Moving Progress + Publishing Time on the Blog

We received a call late Thursday night letting us know that our boxes and furniture would be arriving Saturday. Woohoo!

I rounded up the dogs early Saturday morning for our sunrise walk and was greeted to a bouquet of wild flowers on our door step. We have some of the sweetest neighbors! Not only did the flowers brighten up my day, but knowing that it was the last time we’d have to sleep on the floor of the new place topped it all off for me.

We ran to Home Depot following our walk in search for a shower curtain rod, endless screws and picture hanging accessories and some extra light bulbs. That darn rod was so hard to get down off it’s rack holdy thing. Yes, that’s a technical word.

Then, we headed to the Angrignon Loblaws just a couple of kilometers away from our house in search of a natural foods section. Thanks Gabrielle for the recommendation! The store had everything that we were looking for and then some.

Ah! Including almond milk… how we’ve missed you so.

And; just because I knew I wouldn’t be able to find my big knife that same day, we bought some peeled, washed, and ready to cook butternut squash for dinner that night. How handy is that? I just baked them in the oven with a bit of mashed medjool dates, coconut oil and salt. Delish!

We got home with just enough time to set up the remaining pieces for my office,

tuck away the puppies for all the action that was about to ensue,

and welcome the moving truck with open arms.

We really, really missed our things. It feels so good to be writing this all cuddled up on our sectional as opposed to painstakingly trying to survive another moment sprawled out on the floor.

When our things were originally loaded in Airdrie by AMJ Campbell, they’d placed numbered tags on each item to make moving in a lot simpler. Upon arrival in Montreal, the movers gave us a sheet with those same numbers on them and called out the number from each item when they brought something into the house. It was a two man job making sure that we had everything and all items were accounted for.

While the same cannot be said for our experience with the sales people and our account manager at AMJ Campbell, our driver, Ron, was so patient, calm and professional throughout the experience.

The movers helped us assemble our bed, but I didn’t get to sorting through the boxes and boxes of clothes I now regret not going through and donating a large portion of it before we moved. I’ll reserve that project for tomorrow.

Kevin looked so happy to be surrounded with the things that made up our home back in Alberta. His first order of business was to set up the sectional in our new living room and get our entertainment system all set up so we could have a relaxing evening watching a movie.

I somehow managed to unpack the entire kitchen, basement, and organize the garage in the following 4 hours. On top of that, I was actually able to prepare a meal last night with two frying pans, spices, and serve the feast on a plate, a plate! And… we ate at the table, not the floor!

Come the end of the day, the puppies looked much happier and at peace knowing that this was our new home now. They found their same cuddle spots – under the couch for Pebbles and curled up to the side of the couch for Lexy and we all nestled in for some relaxing time in from of the TV… then we each had the best sleep we’ve had in over 2 weeks.

This feels like home.

Today, Kevin and I are taking a break from it all and heading into downtown for the Art Tattoo Show so we can find me an artist in our new city, then head to Crudessence for a late lunch. I love that we’re only a 20 minute metro ride away from my (new) all-time favorite restaurant. They’ll be seeing a lot of me, I just know it.

Publishing time on the blog

Although our first week here had a bunch of sleep-ins as we got accustomed to the 2 hour time difference, moving from MST to EST means that the publishing time for the blog will change slightly, about 2 hours earlier than what it was previously. I’m still committed to a Monday to Friday schedule with a couple of weekend posts sprinkled in when I’m dying to share something and, as always, am open to recipe suggestions as I get my photography setup all organized in the new place!

Have a great Sunday, everyone :)

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    • Aren’t they? We’re loving it here already :) Thanks for your words of encouragement! Hope you have a wonderful day too, Erica :)

  1. That was so sweet of your neighbors!

    Oh, the joys of moving! We have moved many times across the country (US) due to my husband’s job. I think I am still finding those sticky numbers on some of our stuff. I’m glad you are getting settled in! There is truly nothing better than sleeping in your own bed after sleeping on an air mattress or getting back into the kitchen!

    I hope your puppies are doing well! Our kitty always loves exploring a new place each time we move! :)

    Also, y’all did a great job painting! It looks awesome!

    • Thanks, Heather! We still need to do quite a bit of painting, but we put a really large dent in it! Our puppies are doing so much better now, they’re resting as we are and are getting really comfortable here.

  2. Looks like everything is finally coming together!! I love the feeling after a move once everything is in place (we just did this at the end of July). I can now say that our place is almost how we want it – with the exception of painting everything! haha

    • I’m so happy we painted before our stuff got here or we wouldn’t have at all. It’s such a pain when everything’s in the house to move it around and make way for paint. You can do it though! A change of color can really, really change a room!

  3. Glad to hear you guys are settling in! i love the purple colour of your office. I just moved from Toronto to Vancouver so I could understand the trials of moving – and I was just moving myself – not a whole house and two dogs!

    Have fun in your new city!

    • Toronto to Vancouver, that’s a big move! Having a big house and a whole family to move definitely complicates things. I didn’t know how much stuff we had until we started packing it all up, ah!

  4. I recently moved (to Toronto) as well!! Good luck in your upcoming events & hope you like your new place <3

  5. Yay! So happy you were able to find everything you needed :)

    Also, there is a place called Marché Akhavan on Sherbrooke West (I dont know where you live exactly but it’s probably super close) and they have a bunch of ethnic products (mostly arabic) and fresh produce! I’ve never been personally but I’ve only heard amazing things about this place and I’m planning on going soon! Just thought I’d let you know!

    • Sweet, thanks a lot! It’s a couple minutes bus ride from our house, we passed it today actually! I’ll make my way there this week. Thanks so much, your suggestions have helped tremendously ;)

    • Thanks Julie! It’s coming together. Can’t wait to share the final pictures once everything’s unpacked and sorted!

  6. Congrats on getting your stuff! When I’ve moved, there is NOTHING quite like the feeling of beating your stuff to the destination and then seeing that huge truck finally rolling up (the very small) street!

    And love the purple wall & white shelves – gorgeous!

    When I travel to Aruba and it’s a 3 to 4 hour time difference depending on time of the year b/c they don’t do daylight savings time, publishing is always different for me.

    • You’re right, it was so sweet to see it arrive. Such a relief, too!

      Thanks for pointing out the shelf! I’ve had it on my list of things to purchase since you chatted about yours and how much you liked it. They didn’t have the same one in Canada, but it was pretty close. I can’t wait to place all of my blog props and craft supplies in it!

    • Ah, you’re not the first person this week to request that Indian food come back to the blog. I’ve continued to experiment with it, but got caught up in eating endless bowls of eggplant curry this summer! I love the idea of making uttapam. I’ve had it a couple of times and love, love, love it! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll try my best and can promise that I’ll post more Indian themed meals soon ;)

  7. Excuse my sense of humor, but I think it is so funny that you’re sleeping on blankets on the floor! I suppose I don’t know where else you would sleep, I just got a small laugh out of that photo. Your new house looks great already, looking forward to seeing photos after the move-in is complete!

    • haha no worries at all ;) We had air mattresses under the blankets, they’re just a bit difficult to see as they were rather thin. We’re happy to be in our bed now, that’s for sure.

  8. what a sweet gesture from your neighbor. I love reading your blog and I wish you all the happiness in your new jobs/home. I can’t wait to see pics and more recipes, too! Did you repaint the whole house? If so, I Love all of your color choices. I love the purple walls!

    PS You can donate your clothes to me! :0)

    • Hi Susan – thank you, that means so much to the both of us. So far so good. We’re really falling in love with this new city. Yes, we repainted the whole house minus the hallway. I chose a palate for it but couldn’t get it done in time so it’ll be a project I embark on in a couple of weeks. (plus painting is a lot of work, yikes!)

  9. I almost went to the tattoo convention, too! Had I known that you were going, I would’ve totally gone. Did you manage to find a tattoo artist? Have you met Josi at Art Cyniq? She does awesome work and will most definitely be doing my next piece,

    Good to see your place, and your new life, is slowly coming together. I enjoy reading every bit of your adventure. Thanks a bunch for sharing all that with us!

    • It was so-so. There were a couple good artists there – Olivier in Wonderland… OMG, ridiculously amazing work. There was another one who I thought was pretty good. Grabbed his card, but can’t remember his name. I didn’t meet Josi and don’t remember seeing Art Cyniq but there were a lot of booths there, easy to get confused. I’ll go check it out now!

      • Oh, Olivier IS amazing. He’s the one who did the cupcake on my shoulder. And it is through Glamort that I met Yannis, who did my latest piece, and his lovely newly wedded wife Josianne, who will be doing my next piece. I’m even thinking of having then work on a joint project for me. That could be really cool! You can check out Josi’s page on FB here : Get this… one of her mostest favoritest things to draw is FOOD! Gotta love that girl! ;)

        • That is too cool, thanks for sharing her page with me! You know, I’d never thought to get food tattooed on me. Strange because it’s a huge part of my life. Love her work, is the cupcake on her Facebook page yours?

          • No… my cupcake was done by Olivier. I’d have to try and find a picture. Or maybe take a new one. I really like the one on Josi’s page, though. For sure, she will HAVE to ink some food into my pores! Probably some candy and ice cream too! But shhhhht… don’t tell anyone! ;)

            She really does brilliant work! Too bad you didn’t see her at the convention…

  10. Hi, if you live near Angrignon that means you are also near Verdun. There is a store called Marché Branche d’Olivier on Wellington Street which you are going to love. They have all sorts of natural and organic products, Oriental foods and spices, vegan and gluten-free products, bulk legumes, middle eastern specialties, natural and organic soaps, shampoos etc. Also their prices are more than reasonable. For example you can buy 2 boxes of Almond Breeze Almond milk for 5$ compared to 3.75$ a box in some Maxi stores. Here is the address and a map :

    • Wow thanks! I’ll head over there next time I run to Loblaws. Looks like it’d be a 15-20 minute drive from my house. Sounds magical!

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