Coconut Lime Frosty Cups

Coconut Lime Frosty Cups (51)-2

Not a day goes by that I don’t treat myself to something sweet. A baked apple, frozen banana, small piece of chocolate… nothing fancy, just something small that I can savor.

If I’m feeling ultra creative, I’ll whip up a quick dessert that’s freezer friendly and make a couple of servings to last the whole week long.

Are you the same? What sorts of treats do you like to make?

Coconut Lime Frosty Cups (27)

This recipe, that I shared over at Paleo Parents this week, is exactly the kind of daily dessert I gravitate toward.

5 ingredients.





And of course, I added step by step pictures as always.


Head on over to Paleo Parents for the recipe… but before you go, tell me…

What sorts of snacks do you prepare for the week ahead?

Are you more of a sweet or savory person when it comes to snacking?

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