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by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on September 13, 2012

Good morning! Can you believe it’s already Thursday? I’ve spent so much time organizing the new place that I seem to have lost track of time somewhere along the way. Our boxes are unpacked, pictures are hung, and our separate offices are setup just the way we like them. I even have a little space for my food photography now! I’ll take you on a tour tomorrow.

Today marks the final post in the 3 week series of guests to visit the blog and I couldn’t have chosen a better colleague to wrap things up than Sonnet. Her blog, For The Love of Food, showcases some of the most delicious, vegan recipes I’ve ever set my eyes on. Her creations are simple, clean, and finger-licking good. Paired with her ability to make her readers giggle at each story she shares on the blog, For The Love of Food is fresh space filled with a powerful resource of healthy living tidbits.

In true For The Love of Food style, Sonnet shares with us a super creative way to enjoy your daily dose greens. I was so intrigued by this recipe that I made it the same day she sent it over to me. Wow does she have a good thing going on here! Sweet kale is the way to go, people.

Hi! I’m so excited to be guest posting for Leanne this week while she is getting her new life set up in Montreal! My name is Sonnet and I blog over at For The Love of Food, a seasonal, plant-based cooking blog that’s filled with my random stories about life and quirky humor. As a holistic health coach and food educator, my goal is to demystify different vegetables, legumes, and whole grains with simple, delicious recipes that you can easily recreate in your own kitchen.

I am always inspired by Leanne’s creativity, especially around dessert, so this week I decided to turn one of my favorite vegetables into a salty, coconut-y, chocolate-y indulgence.

Are you ready? Good. But first, let’s talk about Oprah.

Like most people I have a couple of big regrets in my life. But the biggest one? I never watched Oprah.

Don’t get me wrong, sure, I saw a few bits of the show here and there. And I generally knew of the show when I was growing up because my mom was kinda obsessed with her… “Oprah says never to eat after 7 pm! Not even a grape!”

But as an adult, I never sat down and watched it. And now that she’s off the air, I feel like everyone keeps talking about her. The bottom line here is that I really think I missed out.

I learned an important lesson from this: Jump on the bandwagon. Join the crowd. Follow the trend. And sooner rather than later… because one day it will be too late.

Besides missing out on Oprah, the other regret I have is not turning kale chips from a savory, salty snack into an even-more addictive sweet treat sooner. Clearly I had been missing out and didn’t even know it.

That being said, have you jumped on the kale chip bandwagon yet? If not, then now’s the time. I certainly don’t want you to live with regrets.


My friend caught me in the middle of the kitchen stuffing my face with these chips. Naturally, she used the opportunity to make fun of me: “Why would you cover kale chips with chocolate? Isn’t the whole point of kale chips to eat healthy?” Clearly, she does not understand.

The point of kale chips isn’t that they are “healthy.” The point is that they taste good.

So naturally, the point of chocolate-covered kale chips isn’t to make a healthy dessert. The point is that they taste great. (Duh.)

And, why wouldn’t you cover kale chips with chocolate? I may not know Oprah very well, but I have a hunch she would be on board with this one.

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Chocolate Kale Chips
Allergens: Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Refined sugar-free, Yeast-free, Corn-free, Grain-free, Nut-free
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1
Dessert kale chips covered with chocolate and coconut oil.
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix coconut oil, cocoa powder, and maple syrup. Toss leaves in chocolate-oil mixture and coat thoroughly. Lay flat on sheet pan, making sure kale is spread out and not touching. Top with sea salt and bake about 15 minutes, turning at least once, until chips are crispy.
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Erica { }

Sonnet, I love your name and this recipe looks delicious! I keep bugging my bf to make kale chips with me sometime but we have to wait until it’s a little bit cooler before we use the oven again. Can’t wait to try these in a few weeks!



Yay I love Sonnet’s blog! And chips, and chocolate. Oh, and I have a bunch of kale sitting in the fridge just asking to be made into chips. Thanks Sonnet! :)


Beth @ Tasty Yummies

Oooh I cannot wait to check out Sonnet’s blog, I love that about these guest post series…finding even more amazing sites to follow.
I love kale chips and have seen versions like this before that include chocolate, I am definitely intrigued, I need to just try it!


Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat

Ok, I’ve had kale chips in all sorts of flavours, but never chocolate. This is something I won’t be missing out on!! ;)
Leanne- can’t wait for the tour tomorrow!!


Alissa N

Chocolate+kale!? That is brilliant!! My grandfather made chocolate covered strawberries for a family party a few weeks ago, and he had extra chocolate so he chocolate dipped broccoli because he knows how much I love veggies! I have to say, as weird as it sounds, it was actually really yummy!! I will have to try these, they sound delish!


Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit)

Wow, chocolate covered broccoli? I’m down! It’s so great that he made a dish he thought you’d enjoy!


Michelle@Peachy Palate

I have to try this!! I’m a kale chip addict, I eat them every day!!! Totally pinning!



Yum. That’s it. YUM.





maria L

im very tempted to try this! :-) mouth watering at 12midnight. Thanks,!


Katherine @ Green Thickies

Oh yum! These look amazing.

I adore kale chips and I recently had coconut kale chips which are amazing. Sweet kale chips are one of the best things ever! I’m going to try this very soon.

Many thanks



I made these last week…and they are addictive!!!! Thanks, Leanne!



I have yet to make a chocolate kale chip- this recipe sounds great!



I made these over the weekend, and even my boyfriend (who swears he just “doesn’t like sweets”) became a believer. They were orgasmic. They literally melted in your mouth, and had the perfect mix of rich sweetness with savory notes from the sea salt. Delicious!

I am curious what types of kale you’ve tried this with? I used curly this time around, but I have some lacinato I am considering trying.



YUM! I’ve been craving chocolate like crazy lately and I’ve got every ingredient but the kale. Looks like I’m picking some up at the farmer’s market tomorrow and making this for dessert!


Carol Quillin

I was attending a yoga class at a park and we had them after class as a snack.Yummy. I am going to try them toady to take to a all girls happy hour. Cant wait. Hope they turn out.


Kim @ Diet Smoothie Plan

Nice recipe Sonnet. I never knew there was so many health benefits from Kale until I done some research. That’s pretty much how I also found this page ;) I’ve been on a health kick making cranberry kale smoothies so I might make some chocolate kale chips for a snack.



Lynne W

I get the feeling that I can’t put these in a dehydrator because the coconut oil would melt. But I could add the chocolate and coconut oil after dehydrating the kale. This will be fun to experiment with!


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