Our Little Monsters

Kevin and I spent the evening backing up the files on my computer, installing new software and setting me up on a new exchange server. Wild and crazy Friday night, right? Wooo!

While I was organizing my pictures and file folders, I came across a couple of videos and pictures of Pebbles and Lexy that made us both giggle. We ended up stopping what we were doing and sat at the computer for the rest of the night watching all of them!

These were our favorites…

In 2009, a couple of months after we got Pebbles.



In 2011, Pebbles likes to hide under Lexy so she can’t grab her as easily. Smart lady!


Have a great Saturday!



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  1. Leanne! I also have a shepherd mix and a pomeranian! They are a hilarious pair. I am a sucker for animal buddies!

  2. Love this post :) I haven’t watched the videos yet, but those pictures are adorable!

  3. installing new software and setting me up on a new exchange server = I bet you wish you could do that every Friday night, eh? :) Hope it all worked out and went smoothly!

  4. These videos just made my day (literally!). At home sick on yet another sunny day.. no fun!
    What a comic pair of pups you have – thanks for the share! (:

    • Oh no! I hope you feel better soon, Dayanna :) Glad Lexy and Pebbles could bright up your day just a bit!

  5. So adorable – love how they play together :) Isn’t it funny how no matter what we are doing, it is too easy to lose ourselves for hours looking at pictures of our animals. Pure joy!!

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