Healthy Travel 101: Packing For Success

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Us folks with our allergies, special diets, and just an interest in eating healthy can be faced with some challenges when we journey away from our homes.

Whether it’s for work or play, there are a couple of steps we can take to make life easier on the road.

I’m headed to Yasodhara; an ashram on Kootenay lake, in just a couple of hours. Although they’ve said that they can cater to a dairy free diet, they were a bit iffy on the gluten. Also, they serve 3 square meals a day… no snacks.

Generally this isn’t a problem if you’re close to a grocery store, but I’ll be in the mountains. No option of heading to Safeway to pack up on cereal when I need it.

I’ve become pretty comfortable in preparing myself for trips like this, so it wasn’t a problem for me to begin planning what I was going to take along with me.



Everyday starts with a good breakfast. And for me, that breakfast has always been a fruit smoothie with non-dairy milk, protein powder, and fresh berries.

Smoothie supplies I like to take:

  • Shake and go protein powder packs
  • Fresh berries
  • Almond milk: larger tetra pack if you have access to a fridge
  • Soy or rice milk: come in smaller tetra packs for one time use
  • Magic bullet with mug insert

If you don’t have access to a fridge while you’re away and fresh produce just isn’t an option, try these mySmoothie tetra packs.

I took a couple of mySmoothies with us to Jamaica and they were a great alternative to fresh smoothies.

  • To add some fiber, try mixing in 1/2 tablespoon chia seed 10 minutes before you drink it.
  • Bring along a magic bullet and combine 1 mySmoothie, 1 soy milk tetra pack, and 1 tablespoon protein powder

Quinoa flake bakes

If you have access to a microwave try bringing along some quinoa flake bake mixes with you.

In a plastic bag prepare:

  • 1/3 cup quinoa flakes
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon coconut sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Purchase single serving unsweetened apple sauce cups and bring along a 16oz. mini casserole dish. When ready to enjoy, combine 1 apple sauce cup in the dish with the quinoa mixture and microwave for 3 minutes.

Optional: i f you have access to a fridge, freeze a container of egg whites and replace some of the apple sauce with egg white to increase the protein!

Oatmeal or on-the-go overnight oats

If you have access to hot water, place the following in a plastic bag:

  • 1/2 cup gluten-free quick oats
  • 2 tablespoon currants
  • 2 tablespoon ground flax seed
  • 1 tablespoon apple chips, smashed
  • 1 tablespoon coconut sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Bring along a 16oz. mini casserole dish. When ready to enjoy, combine mixture with 1 cup of hot water in the dish and allow to sit for 4 minutes before digging in.

If you don’t have access to hot water, just combine the mix with ~200mL of non-dairy milk [like the rice or soy milk from above], let it sit for an hour, and you have yourself overnight oats.


Pick up some cheap spice jars at the local dollar store and fill with your favorite non perishable condiments:

  • Palm sugar
  • Chia seed x 2
  • Crushed flax
  • Jam
  • Nut butter
  • Coconut oil

Healthy on-the-go Snacks

Think quick, easy, and as mess free as possible.

  • Homemade trail mix. Mine has unsweetened mango, pears, mulberries, sunflower seeds, almonds, and coconut
  • Turkey or chicken pepperoni sticks. Sticking to a pork free meat stick will cut the potential of the product having trans fats and it will be easier on your digestion!
  • Homemade date balls
  • Coconut bars
  • Black bean chips

Dinner options

I like to keep my dinner options open. I’ll pack a basic grain and protein and leave the rest up to chance. Ideally, there will be raw veggies there and I can add them to my rice mix.

If you have access to a fridge

  • Cook a batch of grains [I used a mixture of millet + quinoa + rice]. Portion in bags, freeze, and take along for the trip. They’ll act as a great ice pack for…
  • Hard boil eggs, place them in a camping egg container. They’ll keep for about 20 hours not refrigerated.

If you do not have access to a fridge, try these rice cups. They’re not perfect, but if you’re gluten-free and wont be able to get your paws on any grains while you’re away, this is the best option. Also, if you purchase farm fresh eggs that have never been refrigerated, and hard boil them, they’ll be good for about 3 days without refrigeration.

Last but not least… get your suitcase ready,

leave your pals behind,

oh, and don’t forget to register for the fall spin class before you head out!

See you all in a couple days :)

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  1. I actually don’t leave my pals behind. I bring stuffed animals and sentimental blankets. Some for me, some for Skylar. What can I say, we like our fuzzy comforts of home.

    Great post, love all your suggestions!

    I hope you have an amazing time deserve it!!!!

  2. Oh I am alwas packing a ton of food whenever I travel. It’s second nature to me to make sure that I have at least all my breakfasts and snacks covered. usually everything else I can handle while I’m away!

    • Chelsea, what are some of the things you pack for a trip? Thanks, Monica

  3. What great ideas!

    Where on Earth do you find the Turkey & Chicken pepperoni sticks? Those sound delicious!

    • I bought them at Superstore! I was so surprised to find them!

  4. This is a great resource that I wish I had when I first went gluten-free. For myself I pack a TON of fruit/nut bars and bags of tree nuts. I also stop at the grocery store right after I check into a hotel to get produce like bananas. I guess this wouldn’t work so well if you’re going somewhere rural, but luckily for me I usually end up in a city.

  5. Have a fantastic trip, Leanne!!! I am sure you will have a blast :D

  6. A well thought out action plan! I love to travel, and admittedly I do not always eat the best, but I’m generally better then always going out to restaurants and ordering greasy stuff. Great notes!

  7. What great tips!! And great suggestions! The rice cups sound like something I need to keep in my office for those days when I just didn’t bring enough to eat!

    I hope your weekend away is super relaxing and as revitalizing as you’re hoping/expecting! Can’t wait to hear all about it :)

  8. I’m planning for a an extended business trip where I’ll be short on time and without easy access to a grocery store. These are some GREAT options! Thank you so much for this post. :)

  9. Great tips and perfect timing! We’re actually going camping this weekend, just on the other side of the lake, closer to Nelson :) I had to google Yasodhara, I’ve never heard of it even though it’s so close. It looks great :) Have a great time!

  10. First off, I didn’t realize you live in Airdrie! :) My best friend lives there (and my ex boyfriend but who’s keeping track!). We don’t have any plans to come right now, but if we do I’ll let you know!!

    I hope you can tell us all about the Ashram, I’m so interested!

    This was a fantastic post – I love ideas like this. Next week we are going to a friends cabin and all the food is provided (aka – I have to bring all my own goodies!), so this was super helpful! Thank you!

    • If you ever come my way, let me know! I’d love to get together for a bite to eat or something!

  11. I love your ideas! Most of these I wouldn’t have even thought of but I’m definitely writing these down for any future trips I might be making.

  12. WEEEE ! I am so excited for you, and to hear all about it. Have an amazing time!

    and you ROCK – I could totally travel with you, people are either impressed or Eye Roll at all the things I bring. ;)

  13. Have an awesome time!!!

    Thanks for the tips. I travel almost every weekend, and though I do have kitchen access, the boyfriend is not vegan and I am. It helps to bring leftovers from the week, but these are some great ideas for things to keep on hand to bring!

  14. What great tips on what to bring for a getaway when you have allergies. On a recent family vacation, I brought the magic bullet too, and lots of gluten-free supplies, and dairy-free milk. I was so worried there wouldn’t be anything for my son to eat. I was so glad I did as there were very few options at the local restaurants, although a few were happy to make a dairy-free smoothie once I explained to them how – just substitute a banana and juice for the dairy.

    • It’s great that you went prepared! It’s amazing how many people are willing to help once you give them some direction!

  15. It’s great that you’re so prepared but I still think it sucks when you’re paying to go somewhere, and they are unwilling to bend in the food department (especially in this day and age when there are just so MANY people with gluten allergies!) Nevertheless, the photos of the place you’re going look amazing. Hope you have an amazing time!

  16. This is one of my favorite posts. It combines some of my favorite recipes of yours with advice on how to travel. LOVE IT! I use this post all the time!

  17. Hello! This is a fantastic guide. Just wondering, where can you purchase MySmoothies? I live in the U.S. and can’t seem to find them online.

    • Hi Liz – I bought them at a health food store in Calgary, Alberta… I’m not sure where you can get them in the states. Sorry!

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