Grain-free Pasta and a Giveaway

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I have a super cool, awesome product to share with you today… something I didn’t even think was possible.

It’s grain-free pasta. A grain-free pasta that’s free of wheat, gluten, grains, soy, beans, and rice. True story. And? The pasta itself is dairy-free, too.

I know, I was just as blown away the first time I heard about it, too.

A little back-story… I was at an event with some fellow foodies, when I was introduced to Richard, the owner of Antipastos Kitchen and the mastermind behind this glorious grain-free goodness. We were introduced, he said he was the owner of an oven-ready gluten-free pasta line – which I thought was cool, but nothing that really tickled my fancy, then he listed off the ingredients of his product and the whole conversation changed. I got him to list them off twice just to make sure I’d heard him correctly.


Sweet potatoes, potatoes, potato starch, tapioca starch, arrowroot starch, olive oil, salt, garlic and xanthum gum.

Ravioli without cheese, gnocchi in tomato sauce, fresh fettuccini made of eggs…

No grains. No grains!

I got excited, asked for his business card, picked up a bunch of Antipastos Kitchen products at our local gluten-free store, and here we are.

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My favorite part about the Antipastos Kitchen products that I picked up is that each of them are fully cooked. All I have to do is pull off the packaging, wrap in foil, and throw in the oven for 45 minutes or so. And, if cooking things in foil just ‘aint your style, I prepared a couple by plopping the frozen mass into a casserole dish and it worked wonderfully.

Want to join in the grain-free pasta party with me? Enter to win a $50 gift card for Antipastos Kitchen products. Richard will personally send the winner $50 worth of product of their choice.

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*Antipastos Kitchen products are only available in Canada.

If you’re located in another part of the world, show your grain-free pasta love in the comments below – enough love could send this glorious product south of the boarder!

Antipastos Kitchen Giveaway

This post was sponsored by Antipastos Kitchen. All opinions expressed herein are those of Healthful Pursuit Inc. and are not indicative of the positions or opinions of Antipastos Kitchen. Thank you for supporting the brands that I believe in and choose to feature here.

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  1. Wow, these products look amazing! I’m ‘south of the boarder’…but entered, fingers crossed!

  2. Hey this is really cool! i always see things ‘only available in the us’ so this is nice to know I can actually purchase something like this if I want to. This would be the perfect treat for me, guilt free and they look really good. I said the jumbo ravioli with Roasted Butternut Squash, Garlic, and Onion sounded the best…MMMM!

  3. Oh how I would LOVE for this to be “south of the border” :) I bet they are fabulous!

  4. I live in a rural town. Delicacies of this kind are hard to come by. Looks yummy!

  5. I’ve been searching forever for a grain free pasta dish! Especially dairy free ravioli!! Being in the “southern end of the border” really bums me out knowing I can’t purchase any of these great finds. But I am excited to just know it’s out there! :)

  6. I love that you made him list the ingredients twice…”Say what now?!? Run that deliciousness by me again!” :)

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend.

  7. I’d totally enter if I lived in Canada! :) I’ve made sweet potato gnocchi with chickpea flour before, so good! I have the recipe up on my recipage :)

  8. Yay! A giveaway that Canadians qualify for!!! So excited. Would LOVE to try grain free pasta. Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  9. That is my ideal pasta! I so want to try it! They should
    Definitely start selling in the US too!!

  10. Oh Leanne, I am so bummed this is only available in Canada! (I mean, I didn’t expect them to be available in Brisbane, but my heart was beating faster thinking about my upcoming trip home to NYC.) Can you make a version of these yourself to share with us?

  11. Oh how I would love for you (with your ingenious cooking skills) to re-create this recipe after the giveaway!

  12. YUM – O! I love gnocchi and italian food in general .. always such a treat! Although I do have to be careful with starchy potato consumption as my stomach can be sensitive to it – I only eat it on special occasions.
    Looking forward to checking out and trying this brand :)

  13. Met Him in London, ON and loved his passion. Tod me his story about his friend that needed GF pasta and creative mind went to work. Have tried the Sweet potato Gnocchi and it is wonderful. I wish there was more vegan options. Nice giveaway

  14. That gnocchi looks SO good! I would love to try it and Antipastos Kitchen’s other products as well. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the drawing!

  15. I’m new to this site but have already found so much to love! I’m your neighbor to the South but I do have family up North but of course, I’d love to see something like this available in my local supermarket and health-food store in the meantime, I’m hopeful I hope I can win this because this sounds like the pasta of my dreams.

  16. Those are awesome products! Please start selling them in the US! I know people would go crazy for them!

  17. yay, I’m from Canada! This looks delish, I would love to try it. And its great that its dairy free too because I can’t have gluten or dairy.

  18. after all those years of searching for items south of the Border, now the Yanks might have to drive north to get these. thanks to Canadian creativity, as a previous writer said, you know Edison bought the rights to the light bulb, invented by a Canadian!!!!!!

  19. Whoa! Even if I don’t win I’m going to have to order some of the Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli! I can’t even tell you how long it has been since I’ve had gluten-free ravioli let alone dairy-free and grain-free too! Wow, so impressive. Fantastic giveaway, thank you for the opportunity Leanne!

  20. I would so love for this to be available south of the border. I don’t do so hot with grains so I try to stay away from them. I sure would love to try these – if not, I guess I need to try and make them myself. :(

  21. Would love love love to see these products available on Amazon! They look so delicious!

  22. This is just the product I have been looking for! I love the idea of having pasta without feeling guilty. I am in Florida so I am about as far from Canada as could be, but here’s hoping!

  23. Wow, that is amazing! I hope companies like this really take off, and please come to the USA.
    Love that the ingredients are so transparent, and seriously..dairy free ravioli?!

  24. OMG! i am so jealous. it is super hard to find stuff like that here in the states. so jelly of your noodles!!! crossing my fingers for a southern noodle migration!

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