Dessert Freedom Recipe Guide is here


It’s here, it’s here!

My Dessert Freedom Recipe Guide is ready to be purchased, downloaded and consumed from front to back. *insert cheeky winks and big smiles here*

Dessert Freedom is an instant PDF download that is packed with 20 supreme dessert recipes (concepts that have never been on the blog) and 20 health-promoting techniques that I’ve lovingly crafted to help you embrace your allergies, conquer your cravings and liberate your dessert dilemma.

The Dessert Freedom recipes are…


allergen-free joy!

A Little Taste

Each tantalizing recipe has a full page picture with it. Dessert Freedom is basically a 76-page picture book. You’ll know exactly what you’re making before you get started.


Nutrition information, storage instructions, short ingredient lists and simple directions make up each and every recipe.

Pump up the Passion

Learn how to infuse Food Freedom – clarity, creativeness, love and compassion, with 20 techniques that are devised to help you:

  • Enjoy desserts… guilt-free
  • Crush your sugar cravings
  • Fall in love with your food sensitivities, allergies and restrictions
  • Nourish yourself
  • Overcome your restrictions

Bring on the love.

Read more about this bundle of goodness that I’ve lovingly prepared for you.



Glorious Praise

Kelly“I’m a huge fan of Leanne and Healthful Pursuit! In Dessert Freedom, mouth-watering photographs and simple recipes with nutrient dense ingredients will have you falling in love with your “restricted” diet. Nothing short of liberating and inspiring as always.”
– Kelly, Cookbook Author | The Spunky Coconut
Kelly“Leanne has created a comprehensive, insightful and gorgeously illustrated guide to dessert freedom. Leanne inspires us to flourish beyond our own limitations. Rather than feeling stuck and disempowered by our allergies, Leanne encourages us to celebrate our unique selves and unleash our creative side through food exploration. Above all, Leanne is an educator and her message is one of hope, joy and optimism. Dessert Freedom is a gift.”
– Kelly, Registered Nutritionist | Inspired Edibles
BethDessert Freedom is beautiful. Leanne is a whirlwind of amazing. Everything she creates, everything that she offers us, is impressive. Dessert Freedom is stacked with advice, tips, techniques and thoughts on eating throughout the book, not just recipes. The work Leanne put into this shines through the pages. Everything I look for in a book. Right here.”
– Beth Manos Brickey, Designer and Illustrator | Hero Design Studio and Tasty Yummies

Get on the Dessert Freedom train by reading more about it and grabbing your copy.

If you are ready to take charge of your health and happiness, eat good desserts, glow from the inside out, and practice techniques that will propel you forward, I’d be honored to help you make it happen.

I’m committed to creating top-notch recipes and guides that will make a difference to you. Dessert Freedom has been my life over the last year and I’m all lit up with anticipation and appreciation that I get to share it with you!

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