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Winners: Averie, Eileen, Rachel, and Karina whose favorite sweeteners are stevia, maple syrup, apple sauce and coconut sugar. Very nice! Thanks for entering, everyone :)


Thank you for your supportive comments from yesterday’s post. When I decided to be candid on the topic of my health and my personal struggles, I was a bit concerned with how it would be received. But as always, you were loving, supportive and understanding.

You’re all just so fantastic!

Let’s keep the love going by doing a giveaway, shall we?


Stevia is one of my favorite alternative healthy sweeteners. It’s a herb from South America that has been used for over 1,400 years. In it’s green powdered form, it’s 100% natural and has zero calories.

While other alternative sweeteners have a slight impact on blood sugar and insulin, stevia does not. This makes it an ideal choice for people with insulin sensitivity and Type II Diabetes.

If you’d like to learn more about healthy alternative sweeteners, and my top picks, check out this video.

When I first tried stevia I was taken back with how sweet it was and the metalic aftertaste it left in my mouth. After playing around with it for awhile, I learned that there is a very fine line between too little and too much. If you are using a drop to sweeten coffee, tea, yogurt or a protein shake it is fine, but you have to be really careful when adding it to baked goods or other bigger ticket items.

As a rule of thumb, 1 pinch of stevia = 1tablespoon of white sugar. If you are using it to replace sugar in a recipe it can be challenging to find the perfect quantity substitution.

Luckily, I’ve made a bunch of stevia recipes that you could follow if you’re feeling a bit antsy on taking the stevia plunge! Some of my favorites are…

Grain-free Carrot Cupcakes

No bake Blueberry Cream Pie

Strawberry Cinnamon Shortcake Sandwiches

Can you tell I’m in the mood to bake? Yummy!

Stevia and I are like two peas in a pod, so when Ron over at NuNaturals asked if I wanted to host a giveaway of some of their products, I jumped at the chance!

The giveaway

Enter for a chance to win:

  • One 50 count box of NuStevia Packets
  • One 2oz. bottle of NuNaturals Vanilla Stevia Liquid

4 winners will be selected!

Giveaway is restricted to U.S. residents ONLY

How to enter

Receive up to 4 entries by:

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  4. Comment What is your favorite alternative sweetener?

Please leave a *separate comment* for each entry!

The giveaway will be open until Tuesday January 17 with the winner announced on Wednesday January 18.

This post was sponsored by NuNaturals. All expressed opinions are those of Healthful Pursuit Inc. and were not influenced by the opinions of NuNaturals. Thank you for supporting the brands that I believe in and choose to feature here.

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  1. I love using stevia! I just started recently and it’s good to know it’s natural and not artificially made!

  2. I have been using Truvia as a sweetener. I even use it in my son’s green smoothies!

  3. What a great giveaway and perfect timing! I just started (today) a new blog series about the different types of artificial sweeteners. I plan on highlighting studies about each of the available artificial sweeteners. My favorite is stevia because it is natural and stabilizes blood sugar!

  4. I love stevia, too. Especially the vanilla drops! I like to sweeten my cakes with agave syrup, bananas and dates :)

  5. I’ve been using sucanat, and even my 2 year old will eat goodies I make with it. I’ve been really wanting to try Stevia!!

  6. I use Stevia In The Raw. I have not tried to bake with it yet. I was scared it wouldn’t replace the sugar quite right. I am going to try your recipes this weekend now!! Mmm.. Cupcakes..

  7. can honey be a favorite ‘alternative’ sweetener. haha, its the most natural thing, but so far from mainstream!

  8. I LOVE Stevia! I have a natural sweet tooth, I always choose something sweet over something savory, so stevia has become a staple in my kitchen. I haven’t tried any flavors though so i’m interested to find out what the vanilla tastes like!

  9. I have not gotten into alternative sweeteners yet but I have been wanting to (I have started to use honey more than sugar which is a start!).

  10. I usually use sweetleaf liquid stevia simply because my local grocery store carries it but I have tried NuNaturals a couple of times and love it! I just wish liquid stevia in general was cheaper but hopefully as it becomes more mainstream the price will go down. I would love to win this giveaway!

  11. My favorite alternative sweetener to use is just plain fruit! Bananas are my favorite however if I am i need of more sweeteness then I usually use pure stevia extract (very powerful!)

  12. USA residents only? :( Aren’t you in Canada, though?!?
    I wish I could enter!
    In any case – I really appreciate yesterday’s post. Your honesty is inspiring. Thanks Leanne :)

  13. i like to use maple syrup, but i’ve been trying to introduce stevia more often. the first time i used it i substituted 1:1 for sugar! yikes!

  14. My favourite alternative sweetener, like everyone else, is stevia. :) I like the vanilla and chocolate stevia drops, but the regular is my favourite!

  15. I have never tried stevia before, but I see it on a lot of the healthy food blogs I read and have always wanted to give it a go! Right now, I sweeten with honey and sometimes pure maple syrup. I’m also a big fan of using dates whenever possible although that hard because clearly those aren’t a liquid!

    Love your blog!

  16. I actually just picked up a package of the Stevia packets and I really like them so far! I have been using them in coffee/tea but can’t wait to try it in some of the recipes you listed! I am really interested in trying to lighten my dependence on refined sugar and this seems like the perfect product!!!

  17. I have been using truvia but I would love to win this give away to make those bean brownies

  18. My favorite alternative sweetener is NuNaturals Stevia actually! I use their mixes frequently :)

  19. I already love Stevia but I’m curious about all of NuNaturals’ different products

  20. I just started sweetening with Stevia and am looking forward to trying some of your recipes!

  21. Leanne, you are so sweet and generous! [just like stevia, hehe]

    I am suscribed to your RSS feed!

  22. My favorite alternative sweeteners are maple syrup and BANANAS! I know, not too extravagant but I do love the sweetness and health factor that bananas add to whatever I am making.

    And I have one question about stevia. You use stevia drops quite a bit, and I was wondering does 1/32 t. of the powdered form = 1 drop of stevia? If not, do you know the ratio? Thanks :)

  23. My favorite alternative sweetener recently has been fruit, whether it be dates, raisins, or banana. Naturally delicious!

  24. I really like coconut sugar. I haven’t done much baking with stevia, I need to experiment with it more.

  25. Stevia is definitely and by far my favorite sweetener! Stevia and honey are my sweeteners of choice for all I make, eat, bake, etc.
    And from all the brands I have tried so far the one I like the most is the NuNaturals (and I swear I am not just saying this because of the giveaway), specially the vanilla drops (makes my smoothies taste vanilicious!). The NuNaturals stevia doesn’t leave any aftertaste and it is super pure, which I like.

  26. I LOVE medjool dates as an alternative to sugar. They make amazing preworkout fuel and are so portable. Date paste also works great in recipes, which I like.

  27. Im a big fan of honey if that counts. I use it in everything. I just got the liquid stevia a little while back though and I’m loving that. I haven’t tried the flavored ones yet though

  28. I like raw honey and grade B maple syrup. I am also a big fan of stevia, though I have yet to try the liquid version.

  29. I absolutely LOVE STEVIA! Some people say that there is a strange after taste with it, but I haven’t experienced it, THANK GOODNESS! Because I don’t know what I would do without it!

  30. I’ve wanted to try NuNaturals for a long time! My favorite “alternative” sweeteners are stevia, date paste, apricot paste, mashed banana, and non-refined sugars like maple syrup, honey, and sucanat. I eat very little sugar, and I’ve completely eliminated refined sugar from my diet. I feel so much better! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. My favorite “alternative” sweetener is actually a mashed ripe banana! But sometimes you do need a pinch of concentrated sweetness without the moisture, and for that, Stevia is where it’s at! (Can’t exactly put mashed banana in my tea, can I?) I haven’t tried NuNaturals though, so this would be a great opportunity for me to see what it’s like!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  32. I love stevia and use it often. I do know that stevia is better natural, i.e. the green stuff, not the white, and I’m wondering how to get that?

  33. Stevia in the Raw is definitely my favorite alternative sweetener, although I don’t like to think of it as an alternative. I like to think of it as sugar’s slimmer and more intelligent younger sister.

  34. I adore stevia too! All I can find in stores is the packets though:( I’ve yet to find the droPs in any stores by me!

  35. Stevia is my favorite sweetener! I bought a box of packets for the first time a few months back and FLEW through them – they’re so good!

  36. I signed up for the RSS feed as well as shared it on facebook! I usually use Splenda as my sugar sub.

  37. I really love stevia – I feel much better about it than chemical sweeteners, and it doesn’t give me a terrible headache like Splenda does.

  38. Vanilla stevia is a staple in my house. No need to add both vanilla extract and sweetener. Just a couple drops and you’re ready to go.

  39. I love using stevia as well as maple syrup and palm sugar in limited amounts. Great giveaway =]

  40. I don’t know how alternative this is, but we like using maple syrup around here!

  41. Yummy! I’ve never tried Stevia but I would love to. I use organic evaporated cane juice and demerara (raw) sugar a lot. Honey and maple syrup are even more present in my cooking and baking, and I especially love them because I can buy them locally.

  42. I just recently decided to switch and use ONLY stevia instead of other artificial sweeteners, So this would be very helpful!! (i already have you subscribed on my rss feed)

  43. Stevia is absolutely my favorite sweetener, but for baked goods, I lean towards honey.

  44. I’ve actually never tried any alternative sweeteners, but I do love to bake (especially using recipes from your website) and I’d love to try stevia.

  45. My favorite “flavor-free” calorie-free sweetener is Stevia in the Raw cup-for-cup since it measures like sugar. Otherwise it’s maple syrup all the way!

  46. I’ve been using Stevia for a few months and have just recently gone to gluten-free because of digestive issues. Its been a lot harder than I thought, but this site has helped me so much!

  47. I use stevia all the time but definitely have not perfected it yet. :-) I haven’t tried NuNaturals yet though I’ve heard it is one of the best. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  48. Current favorite sweetener is Stevia (from Trader Joe’s) but haven’t tried the liquid stuff yet. Would love to experiment!

  49. I’ve never used stevia before but i love using honey or dates to sweeten my baked goods!

  50. I haven’t worked with stevia much yet. I definitely need to give it a try. I usually use good old fashioned honey or agave.

  51. I generally use maple syrup or cane sugar as a sweetener but when I want to cut the calories and sugar intake, I use stevia. It is soo sweet!

  52. I use stevia everyday! From yogurt to savory dinner dishes, stevia is a staple in my little apartment. Other than stevia, I like to switch it up by sweetening my foods naturally- bananas, dates, and even just a handful of raisins will do for me =)

  53. I absolutely LOVE stevia! After lots of reading and getting some others’ opinions I tried it and I love it! Oatmeal is better and so is my coffee! YUM I still havent tried the granulated stevia or baked with it so I am hoping to try soon!

  54. my favorite alternative sweetener is actually stevia! I use it in all my baking.

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  55. My favorite alternative sweetener is palm sugar. I love it in my coffee and in my baked goods. However, just last week I made Jamie Eason’s Pumpkin Protein Bars with stevia instead of the brown sugar xylitol blend she recommends and I absolutely loved the light sweetness it gave them. It was just sweet enough without the funky stevia taste I’ve experienced before. So I think I’ll be experimenting with stevia more often now that I’ve had a success.

    Her recipe is gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free if you use a protein powder other than whey; I used my egg white protein powder and they turned out splendidly. My recipe turned into 20 bars that I was able to prepackage and grab from the fridge on the way to work. Here’s the recipe if anyone reads this comment and is interested:

  56. I love stevia! The new drops that are flavored are so good. So far I have tried the vanilla. YUM!

  57. I like to bake with Splenda. I have not really tried other sweeteners in my baking yet

  58. Sadly, I love agave, but I know it’s not great for you. I reallly want to get better at using stevia, so I’d be stoked to get this goodie bag to start experimenting. (because i too am turned off by that metallic aftertaste).

  59. I’ve just started the paleo way of eating and know that stevia is a great natural sweetner to use. I don’t have much experience with it but would love to try it in all sorts of recipes…especially the mug cake ones you posted and I found on Pinterest. :-)

  60. i grew stevia in my backyard this summer but never used it much – i feel like this form would be much easier to utilize :)

    i typically use maple syrup and honey as my sweeteners – although certainly not calorie free!

  61. I’ve never tried Stevia drops, but would love to! Up till now, honey is generally my go-to alternate.

  62. The only sweeteners I ever have in my house are agave, honey and stevia. Agave is probably my favorite because it doesn’t have the funny aftertaste that stevia does. Stevia goes into my baking almost exclusively.

  63. I love stevia!!! It definitely takes some time getting used to, but it’s the best!

  64. Liquid stevia is my favorite sweetener, with coconut sugar being my second favorite!

  65. My mom introduced me to Stevia a few years ago but I am a new fan of the liquid vanilla Stevia for all sorts of things; oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies, etc! Awesome giveaway. THANKS!

  66. Hi! I’ve only tried xylitol, but it’s tricky to work into recipes too…I would love to give NuNaturals a go ;)

  67. After going on a Candida diet for three months, I was desperate to find an alternative sweetener for my tea. I have heard great things about NuNaturals but it was always a bit out of my price range. Instead I stashed up on packets of stevia at the Whole Foods coffee counter…I have so many at the bottom of my purse, it’s actually embarrassing. Can’t seem to go back to the real thing anymore, stevia is just too good (and good fro me)!

  68. My favorite alternative sweetener is stevia for all the reasons you’ve mentioned!

  69. Stevia is the only sweetner I use. I love it in my tea, as well as green smoothies, and oatmeal.

  70. I have been Subscribed to the Healthful Pursuit RSS feed for a few months now… LOVE IT!

  71. Hii,

    I’m obsessed with your blog and read it on the daily when I need a little pick me up :)
    My fave sweetener is definitely Stevia.. with Coconut sugar as a distant second. I am experimenting with brands of stevia and have been wanting to try nunaturals! My fave liquid form is def sweetleaf vanilla though :)

    thank you for sharing you deliciousness with us on the daily! Happy Monday!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Sara! Good luck in the giveaway :)

  72. I have never really substituted cane sugar for anything else, that is why I would like to try the product.

  73. The idea of alternative sweeteners has always been a confusing one, so I don’t usually use anything but sugar or honey (that my boyfriends step father harvests from his own bees). I would be really interesting to try stevia out!

  74. I’ve been playing with stevia and coconut sugar as a replacement of sugar – stevia would be preferable because it avoids spiking blood sugar, but it is tricky to figure out!

  75. I am currently using truvia and purevia but just read somewhere that they aren’t so great because they contain other filler sweeteners. DO you know anything about this?

    • Hi Elizabeth – truvia contains a mixture of erythritol (a sugar alcohol), stevia, and natural flavors. Why they feel they need to add natural flavor to a natural product is beyond me. The issue with these flavors is that they don’t always have to be natural… and purevia has a blend of a bunch of sugar alcohols, flavors, and a bulking agent. Hope that helps!

  76. My favorite alternative sweetener is stevia from Trader Joes. So far, it has the best flavor! We don’t have Nu Naturals at my local co-op :(

  77. I like raw honey and the Whole Foods brand liquid stevia, and would like to try the NuNaturals (never have due to $$). Looks like a great product!

  78. Raw local honey! LOVE it in my teas and just a pinch in my green smoothies.

  79. I could use a gift :)

    I have been trying so hard to find all your different ingredients! SUperstore usually cuts it. Darn it would make life easy if I was given the Stevia gift :)

    I enjoy eating your recipes! I feel great and my bebe in my belly enjoys it too!

  80. I like using Stevia drops. Am also learning about using coconut sugar in my baking in place of brown sugar.

  81. I liked, subscribed (although with a different email) and here I am! Stevia is great because I am on the anti-candida diet. I have Lyme disease, and believe me I know all about digestive problems and trying to heal your digestive system! Unfortunately, it is hard to do when I am still on antibiotics.

  82. Can’t wait to try the grain-free carrot cupcakes with my favorite sweetener, STEVIA!

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