Welcoming my 25th Year

I’ve been 25 for 6 days. I don’t know what I was expecting, but thankfully, I feel just the same.

The older you get, the wiser you are, right?

As I explained on Tuesday, I like to welcome each of my birthdays with a list of  goals that I hope to accomplish for the upcoming year.

Generally I start out with a theme.

  • My 23rd year was focused on growing and expanding.
  • My 24th year was about getting to know and love myself.

I’ve spent the last 2 years growing up, asking myself who I am, what I want to do, where I want to be, and spending an unbelievable amount of time on learning how to love myself. So, it was easy for me to decide what my 25th year would be focused on…

Taking risks, jumping into new opportunities and staying true to me and the important things in life.

I hope this theme will make sense once I get into my goals. So, without further adieu, my goals for my 25th year are:


Adopt the belief “Leanne can do”. Believe in myself and my purpose, the rest will follow.


If something feels right, jump on it and know that the decision I’ve made is a good one.

Continue to work on my blog.

I had no idea what blogging was about when I first began. I’ve been blown away at the community that surrounds me, the support from people I’ve never “physically” met, and the love that exudes from each and every one of my readers. I love y’all!


Start meditating again to reduce stress and stay grounded.

This is going to be tough, but I have a year to nail it.


Escape for a couple of days.

Take myself on a mini vacation to recharge and reconnect. I’ve only ever done this once [Chopra Centre 2009]

Continue with my goal to run a marathon.

Training for a marathon has kept me focused on my personal health when times get busy and will continue to be a huge part of my life.


Listen to my body, take breaks when I need them and give myself the food I need.

This includes looking in to joining a CSA, ordering my grains, lentils, and seeds/nuts by wholesale, and increasing my overall intake of whole foods.

Go on a tropical vacation and brush up on my diving skills!

For all you mantra meditators out there: have you ever dove and repeated your mantra? Best experience ever!

Last, but certainly not least, is to nurture my relationship with Kevin and set aside a date night every week!

Any business owner out there can probably relate to this. Blog + full time job + private practice doesn’t leave much time for personal moments. In the end, the ones we love is the only thing we have!

So there we have it.

  • believe in myself
  • trust my intuition
  • blog!
  • meditate
  • take myself on a vacation
  • continue with marathon training
  • eat right, listen to my body
  • dive
  • nurture my relationship

Anyone else feel like 25 is going to ROCK?

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  1. Your goals are all great, and i love the photo that goes along with the meditation, that is just gorgeous!! Good luck completing them, I know you can do it!! :)

  2. Happy 25th, looks like you are going to have another amazing years! Love your goals and am with you on every one of them!

    • Umm yes, you’re right. We do have to meet. When we do though, mind if I come to visit you in California? Alberta isn’t that fun, I promise… there’s lots of snow. You would probably die haha

  3. Awesome goals my lovely namesake! :D

    I totally believe you’re as young as you feel, I’m 27 and feel 18 still!

  4. Happy birthday, great sounding goals!

    Question: where do you buy seeds/nuts/grains wholesale? I want to!

    • Thanks, Kaitlyn. I’ve just started researching wholesale places. As soon as I’ve nailed down my picks (in the next couple weeks/months) I’ll definitely be writing a post about it!

  5. Beautiful! I love you Leanne :-) Those are such awesome, amazing goals/intentions! I think 25 is going to be EPIC for you! I’m excited for you and the journey ahead. I feel inspired to set some new goals for myself now! I’m already 3 months in to being 27 but it’s not too late to set some goals for this year!

    • <3 it's never too late to set yourself some goals for 27!

  6. That is so good golds to have! Im still working on the golds you had last year: love and get to know myself! That is such a big one! And I guess something we have to work with forever! Feels that way anyway:)
    Good luck with your golds! Ill be following you, and look forward to see you accomplish them!

    • You’re right, loving yourself and getting to know yourself is a constant task!

  7. love your 25th year goals!!!!

    yes date nights are so important! My fiance and I have one weekly too! Even if its just spending a quality night at home with dinner and a movie! have a great day!!

  8. mind if I veg off your goals?! this list sounds like exactly what I need to incorporate in my life. Hoping 25 brings you the happiest of moments, growth, peace, and lots of yummy food :)

  9. your goals are great! I love the “eat right and listen to your body.” I think I need to add that to my goals!

  10. That’s a really good idea – to use your own birthday to reassess your goals. Think I might try that myself! :)

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