Fruit and Seed Snack Bread

Whether I’m embarking on a backpacking adventure through India, a road trip to the coast, or living out of a hotel in London, you can just about guarantee I’ve packed a lot of food with me.

Gluten-free, dairy-free foods are sometimes challenging to find when I’m away from home. To lessen the stress of searching for food, I bring pre-packaged goodies along with me like protein powders, bars, nuts, and seeds.

No matter how far I’m traveling, I always leave a little extra room in my bag for something homemade. Even though it’s literally on the other side of the world, India was no exception!

When I was planning what I’d take with me to India, I knew it had to be something that:

  • I could share with others if the opportunity presented itself – it had to be free of all common allergens.
  • Would stay relatively fresh for my first week of traveling meaning eggs were out.

I ended up making this nut-free, vegan and gluten-free snack bread. 1 slice has 180 calories, over 5 grams of protein and only 5 grams of fat.

…but you’re going to have to head on over to Eat Spin Run Repeat for the recipe!


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  1. This snack bread looks perfect! I’m definately making this recipe soooon! On another recipe note, I made your Crock-Pot Apple Crumble Breakfast Pudding and had it for breakfast this morning! It was delicious, as expected. Now I have lots of breakfasts to look foward to! Putting some in the freezer, and some in the fridge for the rest of the week/weekend. Only things were: I followed the recipe exactly but mine only made 6.5 3/4 cup servings. It must just not have fluffed up as much as yours. More fiber per serving I suppose! Also, my crumble topping didn’t get crunchy, was it supposed to? I don’t even care, it was delicious! :) Have a beautiful day Leanne!

    • Interesting! There are so many breeds of chia that I’m guessing it is just that we used two different types. It was awhile ago that I made this, but I don’t remember the topping being crunchy, just because of all the liquid in the recipe. If you wanted to crunch it up, I bet you could make it in the oven, too! Glad you liked it, though :)

  2. I love visiting here each day. I always end up spending way longer looking around at all the links to click and the recipe pages finds me something new to try each day! Unfortunately I can’t find the time to make the many MANY (like 100s) of recipes I want to! I made the granola cakes a while back, I always have trouble making different things when one is so good!

    • Thanks, Amanda! I’m so happy that you enjoy it here. Possibly hard to believe, but I’m the same way. If it were up to me I would live on 5 recipes for the rest of my life. I always go back to my favorites time and time again!

  3. such gorgeous pictures that remind me of fall time. Love the blue table with the orange apricots… cute! It depends where/ how long I’m on the road for if I pack snack but I can usually make do without if its a day trip somewhere.

    • The trick is to freeze the rest, making it a bit hard to down the whole thing in one go. Not like I’ve ever had to do that or anything ;)

  4. The fruit and seeds inside looks so chunky! I adore the blue background. It’s so cute! I definitely pack snacks with me on the road, so something like this would be perfect especially since it can be packed away in a bag. Not having to worry about it spilling or crushing is a big plus.

    • I was thinking the same! I’ll probably make this in the coming weeks and bake it into biscotti for a take-along snack at work. Looks delicious, Leanne!

  5. Hi Leanne! This bread was INCREDIBLE!! I can’t believe it’s gluten-free. It tastes amazing and was so easy to make. I made it 2 days in a row!! My hubby and toddler son loved it, too. Thanks for the great recipe!

    • That’s so great to hear, Bethany! Hope you’re having a fantastic day :)

    • Hi Faye, thanks for the mention on your blog! Glad you like the recipe, it’s one of my favorites, too!

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