4 New Recipes and Dairy-free Alternatives


Some of you eat dairy, some of you do not. That’s cool.

I like to make sure that we have a little bit of everything here on Healthful Pursuit, for everyone. The definition of health is different for each and every one of us. Paleo, vegan, grain-free, dairy-free, candida, sugar-free…

Every month, I create 4 new recipes for Happy Days Dairies. Last month, I shared the 4 recipes with you and also gave you tips on how to shift a couple of ingredients around to make them into dairy-free recipes. You all loved the first post so very much that I’ve decided to make this a monthly thing.

You ready?

Cheddar Cheese Sauce (7)

White Cheddar Cheese Sauce - Thick and rich cheddar cheese sauce… perfect for a big bowl of fresh cooked pasta!

Dairy-free alternative: stay tuned this week. I have a solution to all of your cheese sauce woes.


Strawberry Cheesecake Shooters – Mini strawberry cheesecakes made in shot glasses to control portion size… and to feel cute while eating them!

Dairy-free alternative: stuff my vegan cheesecake in shot glasses and call it a day! To make things easier, you could use a fruit spread topping like in the Happy Days recipe and ditch the cranberries.

Curried Grilled Cheese (24)

Curried Grilled Cheese - Curried onions, mayonnaise and goat cheese in a grown up style grilled cheese.

Dairy-free alternative: your best bet is to use a dairy-free cheese like daiya vegan cheese or make your own vegan shredded cheese… but it will not be melty.

Creamy Lime Quinoa Salad (18)

Creamy Lime Quinoa Salad – A fresh and light salad packed with high protein quinoa, black beans and fresh veggies, surrounded in a creamy goat cheese and lime dressing.

Dairy-free alternative: remove the goat cheese all together and just have this salad with olive oil and lime juice. Still so VERY good!

I’d love to hear from you…

Do you follow a specific diet – whether it be paleo, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, sugar-free…

Or, do you let your body be your guide and just eat what you feel you need to?

Your wisdom and experience can make a huge difference for others… so share away!

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  1. I do not adhere to one specific diet. I just like to enjoy as many whole foods as possible. I love vegetables and fruits, and will often eat vegetarian/vegan meals. I sometimes crave cheese, and enjoy that as well. I buy high-quality meats and seafoods, for when I want more animal protein in my diet. I soak and cook my own beans every weekend to keep on hand. I also keep sprouted grain bread in my freezer when I’m craving a piece of toast. So, I’m all over the place, and I feel fortunate that I don’t have any dietary restrictions based on allergies or intolerances. This is what works best for me, and I truly believe we are all different and have to respect what works best for each of us, individually. :)

    • This is exactly the way I am…I mean exactly. I am also extremely thankful that I am not sensitive to any foods.

  2. I let my body tell me what it needs. I have been a vegetarian for half of my life. But when I got pregnant I was craving meat so I started eating it again. Now I’ve been breastfeeding for 8 months my body still craves meat. I would like to go back to vegetarianism eventually.

  3. I’m trying to be dairy free because my love of cheese gets me back the next day. I indulge occasionally and manage the consequence. (writing those words making s me realize that I should really stop that !)
    I’m fairly new to your blog and I’ve been loving it. Thanks for your insight, enthusiasm, and recipes. :-)

  4. I do a gluten-free/dairy free diet, (tummy issues) so providing some alternatives is a great help!! Thank You!!

  5. I am a vegetarian who avoids dairy except for cheese occasionally. My son however is vegan and must avoid gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, citrus, soy and a few other things… so I tend to eat what he eats.

  6. Leanne, I could not help noticing that the measurement for black beans in the creamy lime quinoa salad is not mentioned in the recipe. It was not in the ingredients list. How much black beans should be added? Thanks!

    • Hi Heather – sorry about that, I’ll let Happy Days know immediately! It should be 1 cup cooked black beans.

  7. I have Celiac Disease, so I follow a strict gluten-free diet. I also have allergies to dairy, corn, and soy. To be truthful, I will indulge in something with dairy, corn, and soy – sometimes my body really shouts at me about it, but other times I make a relatively clean get away. Love your recipes! They do not always use ingredients that are friendly for me, but I know that they’ll be another recipe coming soon that will be more up my alley.

  8. Still on an anti-candida diet…dairy free, sugar free, grain free, no fruit, mainly fish, organic chicken and certain vegetables. I have just found out through research that candida are known sources of oxolates, which can cause crystals to form in the body, so I am trying a low oxolate diet as well to try and decrease some of the body pain. So, more food eliminations…no more almonds :-(. It’s not that difficult, when you realize how much better you feel, but the hard part is going to be when my husband and I are in India staying with his family, I love Indian food, but most of it is not on my diet, so I don’t know what I am going to eat. Probably farm raised chicken, raw salads and lots of coconut.

  9. I eat gluten free and mostly dairy free and my son is completely dairy free. I can’t wait to read about the “cheese” sauce. I make a sauce with nutritional yeast, but I’m always on the lookout for a new one!

  10. I am allergic to whey, peanuts, and eggs of any kind. My allergy test didn’t show wheat, but I was still feeling sick so I went gluten free and feel much better since. I feel fortunate that hard cheeses don’t contain whey!! Seriously, I think I’ve developed a slight addiction to sharp cheddar (which I used to hate) since I stopped eating other dairy. I have tried a number of eating styles to try to find what my body likes…and my body doesn’t really like to stick to anything in particular. I find that when I eat what I want, I eat a relatively healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables, and a few choice grains like oats and rice. I tried eating Paleo for about 3 weeks. It felt amazing at first because I was eating more protein (I usually don’t eat enough of it), but after a while it just made me feel heavy and weak. For me, it’s all about balance and listening to what my body is telling me it wants!
    Thanks so much for putting together the dairy-free alternatives, Leanne!

  11. Hi! These look so delicious :) I went dairy free for a very long time for health improvement and have just started adding it back in. No bad symptoms yet :) I was wondering what camera you use? Your pictures look great! Thanks!

    • Hi April! Very cool. Have you tried goat dairy? It’s far easier on your digestion that cow’s dairy. Thought I’d mention ;) I use a Canon 7D and love it immensely. Thank you for your kind words!

      • Hi Leanne, thanks for the reply! Yes I have tried goat dairy. I actually enjoy it more than cow dairy. I also love sheep dairy, which is even more easy to digest than goat’s!

  12. I can never write this enough, but thank you so much for all your wonderful recipes! I live to see what new, yummy treats you make. It’s been so helpful while adopting a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free diet. Thank you again! =)

  13. variety is the spice of life, and i love how you always have endless options on your blog!
    i look forward to trying all these recipes :) especially those strawberry cheesecaker shooters… omg YUM!
    great post!

    • Hi Saniel – I have included dairy-free substitution recommendations under each recipe which will make each of these goat cheese recipes 100% dairy-free :)

  14. I eat goat cheese about once a month, otherwise I’m dairy free. Out of curiosity, how much dairy do you eat Leanne?

    • Hi Amy! Sounds like a nice plan! Kevin is the goat dairy eater in the family. All these recipes go straight to him. Other than testing a bit here and there with the Happy Days recipes I prepare, I don’t eat it generally.

  15. Everyone always asks me what diet I’m on (vegan, paleo, etc). and I always have to tell them, no not a specific diet, just a “what doesn’t make me sick” diet.
    Although lately I’ve been trying to follow a low-histamine diet, which is really hard when all the good foods are high in histamine or release histamine!

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