Traveling Through India: The Streets

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One of my first India experiences was having to cross the road at the Mumbai airport to find my shuttle. There were people everywhere, new smells, yelling, endless honking… it was like nothing I’d ever experienced.

After I got more comfortable venturing out on my own, I spent more time roaming random streets sucking in as much culture as I could than I did yoga, if you can believe it!

To give you an idea of what it was like, here’s a video I shot of a portion of my cab ride through Trivandrum:


My favorite moment of them all was during Siva day where the people of Kallikadu played om namah shivaya over the intercom in celebration.Thankfully, I had my phone with me and ended up taking a video of it.

When I’m having a rough day I play this video, close my eyes and bring myself right back to what is now my favorite place on Earth, chanting on Siva day.


In addition to the chanting, there were a lot of motorcycles and pedal bikes on the sides of the roads,

beautiful old taxis with some of the most uncomfortable seats I’ve ever sat on. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, though.

Busy streets in larger cities,

and quiet, forested streets in small villages.

Ladies with umbrellas to protect their gorgeous skin from the sun,

and me on a mission to explore it all!

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  1. Wow, gorgeous! Even though I consider myself much more of a city girl, I like the small village photos best. :) All those bright colours make me so happy – I think drab North American fashion could take a few hints from them! I hope today is a fabulous one for you Leanne!

    • Thank you, Angela! You’re right, the colours were so ridiculously bright there, it was a treat to photograph!

  2. Your pics are great, and loved the videos! They make me feel like I was there, and I know iI won’t be going to India anytime soon, so thank you for sharing, and for taking me to India!

  3. I love this! Your photos and videos really brought me back to the wonderful memories I have of India a few years ago… ahhh I miss it!!! The country and its people and culture is so different than what we’re used to but so so beautiful in its own way. I want to go back!

    • Hard to believe I’ve already been home for 2.5 months, it feels so much longer than that. I can appreciate just how much you miss it. Do you have any plans to go back soon?

  4. India sounds so busy..we watched Amazing Race and I was surprised at all the cars, horns, and people! Always awesome to explore a different culture though!

    • That’s only in the major cities. Mumbai was loud, just like you described, but the smaller villages and towns were so peaceful.

  5. Thanks for these wonderful pictures. It’s what I picture in my mind of India, sort of…thank you for helping me connect the dots and want to go there without a doubt one day!

  6. This brings back so many memories:) I was enamored by so many things when i first landed in chicago, and then went to so many other places.. everything being so organized, so similar and a completely different way of travel. Back home, there is no sense of direction or street names, we just remember it via landmarks and instincts:)

    • So very true! Turn right at the blue sign, hang a left near the butterfly picture on the sidewalk. When you see the samosa food cart, cross the street then go through the alley. Those were the directions I got when I was trying to find the marketing in Mumbai. So completely different from North America!

  7. Thank you for letting us join you in your memories of India, Leanne, really!

    • Thanks Alex! It was pretty cool that they were playing the chants all through the village. Imagine if a big city had an intercom system? Awesome!!

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