34. I have never wanted to be Canadian as much as I do right now… I suppose ill just have to settle for my AOR win ;)

  35. Hi Leanne,
    For all of us considering our first cleanse can you share with us what we can expect physically by living on juicing for 3 days? I so want to do the cleanse but have to admit I am scared. Will we experience fatigue, headaches, craving, hunger pangs, anything you can share.
    Thank you for always sharing, I love your site. Peace.

    • Hi Lisa – totally fair to be scared. I remember being pretty scared myself the first couple of times. I’ve linked up to a couple of the cleanse programs I’ve done in the past. All of the answers to your questions are in them, I’m sure of it! I take you through it ALL!

  36. Id love to do a juice cleanse. I dont have a juicer though. This would be great to try!!

  37. My husband and I did a juice cleanse in June and it was great. We both felt less hungry than expected and felt really healthy and cleansed afterwards. My only issue? It was SO MUCH WORK! The idea of a cleanse kit is very appealing.

    • Oh completely, it IS a lot of work. My favorite part so far has just been: hey, I need a juice… oh, there’s a BUNCH in the fridge to choose from! It’s quite fabulous ;)

  38. Seems like such an easy way to do a cleanse- all that fruit/veggie peeling, chopping/juicing can be intimidating along with cleaning the darn juicer every time! I love green juices, this would be a great prize to win!

  39. I did a juice and water cleanse at the beginning of September and have been trying to juice at least once a day since then (not always successful, but at least three times a week). I grew kale, swiss chard and collard greens in my garden this year and use kale often, the other two less often in my juicing. I love to juice. I love your posts. And I love your having a contest for us here in Canada!

  40. I juice quite often but I haven’t done a juice cleanse before…would love to try it!

  41. I’ve never done a juice cleanse, but I did a ”soup diet” once. Lot of cabbage soup. It was’nt bad, I did not feel hungry or anything, but there was no real result either. PLUS, it was boring. Lack of colors and everyday the same cabbage taste.
    I would love to try the juice cleanse, I really need a boost right now, and I’ve heard so many good things about it. (Plus, I’m turning vegan, what a great way to start ;) )

    *sorry if I’ve make any mistake, french is my first langage, and I still have some difficulties with english writting (:

  42. No more excuses for the juice cleanse! With 4 small children at home, that would be so perfect and convenient for me! And mmmmm….a nice cup of warm cashew milk after a cool fall day sounds amazing!

  43. Great news! I’ve been wanting to try one, but just cant be bothered juicing on my own this much!

  44. I have never done a juice cleanse, but have been dying to try one out! Looked into doing one, but couldn’t afford to order the juices and didn’t own a juicer!

  45. I’ve heard of lots of people having success with cleanses, but have never tried one.

  46. I’d love to try this cleanse… I feel like my body really needs this right now!

  47. I did a crazy cleanse with clay drinks every few hours – I’d look forward to a juice cleanse!

  48. I have done my own juice cleanse with my juicer and it was awesome! I really want to do one again!

  49. I’d love to start cleansing regularly, but it’s almost impossible on a college student budget! Cleansing packages like this are so expensive, and there’s no way I could invest in my own juicer. A free cleanse would be so helpful!

  50. I’ve never done a juice cleanse before. I tend to shy away from alot of fruit but can see how a few days of a liquid cleanse could feel good.

  51. I’ve never done a juice cleanse, but I’m just starting to experiment with juicing. Trying all these flavours would be great inspiration for creating some new flavours.

  52. I’ve never tried a juice cleanse, but it’s on my to-do list! The pre-made juices sure would make it easier!

  53. WOAH! these look delicious. I’ve made cashew “juice” before with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla and it was delcious! What a great idea with the honey. yum!

  54. Hey there!!

    I have been looking into cleanses to do actually, and right now I cannot afford a juicer so I have been experimenting other ways. I am trying to cleanse my body to get ready to have a baby, and would love to try this product!! It seems great!!

  55. Have never done a juice cleanse but have been curious to try one. Have done a few anti candida cleanses and I always feel amazing after the fact!

  56. I have never done a cleanse before, but I absolutely LOVE the thought of doing so. I have been reading up about it a bit, but haven’t found a lot of places that ship to Canada! Luckily there is a juice/smoothie place down the street, but I haven’t braved any of the brightly colored beverages yet.

  57. I LOVE juice cleanses!! I did one here in Vancouver once and felt ah-may-zing, but since I don’t own my dream juicer yet, I haven’t done another one since. I love juicing beets…I have a serious love affair with them.

  58. I’ve never tried a juice cleanse but I would love to try, It does scare me a bit though, i don’t know if i could survive on just juice for even a day!

  59. Leanne, I love your website, your recipes and your willingness to share a story that so many of us share in. Also, the fact that you are Canadian is a serious bonus. ;)
    I’ve never done a juice cleanse.. in fact, I’m scared spitless of them plus I don’t have an actual juicer so that’s always been a detriment.. but I’ve been sick for a few days and mysteriously feeling like trash for a few weeks, so I’d be willing to try! Thanks for hosting this offer! Also I want to try this cashew milk….mmmm….

  60. Hi, Leanne, thanks for the cashew recipe… I am in the US. Is there a company that you recommend for cleanses in the USA?
    Thanks again for sharing… Evelyn

    • Hi Evelyn – I know nothing about the juice cleanse market in the USA… I should probably get to doing some research. Basically, you want to look for a company that does NOT pasteurize any of their products. Even HPP. I hope that helps :)

  61. I have yet to do a juice cleanse but I would love to start! I have been really getting into eating healthier… Plus I really need to shed 10lbs! I have read so many things on detoxing, raw diets, and juicing, just hope I can stick to it! So many great things..Thanks!

  62. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a juice cleanse; this would certainly be a simplified way to go about it.

  63. I did the total cleanse a few months a go as my first juice cleanse and it was great! Hoping to win the chance to do it again!

  64. I’ve never done a juice cleanse before but would LOVE to try!!
    I love your juicing recipes, they are so delicious, refreshing and beneficial to the body.

  65. I did a smoothie cleanse once and quite enjoyed it. Now that I have a juicer I will have to try a juice cleanse soon.

  66. haven’t done a juice cleanse ever before! Would love to give it a try. This would be perfect as I’m a new teacher and haven’t got a lot of extra time :)

  67. I LOVE fresh juice…my fave being beetroot, carrot, celery and ginger. Thank you so much for sharing, esp the cashew milk. Delicious!

  68. I don’t think I could really do a complete juice fast, especially dealing with an ED; however, I am very enthusiastic about incorporating them into my everyday routine. For the most part, I make smoothies, but I do really enjoy green juices. I’ve never had a bad experience – although some people seem to ralph after a morning smoothie. I’m not sure why? Too much sugar on an empty stomach? Hmm…

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  69. I have a question about the cashew milk…A lot of places (namely places that talk about cleansing/detoxses/candida actually don’t recommend cashews due to their “high” mold content (similar, but not as high as in peanuts). What is your take on this? I am assuming this is not something you buy into since you make this milk for a cleanse…but have you at least heard of that?


    • Hi Sophie – I have heard of it, yes. I prefer hemp milk but since I’d already published it on the blog, I wanted to try to do the cashew thing. If you trust the source where you are purchasing your nuts, they should be okay!

  70. I have NEVER been able to complete a clense. I have, for over 10 years, endured nightmare symptoms. Recently, I’ve found out that, I carry very high levels of Volitile Organic Compounds and Pesticides. Hence, I am considered highly toxic and will feel like death when I clense. Slow and steady for me now!

  71. I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse, but haven’t been able to find the time since having kids. I would love to try this cleanse!

  72. I am dying to try a juice cleanse! I’m scared of being hungry or weak, but your feedback has made me want to try this so badly. My digestive system is a nightmare. This might be the solution to making me feel better.

  73. Ive done a TC before and it was divine! Only complaint is I did it in Feb and only drinking juice made me pretty cold so it was CHILLY for 3 days. Luckily I was off school and was (literally) taking a bath every time I had a juice because I was freezing! Great value great results.

  74. I started the cleansing with juice and smoothies last yr as my guts were creating havoc and i was trying to control. Some of them helped, some made them worse. I am still struggling on the balance as I have learned my body does not process ruffage well. (too much fibre and me dont enjoy each other). This experiement would be great as I am due for one and will start after I run the NYCM on Nov 3. Works great with my plan

  75. I have always been curious about juice fast but was not sure of a good one to try. Would like to get an opportunity to try this one out to see how my body responds.

  76. My co-worker won a Total Cleanse contest and tried it for 3 days – she LOVED it!! Raved about it and now I want to try as well! :)

  77. Love this! I’ve done two cleanses with Total Cleanse before and absolutely love it. Will definitely be trying to cashew milk recipe next. Thanks!

  78. Do you have any suggestions for a company in the US? I am in serious need of a cleanse, but I don’t own a juicer and can’t invest in one at the moment.

  79. Love juice cleanses! It forces you to really think about what you are putting into your body. I’ve done one before and I loved it!

  80. I am a big fan of juice cleanses but tend to have a hard time seeing a cleanse through to the end. I like that these ones are bottled and ready to go!

  81. so far in my life I have never done a juice cleanse – in fact the thought kinda scares me – I’m just not sure I could do it……I would love to give this one a try – it would be so much easier to manage with the juice already made for me!

  82. I have never made it through a juice cleanse – I just fed up with making them all! .. maybe a deliver service would be a good option.

  83. I’ve friends that have done juicing but not a juice cleanse! Would like to try this to see the benefits.

  84. I have done a solid 4 day juice fast in the past when I found my appetite was starting to get out of control and my digestion was really of poor quality and I was experiencing a lot of gastric upset. Not only did it help me curb my unhealthy appetite and give a break to my digestive system but I was able to make the changes I needed to make to guarantee more “good belly days”. Would love to win this contest. Good quality ingredients is the key to even better results which can be tricky on a limited budget.

  85. I have done one full 5 day juice cleanse and felt amazing during that time. The only thing was that I work shiftwork and preparing all the juices for the day (as I would be gone 12-14 hours depending on the commute and the shift) took a lot of extra time. I would love to experience a prepared cleanse so that I would not have to worry about prepping everything and then cleaning my juicer!
    I think it’s great you follow your body’s cycle when it comes to cleansing. I have been eating intuitively for a while now and once you stop fighting what your body actually wants/ needs everything works a lot better.
    Thanks to Total Cleanse for the giveaway!

  86. definitely scared of cleanses, but willing to try one after my marathon next weekend, as a re-set!

  87. I would love to try a juice-cleanse somtime!! Didn’t know there was a Canadian company out there, great to know!

  88. I am starting a juice cleanse for the first time and I am
    Participated to the juice cleanse giveaway to try out the already prepared juice to feel the difference with homemade prepared juice. I am looking forward to this first time experience and I can wait to feel the positive changes in my body. I am a vegetarian for about 10 years now, been raise with an healthy diet for as far as I can remember. I have become to a point were I want to experience something new for my body and juices cleanse seems right to me!
    I’ll give some news about my experience for sure! Thank you for your amazing recipes and healthy inspirations! And I can wait to try out your cashew milk recipe!

  89. I’ve never tried a juice cleanse before, but it seems like an interesting thing to do in the short term. I do like juices and smoothies.

  90. I’ve never tried a juice cleanse before but have many other ones. I’d like to try one but the juice I tried to make with my blender wasn’t all that great.

  91. I have yet to do a juice or smoothie cleanse. I juice daily, however, and plan to do a cleanse in the coming months. Thank you for the inspiration!

  92. I have never tried a juice cleanse but I really want to and for my busy schedule this would be perfect!

  93. I have tried to do a juice cleanse, but I always get too hungry to actually stick to it. But I would like to be successful sometime!

  94. Hi LeeAnne,
    I have been watching your website for a while now. The 3 day juicing caught my attention so I bought. Juicer and have been following your suggestions for 3 days now. I love most of the combinations! And will make juicing part of my life. Thank you!

    • Hi Holly! I’m so thrilled that you’ve enjoyed the cleansing and juicing experience :)

  95. hi there. Do you know why cashew milk is usually a part of a cleanse instead of almond milk? Is there a particular factor about cashews that help with cleanses in a way that almonds don’t? Thank you so very much for the posting and for any knowledge you might be able to share about the nut milk choices for cleanses. <3

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