Raspberry Mojito Popsicles

Goat Dairy is so versatile! Since partnering with Happy Days Dairies I’ve combined goat dairy with chocolate, chicken, dill, beets, and pears to make salads, pate, cooling entrees and appetizers. Each recipe has me proclaiming that it’s the best I’ve made with Happy Days products, until the following week rolls around and I begin saying it all over again. I suppose that’s a good sign!

This week, I decided to play off my favorite Cuban drink by mixing vanilla goat yogurt, lime juice, mint, and raspberries and dropping the mix into my new popsicle mold. If you don’t have to keep the popsicle PG, feel free to add rum into the mix!

Fresh, light, summery and under 100 calories.

Head on over to my Happy Days Dairies Inspirations page for the new recipe!

I’ve also made some suggestions here on ways to adjust the recipe to make it dairy-free so that anyone can enjoy this delicious treat!

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  1. Aww these look so pretty! Great job on the photos, Leanne. I don’t think I’ve ever tried goats milk yogurt before… does it have the same texture as regular yogurt, or is it thick kind of like Greek? I think I’ve got another thing to add to my Try Something New Tuesday list of to-do’s!

  2. These look so refreshing! I keep craving cold treats at night… and keep forgetting to break out my popsicle mold. I need to get on that!

    • I’m with you, Cara! The last thing on my mind when I want a cold treat is making popsicles and then waiting a whole day for them!

  3. These are so beautiful Leanne! I love the colors. I haven’t ventured into trying goat milks since I removed dairy from my diet earlier this year, but I keep thinking I should…. Thanks for another great recipe.
    (BTW your photos are looking amazing!!)

    • Thanks, Beth! If it’s the lactose that you’re sensitive to, goat milk has much less and should aggravate you as much. Worth a shot if it’s lactose you’re reacting to :)

  4. What a great recipe, I’ll be trying these out soon and sharing them with friends. At last a way to feel ‘naughty’ while eating good food.

    • haha that’s what it’s ALL about! Glad you like the recipe, Sophie :)

  5. Wow, your raspberry mojito pops look absolutely perfect! Thanks for sharing the link above with where to get the mold, I may be ordering it myself!

    • It’s such a great mold, Brandon! I’ve used it a bunch of times and am really happy with it. One word of caution – order extra popsicle sticks! They’re thinner than your average stick and if your home is anything like mine, you’ll need a refill pretty quick!

    • I’m glad my recipe has inspired you to test out new flavor combos! Popsicles are so fun and easy to make, and you can rarely go wrong!

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