Limitless Potential Everywhere

Everyone on this planet; every last one of us, has something special to give one another.

The bank teller, your best friend, the gas station attendant, your boss, your brother, the person ahead of you in the grocery line, the kid opposite you on the train, your mom, your sister, that person in accounting that drives you crazy….


Every person in our lives, no matter how brief their role, are seeds of opportunity bursting with limitless potential.


The potential to learn something about ourselves, to create beauty in our lives, to shift our perception, to inspire us, to enliven us, to brighten us.

Seeing the natural good in others, I would imagine, could help us feel…

part of something larger than ourselves.

heard by everyone.

connected to everything.

free to live without a to do list.

like we’re riding the flow of life.

open to help.

ready for love.

primed to listen.

That’s totally the life I want to live. So, I’m making a promise to myself today, right now. You with me?

I am going to see the potential in everyone. I’m going to imagine their brilliance and be open to connecting with them. A smile, a conversation, a friendship… I am going to be open to it all.

Are you in?

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