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So much has changed over the last couple of days. I feel so at home here, I really don’t want to go. It’s hard to believe I’ve only been away from home for 2 weeks. It feels SO much longer, in a good way. India is quickly becoming my home away from home and I have no doubt in my mind I will be returning soon.

Many of the people I’ve met and become very close with have been leaving to move on to other destinations. While I’ve been very tempted to follow along with them, I know that my place; at least for this trip, is here at the ashram. But, even the fact that I’d be willing to divert from my pre-planned route to do something completely spontaneous without feeling a ridiculous amount of anxiety tells me that I’m becoming more and more comfortable and confident in myself.

I promised myself that during this trip I would fully open myself up to every experience; something I rarely do at home for fear of emotional injury, losing control of my life, and being overwhelmed by anxiety. But I went through with it all the way. I’ve made close friends, I’ve said YES to practically everything, and I’ve lived through every moment.

One of the most challenging repercussions of this has been dealing with my feelings of rejection and abandonment brought on by my close friends leaving. Observing my reaction and spending countless hours journaling about it has given me much insight into how I interact with people and opportunities in my day to day life, always keeping things at a distance from myself in case they’re torn from my life.

What I’ve realized in all of this is that no matter who or what comes and goes into my life, the experiences that I have as a result of saying YES will stay with me forever and in fact keeping myself away from them just limits the potential connections and life lessons I could be having.

A lesson I will most certainly be taking back with me!

I have just 4 more days to master my headstand and meditate my face off until I begin my journey back to Canada, and a journey it will be! Initially I’d planned to just head to the Trivandrum airport a couple of hours before my flight, get to Mumbai, hang out in the airport there for half a day, then get to London, then Calgary.

Safe, easy, with little risk or opportunity for things to go arise. But I’ve decided to branch out a little bit and go exploring.

I know, me? Explore? Alone? What’s the world coming to?

I’ll be taking a cab to Trivandrum with a couple of other yogis 6am. My flight doesn’t leave until 1pm so once everyone has been bdropped off at the airport, I’ll ask the cabby to take me to the best place he can think of and I’ll take it from there. I’m hoping to get one last masala dosa, pomegranate juice, and shop for more ridiculously cheap clothes. From there, I’ll hopefully be able to find a rickshaw to take me back to the airport for my flight to Mumbai.

My Mumbai flight gets in around 1:30pm on Thursday and my next flight to London doesn’t leave until Friday at 2am. Since I have to go through security and get my bag anyways, I figured I could take a rickshaw from the airport to the Taj hotel. I won’t be staying there, but understand that there are a lot of must-see shops and restaurants in that area. So I’ll head down there for the day, grab some lunch and go peruse the markets, maybe go to a Bollywood film and try to suck up as much of India as I can before I get on another flight!

I could type for another 3 days about all of my experiences, lessons, pictures, and plans, but I’ll end here for today (because I’m hungry and want to go grab some lunch! hehe). I hope you’re all well, creating delicious meals, and are enjoying the many guest bloggers that have visited HP so far.

Bye for now :)

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  1. Isn’t it a beautiful thing to think about all of the anxiety and “what ifs” you had before leaving, and see now that this is your home away from home? You were meant to go to India and you did it and what happened! :) I can’t wait to see more photos and hear more about this experience for you. And I think taking a little exploring time between flights is a wonderful idea! Bye for now!

  2. Beautiful post, Leanne…and what a journey and how far you’ve come with your own self-work and self-realizations in just 2 weeks!! Amazing and so happy for you..the fact that you’re tempted to just follow people you met less than 2 weeks ago around India, that it’s a consideration, is pretty mind-blowing and shows how much you’ve totally embraced this experience…could not be more thrilled for you. Thank you for this post…it made my day reading about how happy you are…and makes me more resolute to get to India one day myself.

    • So funny you mention that, Averie. A couple of hours after writing this post I decided to just GO for it and traveled a couple of hours to the beach. I’m sitting here now with a chai in my hand overlooking the ocean and couldn’t have been happier with the decision. So spur of the moment and completely not what I would normally do. I could TOTALLY see you here. One day, one day :)

  3. Leanne, I apologize if you’ve covered this already… it’s been a few months since i’ve visited your blog and looks like you got a new design? did you do it your self or have someone help you (wondering who you used)? I love it and am need of some help with mine. switched to wordpress and it’s more difficult to customize than blogger was.

    thanks for your time.

    • Hi Robyn, welcome back! I did most of it myself and got prettydarncute design to help me with my header. Hope that helps!

  4. Wowwww Leanne, what a great post!! I’m so happy for you, for overcoming your fears and trusting yourself to just go with it. I’m sure you’ve got so many stories to tell and I can’t wait to hear more! My dad visited the Taj when he was in India and said it was amazing. In fact, he even ran into a guy there that he worked with about 15 years ago in Edmonton – how random is that!?! I hope you enjoy it – the scenery, the shops, and of course, the FOOD! Have fun and safe travels back! :)

  5. It’s amazing how much insight we can gain on trips like this where we aren’t distracted by the hubbub of the everyday world and allow ourselves to just focus on how we’re feeling, why we’re feeling that way, and what we can learn from it. Thanks for sharing; makes me realize I’m overdue for a soul-searching vacation of my own.

  6. Leanne I am so happy for you. I can tell that you have embraced every last bit of India and I am so genuinely happy for you. There is nothing in the world like the feeling of saying “yes” and just going for it, without any fear. That is such an amazing accomplishment that you must be so proud of.
    I can tell you are having an incredible time, you look so at peace in all of the photos! You have a glow about you that is so beautiful! Enjoy and soak up the last of your trip. All of the best moments in life go by so quickly. I can’t wait to read more about your trip when you come home and to find myself craving India even more than I already am. Happy rest of your travels and adventures to you. :)

    • Thanks Beth! I definitely feel like I’m glowing. Today in yoga class I was able to master (somewhat) my scorpion pose and instantly thought of you! Sending happy India vibes your way :)

  7. Sounds like you are having an awesome time! So cool that you are doing things you didn’t think you would! Have a safe and fun trip back home!

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