Meal Planning Giveaway!

Thank you everyone for participating! The winners for this giveaway are: Suzanne, Amanda and Shelby. I’ll email you ladies in a few!


Real Meals Meal Plan Subscription Program is going on its third month of delivering healthy meal plans. To celebrate, I thought it’d be fun to do a little giveaway.

What is Real Meals?

It’s a 7 day meal plan that subscribers receive on a weekly basis. They learn how to nourish their body with healthful, home cooked meals that don’t require a lot of prep work or complicated ingredients.

  • learn how to incorporate whole, unprocessed ingredients into your daily routine
  • stay organized and focused at the grocery store with a printable shopping list, complete with required amounts of each ingredient

Dietary restrictions

  • plans are suitable for gluten-free, dairy-free, and peanut-free diets
  • an allergen guide accompanies each plan and highlights vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, corn-free, and nut-free recipes
  • many recipes are easily made vegan with substitution recommendations throughout

What to expect

Receive an email every Tuesday with the week’s plan. Each plan comes with with:

  • Enough breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to last 7 days
  • Organized shopping list complete with required amounts of each ingredient
  • Cooking tips
  • Make-ahead suggestions
  • Printer-friendly recipes and guides
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Healthful ingredient tips
  • Vegan and grain-free substitutions

Download yourself a free copy of Real Meals here.

The giveaway

Enter for a chance to win:

  • 1 month free subscription to whole food eats weekly meal plans

3 winners will be selected!

Open to all countries and those who already have a subscription.

How to enter

Receive up to 3 entries by:

  1. Tweet it: You could say something like, I want to win 1 month of healthy #glutenfree meal plans from @be_healthful
  2. Pin on Pinterest
  3. Comment: What do you look for in a meal plan? If you’ve never considered meal planning, do you prepare meals ahead of time or just wing it?

Please leave a *separate comment* for each entry!

The giveaway will be open until Sunday May 6 with the winner announced on Monday May 7.

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  1. Well I’ve never really made up a meal plan i usually get home from track and see what i feel like eating or if im making lunch i usually do a salad or sandwich. I think this would be really beneficial for me so that i can incorporate new healthy foods into my diet.

  2. In a meal plan I look for something that I will actually do-something that is feasible with my schedule and something with yummy food!! Some meal plans can be monotonous, and I love trying new recipes and foods so diversity is good!

  3. In a meal plan I look for something nutritionally well-rounded made with ingredients I normally have in my pantry :)

  4. Pinned on Pintrest. Btw – I’m currently chowing down on your 5 Minute Breakfast Cup-cake… love your breakfast recipes!

  5. In a meal plan I’d look for something easy, and the correct amount of ingredients so I don’t under buy or over buy. I also have never tried a meal plan since I’m a gluten free vegan!

  6. When I meal plan for the week, I look for recipes I can make ahead of time because I don’t have time to cook everyday; I look for a few cheap recipes (I’m trying to be better about working off what I have); and I look for something new. I’m really made at getting into a rut, liking eating avocado toast everyday for a week. So delicious! I’m in a bit of a meal funk right now so this would be perfect!

  7. I meal plan at the start of each week… I generally look for variety in snacks! I have no problem figuring out main meals, soups, stews, quinoa salads, etc. to make in big batches for the week but I often find myself eating the same snack (veg and hummus) day in, day out! Having well-balanced snacks ideas would be very helpful. I’ve also become more conscious of incorporating protein and healthy carbs and fats in each meal – meal plans that incorporate this are also very useful!

  8. keeping up with our healthy lifestyle is a must right now. we are going to have twins in a few months! and i could really cut the stress by having a detailed plan right now!

    • Wow, congratulations! Good luck in the giveaway :)

  9. I look for quick healthy balanced meals that keep me satisfied on all levels! I also look for some meals that don’t require a re-heat or a fork and knife.. :) I often prepare meals ahead of time and stash in the freezer. Seems I do that mostly for lunch, breakfast is put togther night before.. but dinners are always winging it and usually boring (depends on time, desire and level of fatigue.. ha ha)

    Awesome giveaway!! Thanks!

  10. I like a mealplan that will help give me variation in meal and snack ideas… otherwise I end up making the same sort of things each week! It takes a long time to sift through blogs and cookbooks to find things I want to make each week and gather all the recipes and ingredients.. which I usually do on Sundays before making a couple main things for the week. A mealplan will save me lots of time and hopefully introduce me to some recipes that can become staples for later on!

  11. I look for healthy, quick and easy when looking at meal plans. Feeding a fmaily of five can be time consuming!

  12. I look for something quick and easy but most importantly meals and snacks that are both kid and adult friendly!

  13. I’ve never been one to meal plan, but recently (last Sunday) I vowed to start! So far it’s going well!

  14. In a meal plan, I look for flexibility and simplicity. I love to alter recipes with what I have on hand and incorporate a bunch of produce into anything I make. I’ve recently gone vegetarian and would love to have a fun mealplan to distract me from missing meat :)

  15. I’d love a meal plan that my fiance would also enjoy eating and quick and easy lunch options! Your snacks are always great too!

  16. I was great at meal planning for awhile. I need to get back to it! I have 4 kids with varying allergies and sensitivities. When I plan a meal, it has to be balanced, have at least one thing for everyone to eat, be as inexpensive as I can get it and still meet my criteria for healthy, and makes enough food for leftovers for next day’s lunches. Tall orders! Oh, and once a week, we try to have a “kitchen sink” meal in order to clean out the fridge. This is usually soup or pizza.

  17. I have never subscribed to a meal plan. it’s hard to make plans for a few days since I am currently moving in between homes. it’s also hard to cook in a kitchen that’s not yours. i think a meal plan should include snack options, have some flexibility in case ingredients need to be substituted, and not have too many ingredients. it should also be yummy.

  18. In a meal plan I look for variety, ingredients that are generally easy to find at the local grocer, flavor, balance, and notes on substitutions. Your meal plan basically has it all! The only thing I might add would be nutritional information.

  19. I am always trying to meal plan for my husband and I, but since it’s just two of us it can be difficult! I love that this meal plan has easy to find ingredients!

  20. I look for vegan options in a meal plan, and recipes that do not include processed ingredients like sugar, all purpose flour, white rice, prepared foods and mixes. I hate when a “healthy” cookie recipe includes brown sugar, butter and white flour! Or a “healthy” soup that includes a packet of french onion soup mix!

  21. Forgot to say I also really like it when a meal plan’s recipes all make the same amount of servings! Since I only cook for myself, I prefer it to be single servings (especially things like smoothies) but if they all make the same # of servings, at least I always know to halve or quarter the recipe, instead of it always being different.

  22. I try to plan but some days you need a quick fix for a meal, and then healthy and portion control go out the window….help!!

  23. ive never done a meal plan before, but sometimes I do make weekly menus, or pick out recipes I want to make. I like to try new recipes as often as I can and am always searching for healthy alternatives. Convience is always best, as is quick and easy- and not having to go purhcase a ton of new and strange ingredients

  24. In a meal plan I look for a few basic meals that I can incorporate in different ways. Like a sauce with protein I can put over veggies or pasta. I like variety, but its too difficult to have to go out and buy a ton of different ingredients every week.

  25. i like meals that all have similar ingredients so I’m not buying a tonne of different things and only using some of them once or twice. I also like meals and snacks that are quick to make in large batches and freeze easily so i can bring them for lunch. I also like serving sizes so then I know how how to prepare for individual sized meals

  26. Meal planning would be great for a scatterbrained person like myself. I find that after work when I get home around 6:30pm I just want to already have food and not have to expend more energy figuring out what I feel like having or what to make. This turns into a lot of stir fry!

  27. I would LOVE to meal plan but don’t know where to start. I just recently went vegan and I’m about to go gluten-free as well. My husband and kids are not so I would love some ideas that work for both. I’ve tried several of your recipes and find your pictures extra helpful.

  28. You know i’d love to win! :) I plan all our meals on a Thursday; food’s delivered to our door on a Friday and the whole process repeats the following Thursday! :) I also make sure there’s plenty of protein at each meal & snack and not too many different things to make each week, maybe just 3 main courses that can be doubled for the freezer or kept for lunch. Inspiration from you would be a fabulous. I’ve tried to tweet it too, but i’m very new to it, so hope i did it right!x

  29. I try to think ahead of what the next day may look like but never write one down or always stick to one I would love to though

  30. I try to meal plan but mostly it’s spur of the moment or recipes that I really want to try

  31. Meal planning is always good. I do some but not to the detail that you provide. I basically decide what is the “main” each day and figure out things from there. I currently do weight watchers to track food intake so would be really interested to also see the nutritional breakdown included with the plan(s). I hope I win – it would be super fun to try it out.

  32. I live in a communal household so we don’t really meal plan but we have staples of our diets. I would like to add some creativity to the household meals

  33. I would love to learn how to better prepare and enjoy vegetables. I have a hard time getting in enough greens (thank goodness for wheatgrass), especially in this type of weather. I am a quasi planner, I do build a loose plan on the weekend for the remainder of the week, but I am also try to be flexible to things like weather, time and what’ s on sale.

  34. I try to plan my weekly meals and then shop accordingly. I have an app on my phone that helps but it isn’t whole food minded so i find myself having to import alot of the recipes I use (healthful pursuit :) ) into the app. I would love a whole food shopping list. I am really trying to get my family to eat more plant based foods and to not think of having animal meat at every meal. Thank you for all you do!!
    p.s I pinned and tweeted too ;)

  35. I really love your recipes! You use real whole foods and everything looks great. I won’t be entering to win but just wanted to comment.

    • Hi April – thanks a whole bunch! I’ll make sure your comment isn’t entered.

  36. I LOVE meal planning and do it all the time, since I live with other people who make food for me, it can be hard, but I require meal planning to satisfy my inner control freak! I plan out my morning shakes, which I always have, lunch, and snacks. This week consisted of all Healthful Pursuit morning smoothies along with Guilt-free nuts and seeds toffee and have been resisting my urges to eat all 16 pieces myself, so I have been forced to share it with my boyfriend and his family as to not eat each piece! I make SO MANY of your recipes and have pretty much all of them on this list of things to make so having meal plans would help me to get organized and actually enjoy all the meals you list! Everyone I have made so far have been a success!

    Can’t wait to start at CSNN in a year! :)

    • That’s so cool, Amanda! Glad you like the bars. They’re a bit hard to keep around the house, hey? Good luck in the giveaway!

  37. I love this kind of meal planning, don’t get left with extra groceries, or find myself missing a vital ingredient. I also like to cook as much as I can on one day since I have a 6 month old and don’t always have time to make healthy foods for myself and my family.

  38. I meal plan every day. I have lost 38 pounds using a calorie counting website and now am working on maintaining. Meal planning has been the key to my success. I am conscious about incorporating lots of fruits and veggies and healthy snacks into my day. Of course, I still keep track of calories. Also, I have a daughter that has special dietary needs so I always have to take that into consideration!

  39. In a meal plan, I look for WHOLE foods with a lot of nutrition that will not make me feel sluggish, but energized and light!

  40. I look for balanced and healthy meals, yummy snacks, and delicious treats in a meal plan! :)
    Sometimes I plan meals, but other times I just wing it.

  41. I need balance in my meals. My boyfriend and I usually have a salad before our main dinner most nights, especially if our meals are a bit heavy on the starch (we LOVE sweet potato hash). I have never tried meal planning, but I have always wanted to. We plan at least two meals (dinner) for the week on Sundays when we grocery shop. Meal planning would probably save me a lot of stress and time. I am an adult ESL teacher and work evenings, so dinnertime is our time to sit together after he gets home from work and before I head off to teach. Breakfast is the only meal that’s pretty consistent for me…I usually have chia pudding, overnight buckwheat grouts, Bob’s GF hot cereal or the occasional Van’s blueberry waffle with almond butter and homemade jam :) I would LOVE to try a month of your GF meal plans.

  42. When I plan meals my first thought is nutrition, then ease and then family preferences…….not to mention cost. There is a lot to take into consideration but it is well worth the extra thought when you consider where your are investment is going.

  43. I would love to win these meal plans. They sound awesome. Plus i’m trying to gain weight in a healthy way and need help! (=

  44. I love all your recipies and have tried & LOVED many. So your meal plans would be awesome.

  45. I always look for two things when I meal plan: simple, easy to acquire ingredients and leftover potential. I may be going back to school for my PhD in September, and would love to continue to eat well with a major reduction in time available to cook!

  46. I always try to eat balanced meals but it slips here and there. Your help would be amazing, not to mention yummy! <3 <3

  47. Because I’m a college student, I mostly look for easy to find ingredients that won’t break the bank! I’m such a foodie though that I’m willing to try any exciting new recipe I see :)

  48. I tweeted! >> “I want to be better at meal-planning. I really do. I want to win 1 month of meal plans from @be_healthful!”

  49. Although my husband used to meal plan when he was a stay-at-home husband, I’ve just recently started to try it myself with some success. But last week I ate A LOT of soup. So much soup. Never-ending soup. So I’m looking for a meal plan that is in line with my values (healthy, earth-friendly) and that is easy enough for a novice cook like me: some repeatable dishes and not too much prep time.

  50. Hi Leanne,
    I am not someone who meal plans. As a student who doesn’t always have time to cook, I often cook twice a week or so and eat the left overs and quick throw togethers like salads and smoothies the rest of the week.

  51. I’m looking for inspiration to encourage me out of my comfort zone with new ingredients, while being quick and fitting in with my busy life. I think it’s super important to have as wide a possible of amazing, healthy and natural foods in our diets. This blog has already introduced me to so many delicious new things, I’d love to try the meal plan.

  52. What I look for in a meal plan? We have never used a meal plan before but could sooo use one! I try to stay away from most processed food and opt for fresh fruits/veggies. Snacks are usually something I made or minimally processed. We have 5 kids and are currently living in South Korea. My meal planning usually consists of me, sitting down writing out a “quasi” menu on Sunday, going to the commissary and getting what we need. I try to stick to my meals depending on which child has which activity, how much time I would have to prepare any meals etc… Hubby lives up north of us about 2 hrs, so is only here on the weekends. Meal planning would be FANTASTIC.

  53. I definitely do meal planning. It’s the only way I can make sure I eat breakfast and eat healthy during the day instead of snacking away in between classes.

    When I do my own meal planning or look at other prepared meal plans I look for veggie content (everything has to have a vegetable or a fruit in it for me) and how full I think it will keep me. I need to eat meals, not little snacks.

    This is a great idea for a give away!

  54. I don’t meal plan as well as I should. I could really use some inspiration. Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  55. I am such an aspiring foodie! I’m studying exercise science/nutrition & dietetics at uni and I’m so in love with healthy, nutritious food. I’m on a very tight budget, so meal planning is really important to me. I try to plan each day one day prior, so I know if I need to soak any legumes/seeds and I know that I have fruit and veges in my fridge! I would love to win a meal plan, would be a brilliant learning experience, not to mention great for my health!

  56. I look for healthy, kid friendly and fast. I am a mom to a 2 month old, a 3 yr old and a 7 yr old. We all have various allergies/celiac and cooking healthy meals is always a bit of a brain twister!

  57. I don’t usually plan my meals ahead of time but love the layout of this meal plan. It looks like it would be a big help to me!

  58. A meal plan would be awesome! I find I keep to the same foods especially having dietary issues of no gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar, corn. The later begin less of a issue.

  59. i used to meal plan all the time! in jan. i planned the entire month with only things i had in the freezer and pantry (with some fresh produce thrown in obviously haha) but ive been way too busy and would love someone to do it for me:)

  60. Great idea! I look for a meal plan that is healthy and relatively easy to prepare.

  61. I work full-time and attend grad school at night, so I need a meal plan that is simple and full of clean, healthy meals. I usually plan all my meals for the week on Sunday, make a grocery list, and go from there. I like to make larger meals at least once a week so that I can rely on leftovers for dinner on school nights or for my lunches!

  62. The biggest thing I look for in meal plans, at least when I try to make my own, are the snacks. Sit down meals are never too difficult to plan but on-the-go, portable snacks are definitely limited when you are gluten, dairy and yeast free. I appreciate the help you are providing those of us with food intolerance :)

  63. I always think about making a meal plan but then my husband and I are very much “what do we feel like tonight’ kinds of people so the meal plan doesn’t necessarily get followed.
    But when I’m thinking about a meal plan I’m thinking gluten-free, dairy-free, as little sugar (or at least palm or honey) as possible, fairly easy ingredients, seasonal fruits and veggies, and pretty quick and easy to make so we’ll actually have time to make it on busy days.

  64. Well, I haven’t used a meal plan, other than making my own sometimes, but what I would look for is something that doesn’t include time-consuming recipes for each day and also includes leftovers. So if it was lentil soup for dinner, then we can have the same soup again for lunch the next day…no extra prep. Or maybe we make hummus and it’s part of lunch one day and it’s a snack the next day. Also I don’t want to have buy an ingredient that will go to waste. So if day one requires cilantro I’d like to have another recipe in there somewhere which will use more of that cilantro. I haven’t looked at your sample plan yet, so you may have done that already! I’m going to check it out right now…your post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Love you and your blog by the way. Your smile is contagious!

    • Thanks for your great feedback, Jennifer. It’s so interesting to hear how others plan their meals and leftovers. The weekly plan is much like this. It comes with a shopping list so you’re only buying what you need, then allows for leftovers to be eaten throughout the week. What I may start doing is recommending ways to use down ingredients when the week plan asks for 1/2 a tomato or something… thanks again!

  65. i would use the meal planning and love it. i have been so lazy lately and it’s really because i don’t take the time to sit and plan meals. it always comes down to i’m hungry what’s quickest. this would be great!

  66. I don’t meal plan well and need to have more in the way of healthy snacks around. I like to have balanced meals that are gluten, grain, sugar and legume free. I would be fun to be more organized with a meal plan.

  67. Hi Leanne,
    It is so nice to find a healthy website like yours. I am newly gluten free. I am trying to meal plan but I still find it hard to fit in all the nutrients that I should have daily. I often wish that I had someone to tell me, “Eat this” and “Don’t forget that”. Would love for you to live in my house and take care of everything LOL I would love to win your meal plan

    I also pinned it.

    • It sure can be challenging to remember everything, especially when you’re new to gluten-free. I’m glad that you like my blog and that it’s helping you through your new gluten-free journey! Although I can’t live in everyone’s house (although I’d love to and have had tons of offers) next best thing is meal planning. Good luck in the giveaway :)

  68. Planning meals is one of the to-do items on my list that never seems to get done. Must be better at that!

  69. I could SERIOUSLY use a meal plan… I graduate in 10 days and I’m getting married so this would help me out so much!!! Poor and in need of help!!!

    • Wow, so many awesome things are coming your way soon, Erin! Congrats on your graduations and wedding, how exciting!

  70. For my meal planning, most of the time, I just cook on the weekends, and then eat the leftover over the week. This meal plan service would really help me.

  71. I have always wanted to meal plan, but I’ve never known where to start! I have recently lost 75lbs following a specific plan that was given to me. That plan is coming to an end and I need some help with meal planning to keep me on this healthy track!

  72. I wish I could say I was organized and had each meal thought out before hand. I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of cook, I sometimes take something out of the freezer in the morning but most of the time I am searching the fridge for something to make when I get home from work. With food allergies and 2 small children that are not bad eaters but not great either it is not such an easy task. I would love to be more organized and have the meals planned, groceries in the fridge ready to go for each meal. The sample plan looks so good, the kids would even eat it!

  73. For my meal planning I usually pick 1-2 recipes out on the weekends to make for the week for lunches and dinners. It’s just me so it’s easier than planning for a family. I’m always looking for new ideas though!

  74. Pinned it! I am so glad to have found your site and have made a number of recipes that have all turned out great. Thank you for your passion and your honesty!

  75. I always have good intentions to plan ahead, but I mostly wing it.

  76. I absolutely wing it, hopefully I could be more diligent with a meal planning system like this.

  77. I plan my meals every week, prior to going to the grocery store. That way I can get all the ingredients I need without having going back to the grocery store multiple times. I don’t have certain meals we HAVE to eat certain days but just enough ingredients/meals that I can prepare for a week.

  78. I kind of half meal plan/ half wing it. My meal plans are usually just for a few days, not the whole week, and don’t always have a chance to get to the store, so then I wing it with what I have on hand. For a meal plan, I would look for common ingredients that I would normally have around – nothing overly expensive or hard to find.

  79. Mostly I look for ease of preparation because of my work schedule. I find that’s the biggest struggle when it comes to eating whole, clean foods. :) I do meal plan but I often will get into a rut of preparing healthy things that are easy and then eating the same thing for a long time. It gets boring.

  80. This sounds great! I think a good meal plan should be flexible, and have enough variety so that you don’t get board. I used to be very good at meal planning, but have become a bit slack recently. This would be a saving grace right now :)

  81. In a meal plan, I look for protein in EVERY meal and almost every snack. I also look for recipes that use the same ingredients. This lets me buy less so my groceries don’t spoil, but I don’t get bored of what I am eating.

  82. I DON’T do a meal plan and that’s my problem!! I have tried in the past, but am just to unadventurous. Having a meal plan set out – let alone a new one every week – would be grrrrreat!

  83. In a meal plan, I look for something that is quick and healthy and of course delicious!!

  84. I’ve never considered meal planning, but I think it’s a great idea! I plan some meals and other times I wing it. I’d really like some more ideas!

  85. i would love this prize! My baby was due yesterday so I am going to need all the extra help I can get in the kitchen!

  86. Sadly, very little planning goes into meals in my house. I usually have staple ingredients on hand so I can “wing it” and usually end up going with a meal that is dictated by what I’m craving at the moment. So yes, a meal plan would be a godsend – LOL!

  87. I don’t really plan meals. When I tried it, I never followed my plan :(
    I buy vegetables and fruits in a “amap” (I think it’s the french equivalent of US Community Supported Agriculture). I don’t know what I will have and when I discover vegetables I take cookbooks and printed blog’s recipes and I choose some meals. This is a sort of “planned meals”

  88. I have meal planned a lot. With 5 children it has been such a life saver! Since I found out that I have allergies to gluten, eggs and dairy it hasn’t worked for me to use the meal planning books I was using before. Now I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and it isn’t as healthy as it could be….it’s also a headache at times.

  89. when meal planning I look for really easy and simple recipes that are easy to make

  90. Comment: I look for simple yet diverse meals in a meal plan. I love to eat all kinds of stuff so boring American food I grew up with won’t cut it it that is all that is in there. I also look for no processed, low or no dairy and low or now meat. We try to eat whole foods and plant based during the week (5 days) and then the weekends are are allowed to eat whatever if we are out. We might cook one (locally sourced) meat dish on the weekend. We set our meal plans up between Friday night to very early Sunday so we can hit the farmer’s markets on Sat or Sun accordingly.

  91. i look for vegan meals that are low in fat and sugar, but high in fiber and protein! also, meals that incorporates real food!

  92. With two boys that consume vast amounts of food I am always on the look out for easy meals but, need them to be non processed and and no soy or gluten!

  93. It really depends on whether or not I plan meals. Typically I would say no, unless I find a great new recipe or am going on some sort of cleanse or something to that effect. Otherwise I typically just browse the grocery store while picking up staples like soy milk or apples and build meals depending on what is in season or is on sale.

  94. I’m interested in a dairy-free meal plan. I’ve had to give up dairy while I’m nursing, and I’d love to find more dairy free recipes to make my meals a little more exciting.

  95. I have never had a meal plan, I just fly by the seat of my pants, which has become very tiring since I went gluten free, because the options seem so limited and branching out to try new ways of cooking is very time consuming. I would love a meal plan that could help me navigate this transition.

  96. I would like creativity and EASE in a meal plan. Meals that I look forward to, including a mixture of plant-based and animal protein.

  97. Meal Planning, non existent – would love to start, having a list of ingredients that I would need to have and grocery shopping 1 every 2 weeks, awwww that would be nice! Preparation is the key and I’m never!

  98. Hmmm Meals just happen, someway somehow. WOuld be interesting to get a meal plan, but I wonder if it would throw my budget off, or if the items are available in most pantries. I did go out and buy some garam masala after all the raves about it LOL. But I havent ventured into date sugar, amaranth and some of the other exotics yet.

    • One step at a time, that’s good! How did you like the garam masala? The shopping list I create with each plan ranges in price. I follow it myself and spend about $80 on groceries per week for the two of us. Hope that helps!

  99. Well I’ve already been talking to you about getting some counseling so entering for this giveaway just seems to be a no brainier. As for how I like to make meals. I love making a bunch of food all in one day that can last me for the entire weeks worth of lunches (plus some for the freezer) but I don’t do it as often as I like, so usually my meals are just me winging it from what I have on hand or what I feel like for the day.

  100. I try to meal plan so that whatever I don’t eat/use in the first meal can be converted into another meal so that nothing is wasted and I am not overbuying items.

  101. I have a word document with over 160 pages of meal plans, I just find it so fun!

  102. I try to meal plan but sometimes my plans fail… I need things to be quick and simple!

  103. I look for a meal plan filled with creative, nourishing food…just as long as it’s delicious, too :)

  104. Hi, Leanne! I like your blog so much! A lot of healthy gluten free recipes, I tried some and they are so good. I would like to receive a meal plan to support me in my struggle against infertility. I eat gluten free since years and I recently began hormonal therapy. That’s not an easy time for me and I hope that the combination of good nutrition and medication will help me to conceive. Thank you for your attention.

  105. I would love to have an organized approach to meal planning! I also struggle to plan gluten free meals that I do not get bored with! This give away would be a great help!

  106. Im not completely sold on the garam masala :shame:. I made the cauli ‘meatballs’ from your recipe but I think I wouldve enjoyed them more with traditional spices. I’m Caribbean, and we love spices too, so when I make them next, I thght I’d just use what I wouldve for meats. It was odd- but maybe I didnt have all of the spices you used, or maybe my amts were off, but I kept wishing a certain taste wasnt part of the dish :( Not sure what taste, because I absolutely love Indian food eaten at a resty. (maybe my geera masala or other spice in the cabinet was old or something?/ dont know). Thanks for the tips though!!

    BTW I saw amaranth flour at indian grocer!! u ever tried using it? (there was no female staff there who could give me info on it LOL).

  107. In the mediterranean tuna salad your vegan substitution is 1/2 CUP of hemp seeds?? Have you ever tried eating 1/4 c in one serving? I think either tofu/tempeh or beans would be a better sub or mix with 1TB hemp per serving…. I just dont want you to turn off potential vegans with such an odd suggestion :)

  108. I want to start planning my meals more in advance, but I find it so difficult. having a meal plan would be great! something all 3 of us will like of course, that’s the hardest part.

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