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  1. Cardamom!! My new star of spices!! Are green ones very different from the black ground ones? I found a cardamom-carrot soup recipe today and it asked for the green variety. But all I have is grey…hm…

    Have a great weekend <3

    • I only just tried the black ones the other day, so perfect timing with your question! I found the black ones to be a bit deeper in flavor than the green. The black reminded me more of a cardamom you’d find in a spicy masala chai whereas the green is a bit more sweeter. Hope you’re having a good Saturday!

  2. Your dogs are adorable! All the food looks great as usual too. Curling up and napping sounds so nice :) Enjoy your Saturday!

    • Yep! It sure is haha… it’s been snowing every day for the past couple of days. Starts around 4am goes to 10am, then it’s melted by noon. So weird. It’ll probably continue like this until mid-May.

  3. Wow . I am a new follower. Love your site so far :) btw is that $90 for 50 gram of cardamom ? We use cardamon here everyday in our house . It is a staple spice here in the Gulf . – kristi

    • Hi Kristi, thanks for popping in to say hello! No, that’s 90 rupees for the cardamom. I bought it in India before I came home along with a bunch of other spices for practically nothing! $90 oh my gosh… I like cardamom, but I think I’d figure out how to make my own at that price! Have a fabulous Sunday :)

    • It’s shredded carrots, Brianne. They were so tasty! I had them with a friend at the Coup, a vegetarian restaurant in Calgary. I need to remake them! They were too good!

      • Oh Leanne I LOOOOVE THE COUP! I went there last time I was visiting home with my mom. By far my favourite place to eat in Calgary :)

        • It’s a great place! Have you been to the lounge beside the coup? It’s only open during the evenings, I believe Thursday-Sunday. Owned by the same lady and SO good!!

    • haha yep! He bought it yesterday. It’s been his dream for a very, very, very long time and we were finally able to make it a reality for him. He ended up finding a used one with a great price, it all just kind of lined up perfectly. He was so giddy yesterday!

  4. The dogs are so adorable! The bike looks really awesome! Napping sounded like a great idea to me yesterday too, but there was so much work to get done. I wish I got a quick one though :) I hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • Thanks, Paulina. I know what you mean about feeling like you have too much on the go to have a nap but sometimes I just have to set it all down and cuddle up in my office! Hope you had a great weekend :)

  5. All these photos look so great! Weekend naps are a must, your dogs are super cute, and I really hope your posting recipes of those food pics! (:
    Have a good weekend.

  6. I want that chick pea pizza (or more likely chapati with chickpeas and potatoes and?)
    Looks super delicious!

    • The recipe is hopefully coming next week… if I can get the sauce right!

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