Happy Monkey

We got up early this morning to put the final touches on the backyard + tidy up the house.

Once our breakfast was digested, Kevin and I started dreaming up a snack that had to be:

  • Sweet, but not too sweet
  • Quick to make
  • Cool us down
  • Make the neighbors jealous

What says morning “snack” better than this…

Oh my gosh, I want another one. Any guesses of what we made?

Back to the grind!


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  1. It looks like a walnut chocolate ice cream….and with the monkey I’m guessing that it is banana….

  2. Oh…and because your picture says Healthified Supreme Chunky Monkey Ice Cream….that’s what I’m guessing :P

  3. Oh, that certanly looks delicious!! And I have a feeling its is a banana softserve, or a blizzard like Angela makes!
    Happy weekend Leanne :D

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